15 Years of Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diaper Experts

Kelly’s Closet is officially kicking off their 15th year of cloth diapering!! We’ve been in business for 15 years bringing you only the best cloth diapers, baby carriers, and eco-friendly products for the entire family. What better way to celebrate than with a HUGE cloth diapering giveaway and sale!!!

We’re giving away over $1700 worth of prizes from our amazing sponsors including; Sloomb, FuzziBunz, Happy Heiny, Balm Baby, and more!! To enter the giveaway click over to Kelly’s Closet Fluff-iversary Celebration!!

There’s more!!! We’re going to be celebrating with a special Balm Baby giveaway every day for the next 15 days with a new giveaway on our social media accounts. Each day we’ll be giving away a Balm Baby bundle (Little One Diaper Balm, Pits, and Teething Rub package), but you have to follow us around social media to enter and win. We’ll be giving them away on our TWO Facebook pages (Kelly’s Closet and Diaper Shops), Twitter (@DiaperShops), Instagram (@DiaperShops), and our newest outlet Snapchat (@DiaperShops). Look for the hashtag #BalmBabyBash to get started.

Cloth Diaper Sale

Want more?? OK!! We’re also having a Fluff-iversary Sale on some of our favorite products. The sale will be changing each week as we lead up to our annual Earth Day celebration. You can see what’s currently on sale by visiting Kelly’s Closet Fluff-iversary Sale!!

To learn more about Kelly’s Closet: About Us

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41 Responses to 15 Years of Cloth Diapering

  1. Melissa Settles says:

    Thanks for your amazing service Kelly’s Closet! Love your site! πŸ™‚

  2. Kelly Cozzi says:

    Thank you so much for all of the giveaways!

  3. Kristi Norris says:

    Ahhhh!!! Lost of awesome giveaways!!!!

  4. janine cruz says:

    yay I’ve been following kellys closet for almost a year

  5. Trisha Mullins says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to help build what i need to for my first time cloth diapering!

  6. Laura Gambrel says:

    I first heard about Kelly’s closet a couple months ago from a friend!

  7. Christie Jones says:

    I knew from the beginning that I wanted to cloth diaper so I researched, researched and researched some more πŸ™‚ I started searching for places to buy quality cloth and Kelly’s was one of the first I found!

  8. Raquel Walker says:

    I first head about KC when I started online research for cloth diapers made in the USA.

  9. Jessica Miller says:

    I heard about Kelly’s Closet from my friend Amber Powell!!

  10. Jessica Miller says:

    I found Kelly’s Closet from my friend Amber!! =)

  11. Alicia McDonald says:

    I 1st heard about Kellys closet 1 yr ago today when I learned about cloth diapers.

  12. Julie Dobbins says:

    I first heard about Kelly’s Closet from a fellow cloth diapering Momma.

  13. Megan Sanchez says:

    I found Kelly’s Closet when I was first starting our cloth journey. I was researching with the help of google and this blog came up.

  14. Kayla Ortego says:

    I first heard of Kelly’s Closet when researching cloth diapers a few years ago to start. I have been a loyal KC customer since!

  15. Courtney G. says:


  16. Courtney G. says:

    I heard about y’all via youtube about 2 years ago!! I forgot to say that!

  17. Stormy A says:

    I first learned about Kelly’s closet while doing an internet search for modern cloth diapers almost two years ago. Wish I had known sooner. My oldest is 15 and all I had with her and her brother (12) were gerber prefolds and rubber pants.

  18. Lynn says:

    It is amazing that Kelly’s Closet is 15 years old. I’ve been shopping for probably 8 of those years. Congratulations!

  19. Laura Bruckman says:

    I love Kelly’s Closet! Happy Birthday! I found you guys from an internet search and stayed because of great customer service.

  20. Jamie hammel says:

    I heard about Kelly’s closet through another giveaway.

  21. Amanda Cooper says:

    I first heard about Kelly’s Closet when searching for the Changing Diapers Book.

  22. Brittany Lawrence says:

    I stumbled upon Kelly’s closet when first learning about cloth almost 4 years ago. I stopped cloth diapering when I started working again. I miss it and want to get back to it with my baby coming in May.

  23. Jessica Funderburk says:

    I found you guys about 2 years ago while searching for a new store to call home!

    Thank you guys for all the hard work you put in to this!

  24. Jonnie Fry says:

    I think I did a Google search for cloth diapers, but I really don’t know how I found KC’s! I am just glad I did! <3

  25. Nina Mackrain says:

    I am not sure when I heard of you guys…..I keep peaking at your site and wanting to order because I live so close…I am in southern NH :). Finding out that Kelly’s Closet is made up of 6 of you make me want to order from you even more!!!

  26. Teal Larson says:

    I hear of KC almost 2 years ago!!! Been a loyal customer ever since. Happy anniversary! And thank you for what all the kc employees do for us crazy fluff mommas

  27. Mariah says:

    I first learned about Kelly’s on a recommendation from my mom! Thanks for all you do! (:

  28. Catherine Sullivan says:

    I first heard about Kelly’s Closet when I started researching cloth diapers about a year ago πŸ™‚

  29. Nichole Adams says:

    I heard about Kelly’s Closet when I was looking at pages my cloth diapering friends liked so I could learn more. Then the Fluff Fairy sucked me in!!!

  30. Stephanie Bennett says:

    I first heard about Kelly’s Closet from a local cloth diapering Facebook group just a few weeks ago, and placed my first 2 orders using the ROBIN code! I’m just starting to CD my almost 2 month old girl, and so far I’m loving KC as I start to build my stash!

  31. breanna scott says:

    I first heard about KC when I was Googling the different styles of cloth diapers, a little over a year ago πŸ™‚

  32. Angela says:

    Truth – I can’t remember exactly when I started following Kelly’s closet, though I’m pretty sure it was a contest that led me there lol. I know it was sometime between the birth of my 3rd son (almost 4 years ago) and before I became pregnant with my daughter (about 2.5 years ago) lol. But, I do know that KC became my favorite CD group πŸ™‚

  33. Lauren says:

    Happy Anniversary Kelly’s Closet!!!! KC has been my go to store for cloth diapers for the last 5 years! Thank you for your knowledge, your fun giveaways, and most of all your amazing customer service!

  34. Rach says:

    Love Kelly’s Closet! I first learned about Kelly’s through the BBC cloth diapering board. I’ve been a happy customer for 3 years (and counting)!

  35. Ashley says:

    How exciting, congratulations!!

  36. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    These giveaways are amazing!! Thank you for the opportunity to win these amazing products!

  37. Hilary R says:

    Your giveaways are fabulous!I learned of Kelly’s Closet through a friend who started to CD before me!

  38. Hollie Baker says:

    I first found you all when I googled affordable cloth diapers

  39. Becky R. says:

    I first heard about Kelly’s Closet when I googled cloth diapers. I became interested in cloth diapering when I was pregnant with my second child. Of course now it’s an addiction!

  40. Alicia McDonald says:

    Thank you for all u do at Kellys Closet. Happy 15th #fluffiversary

  41. Elizabeth Coates says:

    Awesome giveaways at KC as usual.