20,000 Fans Celebration – Part 1

GIVEAWAY CLOSED!  Congratulations Martha – we’ve just emailed you.

Wow, it feels like it took forever to get those last 200 “Likes” but we finally made it!  Thank you to all of our fans who helped us reach this monumental goal.  I think this really goes to show you that cloth diapering is becoming more popular by the day.

As promised we have a few surprises for you.  For starters we will be giving away one nice Cherry Tomato Red AppleCheeks Little Bundle (Size 1) along with a pack of flushable diaper liners.  This is compliments of the fabulous ladies at AppleCheeks that we met at the ABC Kids Exp.

AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers

To enter to win the AppleCheeks prize package you will need to:

  1. Leave a comment below telling us why you love DiaperShops.com.  All comments will be approved so you won’t see your comment immediately.  Please use a valid email address when submitting your comment (it will be hidden) so that we can contact you if you are the winner.  Only one entry per person please.
  2. Make sure you “Like” us on Facebook.  No need to leave a comment – we’ll know!

This giveaway will close at 9am ET on Friday, September 30th and the winner will be announced here on the blog.  We will email the winner and they will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be selected.

We have even more surprises in store for you that we’ll announce in Part 2 of our 20,000 Fans Celebration!  Thanks again and good luck! 

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331 Responses to 20,000 Fans Celebration – Part 1

  1. Colleen Thomas says:

    I love the sales that KC runs! I got a free diaper w/ my last purchase! Great CD store 🙂

  2. Melissa K says:

    I love Diapershops.com because I have always gotten fast shipping and great deals when shopping for diapers and other things.

  3. Melanie Maheu says:

    I love DiaperShops.com because of the awesome deals and freebie diapers! Also, what makes them unique is that there is always someone ready and willing to help you, whether by phone or by Facebook or e-mail. Thank you DiaperShops!

  4. I love diapershops because of the free coupons!!! They really sucker me into placing orders all the time! hehe

  5. Liz burns says:

    I love diapershops.com because of the wonderful sales and coupons as well as the camaraderie of the facebook page. Great support there!

  6. Rebekha Ruet says:

    I love diapershops.com because it is one stop shopping for all of your diapering needs!

  7. I love diaper shops b/c u have an awesome selection!

  8. I love diapershops.com because it’s a “one-stop diaper shop”. I can find everything I need easily and get it all in one order! The sales and free diaper promo codes are great as well!

  9. Amanda Andrews says:

    Diapershops is full of wonderful, helpful information and promotions for a beginner like myself! I follow your blogs and facebook so that I can get the best and most helpful information possible! Thank you for being such a valuable resource!!!!

  10. Jenny says:

    I love diapershops.com because their staff is super knowledgable (and nice), they have amazing deals (too good to pass up) and my favorite cloth products!

  11. Jessie Mitchell says:

    I love Diapershops because of the great selection, fast shipping and great customer service. You guys are the best!

  12. Carrie says:

    I love the rewards points and great service at Kelly’s Closet!

  13. Samantha F. says:

    I love Diapershops.com for their sales, coupons, and inventory! I can get everything I need in one place!

  14. Andrea says:

    I love Diapershops.com. I’ve already gotten several free diapers, which gives me the chance to try different brands. I also love the rewards points! I get sad when i need something that’s no in stock, i really dont like shopping on the other CD websites. The facebook page is also full of helpful hints and good advice. so glad i found it!

  15. Jennifer Schrader says:

    I love Diapershops.com – it’s definitely one of my favorite websites! The selection is great, the navigation is very user-friendly, and the customer service is incredible. I also love all of the promotions you guys send out – it makes my “investment” so much easier (not to mention, much more FUN). Your Facebook page is a great place to pose questions and find answers to any cloth diapering conundrum. I can’t say enough good things about Diapershops.com!

  16. Leann Bednarczyk says:

    I love diapershops.com b/c they offer great coupons and the site is easy to navigate! 🙂

  17. Julie G says:

    I love DiaperShops because I love all things Cloth Diapers!!! 🙂 Cloth has become a bit of an obsession in my life and your stores and information is top notch!!! Thanks for everything and for the great giveaway! You deserve 20K 🙂

  18. Christine Nalbandian says:

    I love the variety at Kellyscloset and everything always comes in the mail so quickly!

  19. Brettan M. says:

    I love diapershops and Kelly’s Closet because of the amazing shipping and customer service…you ladies ROCK!!

  20. Brandy Blank says:

    I love diapershops.com because it helps a new to cloth mama figure out just what she needs.

  21. Allison R. says:

    I love DiaperShops.com because you have great deals AND offer a great rewards program. Most other cloth diaper websites offer one or the other. You also have a huge selection.

  22. Melissa Cho says:

    Love diaper shops!! From all the free dipes and diaper dollars at KC to free shipping at one-size. Customer service has been great and you were the first place I ever bought diapers from! Oh, not to mention the amazing FB page with so much helpful information!

  23. Kaye Champine says:

    I love diaper shops.com because they have been so helpful in my journey of cloth diapering, and have been a huge resource for converting others to cloth. Thanks so much!

  24. Brianna says:

    I love you guys so much! You have an awesome selection and I love the diaper giveaways!!

  25. Nicole says:

    I love free diaper codes 🙂

  26. Margaret Whitford-Smith says:

    I LOVE diapershops.com because of the great information provided and the up to date sales and stocking information! Thanks for everything.

  27. Jenny Carroll says:

    I really like how DiaperShops.com always has some sort of great deal going on!

  28. Jen LaPierre says:

    I love Diapershops.com because the staff is so quick to respond to your questions. The moms are always willing to help out with issues and the community is very friendly.

