12 Days of Diapers featuring the itti bitti tutto

12 Days of DiapersI can’t say enough good things about the itti bitti tutto one-size diaper.  Every baby deserves at least one minkee diaper in their stash.  Today you can get your little one an itti bitti tutto for 12% off during our 12 Days of Diapers!

About the itti bitti tutto:

  1. One-size diaper
  2. 3 snap-in inserts/boosters with each diaper
  3. Super trim fit
  4. Water-proof minkee shell
  5. The patented poo fence
  6. Hip snaps to prevent wing droop

itti bitti soakers itti bitti diapers

Add one to your stash today by visiting Kelly’s Closet!


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