  29. Krystyn says:

    I love it because of the pdf you have with cloth diapering hints including a washing cheatsheet! And, of course, lots of other information! I’m just starting out CDing.

  30. Jeanine says:

    I love diapershops.com because its a fast and easy way to find diapers that I love in one spot! I of course, also love that on facebook diapershops.com has one of the most friendly, updated fb page out there! A lot of others don’t care to update or announce sales… or even have giveaways for their fans! Diapershops is one of a kind… one I’ll be telling all my mom friends about for sure! 🙂

  31. Miranda Uhl says:

    I love DiaperShops.com because I can almost always get a free diaper with my order…and I love free stuff! =) Also, you have a great selection!

  32. Kristin Wheeler says:

    I love Diapershops.com because they have everything I need for cloth diapering! Not only do they make it easy for me to find the top brands, but the information I have gotten from their blog and facebook have made CD’ing a breeze for me!

  33. Nicole Rao says:

    I LOVE diapershops.com b/c of the ‘community’ it has on facebook. I’m a cd newbie (4 months in) and the ladies w/ diapershops (esspecially Stacy!) have been soooo very helpful in addition to other cd mamas. It’s so nice to have a place to go with questions or just to get excited about new fluff!!

  34. Sarah Hammes says:

    Love the giveaways!!

  35. Ronni Gray says:

    Hi Diaper Shops! Congratulations on 20,000 fans, how exciting! I love Diapershops.com because it’s my go-to source for all my cloth diapering needs. When I have a problem with my CDs, I check out the blog or post on the DiaperShops Facebook page. Stacey is wonderful :-). I recently placed an order with Kelly’s Closet and was SO impressed. Super fast shipping, excellent customer service, and wide selection! So congrats again, and thank you for the giveaway fun!

  36. Lynette says:

    I love diaper shops because y’all opened a world of cloth diapering in a user-friendly and knowledgeable way! I have one long-distance friend who cloth diapers, so being able to read through others’ questions, post my own, and receive timely and informative responses got me from, “maybe…” to “I can’t wait to cloth diaper!” Thank you!

  37. Kimberly says:

    I love diapershops.com because you guys answer any questions I have, help me along the cloth diaper journey and I love the free diaper coupons!

  38. Sarah S. says:

    I love that Diapershops.com has such a huge selection of diapering supplies. And having other customer reviews on each product page has really helped me make decisions about what to try and what to avoid.

  39. Jennifer Schiavetti Stockburger says:

    I love diapershops.com because they have so much wonderful information for cloth diapering families! Whether you are a beginner, or an expert, or something in between, they always have great tips and tricks!

  40. Elizabeth Groves says:

    I Love the great customer service I get at Diapershops.com!

  41. Becky says:

    And I love Diaper Shops for all the free dipes & diaper points! Always a good variety, too! 🙂

  42. Elizabeth Bruno says:

    I love diapershops.com because of the fabulous deals they offer, and the selection. I can find whatever diapers or diapering accessories I need, and save some money too!

  43. Martha Ruth Brecht says:

    I like the various how-to articles that you have posted (like laundering cloth diapers). Three months in and still trying to find the best system! 🙂

  44. Carolyn Brejwo says:

    I love reading different experiences with brands, style, and type of diapers.

  45. Stephanie Portz says:

    The main I love Diapershops.com is all the helpful info I can get from all the other mamas. I also love shopping at Kelly’s Closet, and the diaper dollars, free shipping, and coupons are awesome!

  46. Rosalee says:

    I love diapershops.com because of the amazing customer service! You all are so friendly and so eager to answer any and all of my cloth diapering questions.

  47. Erin Burch says:

    I now have 20K dipe clothering momas to help me with any question I have. And even though there are so many fans, Calley and Stacey and all the staff are so awesome about responding to questions. You don’t get that kind of service anywhere else. Kellys Closet is the best!!

  48. Chelsea Remmington says:

    I love diaper shops because they give free diapers to try with most orders. Another reason I always shop here is because the selection is amazing. I swear there is nothing you dont carry!

  49. Aileen W says:

    I love the wealth of info about everything related to CDs. It has been so helpful to me as a newbie (just started in August)! I also love all the opportunities for winning free diapers! I haven’t won any yet, but I’ll keep on trying!

  50. Katherine Aviles says:

    I love diapershops.com because it has everything I need in one place. I am new to cloth diapering and it is an overwhelming amount of information to learn. Without a place like diapershops I might have never taken on the seemingly daunting task to cloth diaper a newborn.

  51. Kazie Renken says:

    Diaper shops has the most amazing tips, and tricks when it comes to cloth diapering! Love it!!

  52. Leanna Hallstrom says:

    I love how cute the diapers are! I also love that they are better on the environment than disposables!

  53. Lynnsy Snook says:

    I love having one website to find out all I need to know about cloth diapers and accessories!

  54. Jamie Williamson says:

    I love all the specials you have going all the time!!

  55. Cassi Paulson says:

    I love that there is such a variety to choose from! And its very easy to navigate and use! 🙂 Plus there is always an awesome promotion going on!!!

  56. Denise says:

    I love how much cd info you have, and the beautiful selection of nursing pads I have ever seen!!

  57. Diamond Dunn says:

    I am so in love with diapershops.com and all your giveaways!! They very first time I ordered using diapershops.com I made 2 more orders the same day! I love love love all the giveaways, y’all are amazing! I also love how I can ask anything I don’t know about cloth diapering on your fb page and I have always gotten a very helpful response! Thanks for everything y’all do!

  58. Katie Potter says:

    We love that there is always someone around to answer a question or give some advice. It is nice not to feel anonymous!thanks for the awesome giveaway! Congrats on hitting the goal! The next 20,000 will be a breeze!

  59. Jackie Banuelos says:

    I love diapershops.com because I get a ton of useful info from there, which is great for a first time cloth diaper user like myself! Thanks!

  60. Faith says:

    I like diapershops.com because I get lots of information about cloth diapering and I can find anything I need for cloth diapering too! They are a great resource!

  61. Jessica Kay says:

    I love diapershops.com bc of all the great advice given when I first started CD’ing. I was really intimidated at 1st but they helped answer all of my questions. Oh and of course the awesome coupons and free diaper deals they always have. Shipping is fast and you earn points for every $1 you spend to put towards free diapers!

  62. amanda weiden says:

    Let me count the ways : ). I love diapershops because you guys are soo helpful.. with everything! If have any questions I know I’ll get a answer, If i mess a load of laundry..its not really a disaster you can help! You offer the best products, before i found diaper shops i as just shooting in the dark. I love that if a product is not in, you will tell me when it will be and you guys do your best to offer suggestions for the best product to use on my boys. The fact that you have a facebook page makes everything even easier. Its easy to contact you and to get great info from other moms. I have also never seen a diaper site with so many great deals!!! Thank you for taking the time to help out us cloth diapering mommies!

  63. I love you because you carry AppleCheeks – their dipes ROCK!

  64. Theresa Beazley says:

    I love Diaper Shops because of the awesome free diaper coupons I get at for Kelly’s Closet! It gives me a great chance to sample out a new diaper and increases my stash 🙂

  65. Mel M says:

    I love the selection, the prices and the people

  66. traci robinson says:

    I love diapershops.com because i think everything you do to draw customers in is fantastic, and whats even better is you continue to give excellent customer service. All of the coupons you offer constantly, all the free diapers you offer constantly, and all the giveaways you do even after having so many customers is why i always come back and purchase my diaper stuff here! It was where I made my first purchase when i changed to cloth diapers, and will always be my main cloth diaper retailer!!! Thanks diapershops.com for making my baby’s tush as cute as it can be! Hope I win these applecheeks!

  67. Jennifer Russell says:

    I love Diapershops.com because it’s a great resource for learning about cloth diapering and because I can always count on there being at least one awesome (and irresistable) deal!

  68. Kristin Sprenkle says:

    I love diapershops.com because of all the great coupon codes, shipping discounts and fast shipping!

  69. Lindsay Gallagher says:

    I like diapershops.com because they always post questions that moms/dads have and it is helpful to read the answers.

  70. Allie says:

    I love all the great coupon codes and sales from diapershops.com!!

  71. Robin T says:

    Since having my first baby 7 months ago I have fallen in love with diapershops.com The quality and variety of products is wonderful and we have been happy with every purchase we have made! THANK YOU!!

  72. Jennifer Finch says:

    I love diaper shops because the gals are so nice, committed and just as addicted to CD as I am!

  73. KJCole says:

    I just placed my first-ever CD order today. DiaperShops.com made it easy to choose between the different diaper options, thanks to the photos, reviews and resources. Can’t wait for my order to arrive!

  74. Sally Duren says:

    Love the customer service! It is truly unsurpassed!

  75. holly garnett says:

    All of the good advice and troubleshooting on facebook!

  76. Brittany Caswell says:

    Why I love DiaperShops.com….the correct question should be, why not love DiaperShops.com?! I was a skeptic and that cloth diapering was gross and would be too much work. Thanks to DiaperShops.com after one visit to their site I was hooked!!! I wish I had found such support and knew more about cloth diapering when I had my first daughter!

  77. Irene says:

    you carry so many brands and always have some kind of deal.. thanks for this giveaway!

  78. Sara Sparks says:

    I love Diapershops because they have an awesome website and they were the TRUE beginning of my cloth diaper ADDICTION. I remember late nights nursing my son shopping for my ever expanding stash. Not only that, the promotions you’re constantly offering are awesome… and I love during the holiday season when you double, or triple diaper dollars… it’s fun shopping with diapershops. I’m a super fan. 🙂

  79. Jessica Stephens says:

    I love diapershops.com Ive always ordered from Kellyscloset.com they ship to me at a FPO in less than a week. Always sharing diapershops in hopes to get everyone into fluffy butts. 🙂

  80. Melissa D says:

    I love Diapershops.com for there great selection, fabulous deals and the exceptional customer service!

  81. Alissa says:

    I love the free shipping and diaper points! Between the good deals and great service, I’m now a loyal customer!

  82. Rachel Driskell says:

    Diapershops.com is just the best all around! Awesome prices, awesome products, and awesome deals and coupons. Perfect for anyone cloth diapering 🙂

  83. Kaylee Matheson says:

    I love DiaperShops because it’s a one-stop place for one of my favourite parts of motherhood – fluffy butts!

  84. Vera Camp says:

    I love the abundance of information I was able to gather on cloth diapers. I recently started cd and it was overwhelming at first. Your site was so helpful!

  85. Jessica Thibodeau says:

    I love DiaperShops.com because I’m going to have my first child in January, and I feel like everyone has been so helpful in getting me the information I need in order to begin using CD’s from the time my baby girl is born. Thanks!

  86. Kristen Deptula says:

    I think that diapershops.com is a fantastic combination of websites that give you great deals and great information on cloth diapering (as someone who is just trying to learn the art of cloth diapering I was pretty overwhelmed before I found your site!). I love the free diapers, the diaper dollars, and the free shipping promotions; getting enough diapers can sometimes feel like a big investment, every dollar off helps!

  87. Victoria Brewster says:

    I am very very passionate about cloth diapering!! It is a wonderful feeling knowing that I am doing something good for my daughter and for the environment. Thanks to CD, we have gone completely green! I love diaper shops because I can get a plethora of information in one stop! Thank you for designing such a great website 🙂

  88. Carlie M says:

    Diapershop.com brings the best of all the cloth diapers together in one way location. They also give lots of god advice through social media.

  89. Jill Payne says:

    I love the range of products that you carry, and the information you share in the “cloth diapering 101” section. Always something new to learn!

  90. Jessica says:

    love that you guys always make me feel like I’m getting a value for my money – yay for free diapers!

  91. Valerie Warnell says:

    I love DiaperShops because of the amaaazing consideration they give to their customers! Diaper Dollars, free fluff, coupon codes, advice, support, give-aways. You guys truly listen to your consumers needs and wants and go above and beyond! Thaaaank you! 😀 You make cloth even that much more fun!!!

  92. katrina potts says:

    I love diapershops.com,there is a ton a information for someone new to cloth diapering like me. I’ve became an addict of buying fluff when i was around 4 months prego and now my little one is just 5 weeks and i’m still lovin the fluff!!!Thank you all for helping with my addiction:)

  93. Debbie Engle says:

    I love diapershops.com because of the money I save. I have gotten 4 free diapers so far! That is fantastic. My husband sometimes complains about how much I have spent on diapers, but I tell him that out of 40 diapers, I have only paid full price for about 5 diapers. And the rewards points are fantastic, I can’t wait to get to 500 and get my $30 gift certificate! I also comparison shop a lot and the prices are very comparable to other sites so I don’t even have to pay more money for items to get the free diaper!! And you all do a fantastic job of letting everyone know what the sales are!!

  94. Alice Russell says:

    I love diaper shops because I can combine shipping and get so much stuff in one place!

  95. Amy Ward says:

    I love all the great info and tips I get from diapershops.com!

  96. Chantel Clouthier says:

    I love cloth diapers…I love the selection thanks diapershops.com

    • Chantel Clouthier says:

      I meant to say i love the selection of info on diapershop.com
      woops!! Hope my first comment isnt going to screw everything up now…

  97. Ellen davila says:

    I love the free diaper promotions 🙂

  98. Gina Walker says:

    I love diapershops.com because of all the free goodies, excellent customer support, and free shipping! Wouldn’t shop anywhere else!

  99. diana says:

    I love diapershops because everybody is so helpful in providing advice and because of awesome deals.

  100. Denise Graber says:

    I LOVE diapershops.com because of all the helpful advice. I don’t have a cloth diapering community in real life, but I feel like I do because of these wonderful women online! Thank you for what you do!

  101. Kari Hibbler says:

    I love DiaperShops because I swear I learn something new about cloth diapers every single day! I also love getting feedback on other people’s experiences with different types of diapers. Very helpful!

  102. Claire G says:

    I love that diapershops.com keeps all of my favorite brands and keeps me posted on the new ones that they’ll be carrying!

  103. Sara Rose says:

    It is so informational since I’m new to CD!

  104. Lori Hardy says:

    I love diapershops.com because of all the great advice! I am new to CD’ing and I love reading all the comments and everyone’s different routine. I also love to shop Kelly’s Closet and get free diapers!!


    Love Diapershops for all the best information and recommendations on cloth diapering!

  106. Sandi says:

    I love your promotions and the reviews that help me choose what to get.

  107. Nikki Moore says:

    I love that you have a very large selection of diapers! The free diaper codes are nice too lol

  108. Verna says:

    I love AppleCheeks swim diaper and I’d love to try out the pocket diaper! I think it’s great to have a website to go to with a connection to find a bunch of different diapers!

  109. Rio says:

    I love diapershops because they supply my cloth diapering addiction 🙂

  110. Chasity Doris says:

    I love diapershops.com because you have the cutest diapers and the best deals ever.

  111. Kim says:

    I love the variety you have and all the information about all things cloth.

  112. Lillie Godbold says:

    I love how there is so much to choose from Fitteds to Pockets or AIOs to Flats & Pre-folds!!

  113. Hannah Rodriguez says:

    I had never heard of DiaperShops.com before, but after looking around, I like how everything is right there in front of you and you aren’t having to search for different cloth diaper companies. Pretty neat. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. melissa says:

    I love all the free diaper offers. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered without getting something free!

  115. I LOVE diapershops.com for the blog, coupons and facebook page. Love all the ways to get advice on cloth diapering and the good deals 🙂 jessicawiant@gmail.com

  116. Jennifer rubin says:

    I love diapershops because of all of your wonderful information, selection, and prices! Thanks!

  117. Gretchen Lash says:

    I love the support that diapershops offers to new cd-ing moms like me!

  118. Erica S says:

    I love diapershops.com for your wealth of information and experience. As a newbie to the world of cloth diapers I am in need of a lot of help. I always get a quick answer to my questions. Thanks!

  119. Grace Hoppe says:

    I’m still pretty new to cloth diapering. I’ve had my youngest (DS, 18mo) in cloth for a solid week. I wish I had know how many CDing choices there were seven years ago when I had my first!! (DS ’04, DD ’06 & DD ’08 would ALL have been cloth from the get go) Well, live and learn. Now that I’m expecting number 5, DS 1/12, I’m starting the researching process for a great NB system. All I can say is “thank you” for your wealth of information! I can feel confident and informed thanks to all the CDing mommy trailblaizers and advocates!! Thanks for helping my family save money and reduce our waste all while having some purdy cute cloth bums!

  120. Katie S says:

    I love DiaperShops because you carry such a great selection of cloth diapers and accessories. Not to mention I love the newsletters with coupon codes and promotions as well as the giveaways! Thanks!!

  121. Lindsey S says:

    While I don’t get to buy from your store often, I love the articles you post and your updates on Facebook!

  122. Serena H says:

    I love all the coupons, and the fact that there are several sister sites that you can access from one place instead of having several bookmarks.

  123. Christina says:

    We love your great customer service and how you always have a coupon code to use! Not every retailer does that!! 😀

    Congrats on reaching this goal!

  124. Lauren says:

    I’m pregnant with my first child, and all my girlfriends who are moms sent me to DiaperShops! They LOVE cloth diapering and have me excited about it, too!

  125. Brooke Schwaderer says:

    I love it because of all the information in one place

  126. Liz Snyder says:

    Helpful, fair pricing, and great coupons!

  127. Rebecca Mallory says:

    Oh I LOVE all these amazing deals AND all the support and help found here!!

  128. Megan Jigour says:

    Oh goodness! So many reasons why I LOVE diapershops.com. I love that I can purchase all of my cloth diapering supplies on one website. I love the free shipping offer on orders over $49. I love being able to use coupon codes for free diapers and covers and am always pleasantly surprised when I receive my free goodies in the mail. I also appreciate the AWESOME customer service at diapershops.com and being able to ask questions on the FB fan page and get quick responses from the diapershop gals as well as other cloth diapering mommies! What is not to love???

  129. Miranda Sullivan says:

    I love the sales at Kelly’s Closet!

  130. April G says:

    I love Diapershops.com because you connect me to the brands and products I need, and all my favorite cloth diapering items!

  131. Jill Wilson says:

    I love DiaperShops.com because it’s so easy to find all your diapering needs in one place, plus the fantastic promotions!!

  132. Stephanie says:

    I love the resources you offer for those of us new to cloth diapering (and parenting!!)

  133. Geri Surley says:

    I absolutely love DiaperShops.com not only for the great deals on cloth diapers and accessories, but also because the ladies on there are so helpful! It doesn’t matter if they’ve heard the same question 14 times in one day, they’ll still take the time to answer your question(s) and give you advice. I’m so glad my friend suggested the page on Facebook because it’s been a god-send for me as we get ready for our first baby!

  134. Danielle P says:

    I love diapershops.com because of the free diapers. You never know what you’re going to get, and its a great way to try new things!

  135. Tiffany Mukaabya says:

    I love diapershops because of the diaper codes really that extra free diaper and free shipping on 49.00 orders has saved us so much money cloth diapering all 3 of our boys. The customer service is amazing and I can’t even describe how fast the shipping is!

  136. Amanda says:

    I love Diapershops because Kelly’s Closet is where I made my very first cloth diaper order. I was nervous about going into the cloth diapering world, but the great deal you had made me feel as though I was really making a good investment because I was saving up points for money off, plus getting a free diaper to try. There is a wide variety of different brands, without it feeling as though there is too much to choose from, and obviously active enough with the reviews that I felt comfortable with my order choices.

    When I started using the facebook page, I fell in love even more because I got to know two mamas that were a part of the company and always got great, friendly, and speedy advice on whatever I needed, even if it was about diapers I bought at another store #(which not all places allow) I found a great community of mamas I can rely on through Diaper Shops, and that is why I love DS!

  137. Colby says:

    I Love all of the information you provide! You guys are my go to place when i have cloth diaper questions and more!

  138. Kelly says:

    I love being able to find so many stores in one place. I also love how you update on FB when stock is updated in stores.

  139. Abby Borders says:

    I love all of the information I can find at DiaperShops.com. I’m a newbie when it comes to cloth diapering, so this site has been such a valuable resource for me!

  140. Amy Cannon says:

    I love all of the helpful how-tos, and the great selection!

  141. christine kangas says:

    I love diapershops.com because you offer a great selection/assortment of items, and have the best people working there EVER! I can always get my question(s) answered quickly and never am made to feel silly for asking! Thank you for ALL you ladies do! You’re the best!

  142. Whitney Bofferding says:

    I’m new to the CD world,and DiaperShops.com has been my go to site for everything. Every day I stalk the Facebook page to learn something new. 🙂 You guys are awesome!

  143. Kim says:

    You guys are always so helpful and fast!!

  144. Breanna Kaiser says:

    I love all the useful info and quick responses when you ask a question.

  145. Jamie Purcell says:

    Diapershops.com helped me get started cloth diapering with my first daughter. I’m now halfway through (hopefully!) #2, and I love the support I find on the Facebook page. I also love getting info about new products and great sales and promotions.

  146. I LOVE DiaperShops.com because I am a new mommy to a 3 month old and am TOTALLY new the Cloth Diapering! Whenever I have questions DiaperShops.com is where I go to get ALL the answers and advice that I could ask for! They are a great resource for new and experienced Cloth Diapering mommies!!! LOVE THEM!!!

    Katy McCormick

  147. Laura McMahon says:

    I love diapershops.com because of the many cute cloth diaper options and accessories that are available to make our cloth diapering experience great! I also appreciate the wonderful advice and information on the site!

  148. Dana Molloy says:

    I love diapershops.com because of all the great info and deals!!!

  149. Sonia Moen says:

    i love all the help with diapering questions, the handouts included with each order and the speed with which orders are shipped out. I also love the customer service for order issues and the free diapers which have let me try out other stules of diapers and find soemthing i love.

  150. Jana Grayson says:

    I love DS because they always have great coupon codes, fast & free shipping, and great customer service! Oh, and the free diaper coupons are wonderful.

  151. stacey kronbeck says:

    I LOVE diapershops.com for providing such a wonderful supportive community for all us CD addicts!!

  152. Kim McIntosh says:

    I love that diapershops.com offers something for everyone! And that the blog has tons of great cloth diapering info and tips. Congrats on 20K

  153. Katrina R says:

    I love diapershops.com because I can research cloth diapers. I recently started and got my husband hooked too!

  154. Alicia Lacey says:

    Thank you diapershops.com for always providing excellent products for our babies!

  155. Melissa ryan says:

    I love Diaper Shops because of all the free diaper coupons they have on Kelly’s Closet. I also like the reward points program.

  156. Lisa Krnjaich says:

    All the great info you share!!

  157. Lauren K Rachel says:

    I love diapershops.com bc they have a great selection and ridiculous sales, coupon codes and rewards! It is SO fun to get a free surprise something in the mail- it’s like being a kid again! 🙂

  158. I live DS because of large variety of reasonably priced products. There is something for every budget.

  159. Erika says:

    I love diapershops.com for the variety of products they offer and the amazing advice.

  160. Lizzie Schuerman says:

    I love perusing all of the comments on Facebook. Through these comments I’ve been introduced to different brand and I’ve learned alot!

  161. Amy J says:

    I love the choices 🙂

  162. Ambria says:

    I love you guys. You rock! Great info and love the free stuff you guys always giveaway!

  163. Sheena Rose says:

    There are a lot of reason on why I love diaper shops but the first and foremost is how helpful the ladies are on facebook (Stacy and Calley), without them I would have gave up cloth diapering a week in to it. The other reasons include awesome deals, fun mystery diapers, diaper reward points and the ease of the website. What can I say more, diaper shop rocks!!!!

  164. Debbie Rhoades says:

    I love their coupon codes!!

  165. Megan N says:

    Oooo, so many things to love! Free diapers & great deals for one. Also, I love all of the advice & sense of community of the Facebook page. it’s been a great resource & I know my questions will be answered right away 🙂

  166. Angela Cisneros says:

    I love diapershops.com because of all the information that is available. Even though I have been cloth diapering for 1 yr now I am always looking for new information on different types of diapers so I can try new things. 🙂

  167. Rebecca Jernigan says:

    I love diapershops because they have a great selection, and are very helpful!

  168. Travis says:

    I like it because my wife likes it.

  169. Amanda Mason says:

    I love how your website is very well organized, and the diaper dollars are awesome too…now if only you sold more types of OS pockets/aios, and ahem..Softbums?

  170. Ashley Blando says:

    I love Diaper Shops because I can get EVERYTHING I need in one place! <3 Kelly's Closet & the blog!

  171. Amanda Blouse says:

    I personally love the facebook page. I love reading everyones responses to the questions. its great you offer so many coupons to help make cloth tapering so affordable.

  172. heather harber says:

    I love the tips and advise. The diaper give aways and order coupons are just a great bonus!!!

  173. kristina says:

    I started CD w/kellyscloset.com so there is a nostalgia factor…

  174. I love the coupons and all of the helpful people.

  175. Deanna Bailes says:

    I love reading the stories on the site! I am new to CD’s, so any help is more than welcome! Love CDing, and wish I had known about them with my 1st 2 kids. At least #3 will have them!

  176. alexis C says:

    can’t beat the free diaper coupons!

  177. Jessica S. says:

    After reading theclothdiaperwhisperer, I have decided to CD my newest baby-to-be(coming soon! 12/11). Admittedly, I was intially overwhelmed with all of the information. But now I am 100% certain that this is the best thing for my baby, my budget and the environment. Thank you DiaperShops! I can’t wait to start shopping!

  178. Jodi J says:

    I love the HUGE selection of clothdiapering items I can find at Diaper Shops (aka Kelly’scloset) and that there are great reviews of most of the items to help me decide between them all. I also love that DiaperShops is always on top of new products coming out. I frequently hear about them (and see pictures) on the DiaperShops Facebook page first.

  179. Stephanie U says:

    I love the coupons for free diapers and the diaper dollars at Kelly’s Closet. I also love the conversations on the DS.com FB page – sharing what works and doesn’t with others addicted or new to cloth diapers!

  180. Jennifer Hansford Morales says:

    I love Diapershops.com bc they are affordable, offer purchasing incentives (i.e. coupons), and the shipping is oober fast!

  181. Marcy Simpson says:

    I love DiaperShops.com for their great selection of products with informative reviews, their coupons, and rewards points. Most of all, I love their facebook community. I’m always going to their page to read and post questions, comments and answers. If it weren’t for Diaper Shops, I might not have had the guts to start cloth diapering.

  182. Ashley Jossick says:

    I love the sales, selection, and customer service!

  183. Meredith Moriarty says:

    I love the free diaper coupons!

  184. Leah Sh. says:

    I love all te helpful, accessible CDing tips and interaction for newbie CDing moms. And, of course, the wonderful selection and discounts!

  185. Felicia R says:

    I love that diapershops offers great brands and even more that it is a great trusty resource for cloth diapering. You guys know your fluff and it’s great to be able to post a question to your FB wall and get an answer quickly! Thanks for being awesome and congrats on 20k!

  186. Nancy arnold says:

    Yay for giveaways 🙂

  187. courtney m says:

    i love all the promotions at kc’s! I like that i can be notified as soon as my favorite products re-stock! I love the blog I can search any topic I might have questions on and there is always a post w/plenty of comments full of advice! so many things i loveee!!!

  188. Bobbi Kilbarger says:

    I love Diaper Shops because there’s always someone to answer questions for cloth newbies like me!

  189. Diana B says:

    I like the coupons and free diapers

  190. Kristen Hamilton says:

    I love diapershops.com for many reasons, coupons, answering our questions on facebook, fast and free shipping.

  191. Sarah J says:

    Huge selection, awesome promotions/ discounts, and great promoters/ advocators for cloth diapers and baby-wearing! 🙂

  192. Britney Williams says:

    I love the awesome support I see on Facebook, from the staff and fellow fans!

  193. Jessica Pride says:

    I have enjoyed all of the variety and information on this sight. I only found you a week ago but check it daily thanks to FB. I am expecting my first in Dec so soaking up all the knowledge while I can.

  194. ashley berty says:

    I love diapershops.com for the awesome coupon codes, no matter when you order there is always a coupon code to use for something, shipping is reasonable and your inventory is great.

  195. Lauren Thompson says:

    I love Diapershops because you guys always have great coupons, customer service, and your facebook page is always super helpful for any questions!

  196. Theresa Fitzsimmons says:

    I love that you can ask any question on facebook and get an answer so quickly from the knowledgable staff… as well as other Moms!

  197. Sissy says:

    Love DS for all the great info and advice provided!!

  198. Kristen W. says:

    I love the sales! There is almost always a free diaper available with purchase. It’s a great way to try new fluff.

  199. Vicki Edgington says:

    I LOVE DIAPER SHOPS!!! For their EXCELLENT customer service!

  200. Lauren says:

    I love the attention and help that Stacy and Calley from diapershops.com has given me over the last couple of months with my switch from disposable to cloth diapers. With out them I probably wouldn’t have made it past the first day of looking. They are fast with answering questions and who couldn’t love the deals (specially for someone who is on a tight budget)!?!

  201. Jessica Nussbaum says:

    I love diaper shops b/c of great coupons, freebies, and customer service! I also like KC because I enjoy reading other mama’s feedback on diapers!

  202. Jennifer Perritte says:

    I love Kelly’s Closet/Diapershops.com because you always have great diaper coupons!! And are very responsive via facebook and customer service. Awesome!!

  203. shannon warlop says:

    Love getting a free mystery dipe, free shipping and earning dollars.

  204. Lyna J says:

    Sales, freebies, and great selection!

  205. Anna Wixom says:

    I love diapershops because they have so much selection and always have what I am looking for. The customer service is SO awesome and if I ever have a question I know I can always turn to them on FB and get a speedy response. Thank You!

  206. Love Diapershops.com for the interaction on their facebook page, I’ve learned so much just from the posts and other fans!
    Oh and the coupons are great too!

  207. Sarah Trcka says:

    So much to love!! I just got anorder today; here’s what I loved: free shipping, free diapers, rewards program, fast shipping, everything I need for cd’ing in one place! It’s fantastic!

  208. keeley says:

    I love diapershops.com because no where else can you get such great deals!

  209. Rachel Daniels says:

    I love shopping there because I get free shipping, a free diaper, and points that i can cash in for a gift card.

  210. Megan Mulherin says:

    Coupons, great selection and customer service. 🙂 Love you guys!

  211. Claire says:

    I love diapershops because they have saved me from giving up cloth when I was struggling, helped me find new things to love about cloth, and seriously the best, like the BEST place to get advice. All the girls at KC are so awesome! I would be lost without this site!

  212. Alison K says:

    I love your rewards program, all your wonderful coupons & the excellent advice via your blog and FB page.

  213. Katy D says:

    Great selection and sales!!!

  214. Jennifer osborn says:

    I love how fast the shipping is and the assortment of products!!

  215. Traci Charlet says:

    I love diapershops.com because of how patient and nice everyone is there with new moms’ questions about cloth diapers!

  216. Rachel Martyn says:

    I love diapershops for all the free diaper promotions they run! It has allowed me to try diapers I wouldn’t normally and helped me find which ones I liked the best.

  217. Laura Cantrell says:

    I love the friendly, helpful staff (especially on the FB page) and the plethora of coupons! 🙂

  218. Rachel B says:

    I love that you operate a facebook page in which I know I can ask ANY question about cloth diapering and get an incredible answer. The coupons, fast shipping & great customer service are all wonderful—but I really love your supportive facebook staff!

  219. jessica fogelstrom says:

    I love the free diaper with purchase coupon codes!!!!

  220. Jennifer McCarrell says:

    I called this morning looking for a particular print. Customer service was great and even told me when they expected to get them in!

  221. Amy Ashlock says:

    Love the sale coupons

  222. Christina says:

    I love diapershops.com because you always have the best coupons and deals! Can’t beat getting free diapers to help build a stash when you are stocking up on supplies!

  223. Carolyn says:

    I love how there are always a number of different deals going on, and that it’s so easy to find out what they are! (No hunting around the internet for secret codes!)

  224. Abigail Bolin says:

    I love diapershops because there is always someone willing to answer questions. Everyone is so helpful and with the wonderful promotions and free diapers why would I shop anywhere else?!?

  225. monica zion says:

    I love diaper shops free shipping offers and free diaper offers. Also love my diaper dollars. Diaper shoos really helps me stretch my budget and try new things!

  226. Julie O. says:

    I love the diapershops.com selection and coupons.

  227. Kelly says:

    I’d love to win an apple cheeks and I love diaper shops cause it gives me all the great diaper shops in one location

  228. Karine says:

    I love diapershops.com for the variety and selection as well as the great promotions!

  229. Ashley says:

    I love the free diapers with purchase and the diaper dollars!!

  230. jamie mcmillan says:

    I love DiaperShops.com because it’s so easy to navigate and has great resources! I am a big fan of The Cloth Diaper Whisperer!

  231. Joy Gott says:

    I love diapershope because I get free diapers, who doesn’t love that! :0)

  232. Sarah Hourihan says:

    I love Diaper Shops because they always have a great coupon!

  233. michelle damitio says:

    I love all the good info that is posted on the facebook page! the free coupons are amazing as well 🙂

  234. Melissa Yax says:

    I love diapershops for the amazing coupons and awesome giveaways

  235. Molly Deane says:

    I love diapershops.com for the amazing deals! Also for all the great advice and information you provide!

  236. Alli Berkson says:

    I love the diaper selection – specifically the Itti Bittis!

  237. Katy says:

    I love them because they’re easily accessable on facebook!

  238. Sarah Neuman says:

    I love diapershops.com because I don’t have a local cloth diaper store, so being able to shop there online makes it so much more convenient! Plus they give away free diapers! 🙂

  239. Brita McKenzie says:

    I love you guys! It has been a while since we have had new fluff at our house. We are deffinitly ready for more!

  240. Rebecca Burnett says:

    I lover Diapershops for their great selection, free diaper coupons and fast shipping!

  241. Kirsten H says:

    The sales and deals on diapershops.com are fantastic. But the best part is the Facebook page. So much information and support!

  242. Jennifer Kraften says:

    It’s wonderful to have so many resources for cloth diapering questions and support. Without the contacts and ideas that I get from the website and facebook posts, I’m not sure I’d be as excited about cloth diapering when so many other people just use disposables.

  243. Carolyn Bowers says:

    I LOVE DiaperShops.com because they have amazing deals on on their products on top of the great coupons and rewards points you can earn. They also have great customer service and very fast shipping! I have purchased and will continue to purchase all of my diapering needs through DiaperShops.com! You guys are amazing! 🙂

  244. Andrea Champion says:

    I love Diapershops.com/Kelly’s Closet because of your awesome Facebook page! I love everything else that has been mentioned, too.

  245. JenaBeth says:

    I love the sales and promotions on Kelly’s Closet! I feel like I can add to my stash without breaking the bank!

  246. Sarah says:

    I love the specials and free diapers!

  247. Rachel N says:

    I love that you carry such a variety of products. It is so frusterating to me when I have to shop at different stores because they don’t carry all the brands I want to buy. (facebook name is Rachel Neufeld)

  248. Brianna C says:

    I love the coupon codes and that they carry pretty much every diaper.

  249. Erin Kohl says:

    I love diapershops.com because I can find all of the answers to my [many] questions…even the ones I didn’t know I had! Being new to CDing, I find this to be a great resource in encouraging me on this adventure.

  250. Brandy Anderson says:

    I love all the coupon codes!!! 🙂

  251. Zainab says:

    DiaperShops is like a clother diaper-er (yes, I just made that up :D) mama’s heaven. I got ALL my diapers from DiaperShops and I’m positive I’d keep coming back to you guys to get more and more diapers for more and more babies :D. You guys have GREAT deals and lotta freebies (wheee heee!). Oh and your blog rocks! You guys make cloth diapering a pleasure (and I love bragging to my friends about the awesome diapers I get from Diaper Shops).

  252. I love the free diaper offers and the wide variety of products! Also the gift registry option:)

  253. Crystal Protzman says:

    I love the sales and FREE DIAPERS. Bonus: you guys are fantastic at getting my order out quickly so I never have to wait long for my fluffy mail!

  254. Sarah Miller says:

    I love love love Diapershops.com, the free diaper codes is so awesome, great customer service and fantastic overall selection!

  255. Denise Denman says:

    i love diapershops because of the free diapers (hubby can’t gripe if they are free!) and the wonderful service. Great support and tips for those of us who don’t have a big cd community. Thank you!

  256. Kari says:

    I love…great products, sales, free dipes, but most of all all the great support and advice that have made the last 18 months of cloth diapers work.

  257. Nancy Ludka says:

    I love all the information and helpful tips. Great prices and large selection!

  258. Megan Plunkett says:

    I love the free diaper coupons and the awesome help your Facebook page is! You guys make cloth diapering fun and easy!!

  259. Susan says:

    I love you guys. Always a great deal going on, free shipping, great customer service & prices!

  260. Lucinda says:

    I love diapershops.com cause they have an awesome facebook page and Stacy answers all my million questions!!! 🙂 Oh, and the free diaper coupons are “fan”tastic too! 🙂

  261. Brandi says:

    I love the range of products, coupons and free diaper giveaways so much that I often eschew my local cloth diaper store and place orders online!

  262. Megan Vigliano says:

    I love diapershops.com because of the free shipping and freebies! I’d love try Applecheeks!!!

  263. Amanda S says:

    I love diaper shops because of the free diaper coupon codes, the diaper dollars, and the great customer service.

  264. Emily Bagley says:

    Great prices, fun and friendly service, wonderful promotions… the best place to shop and get resources for cloth diapering anywhere!! 🙂 Congrats on 20k fans!!

  265. Meghan says:

    I love the great deals and coupons and that you can always get questions answered and advice!

  266. Teresa Falkner says:

    Excellent customer service, fast shipping and free diapers… what isn’t to love!!! 🙂 Oh and the ladies on Facebook top the cake, they are great help when you need it!

  267. Chrystal Horst says:

    What is there not to love about Diaper shops?! Great selection, great sales, fast shipping to name a few.

  268. Jamie Watts says:

    I adore DiaperShops.com because you always have a great selection, you let us know when items have been stocked, and there is always so much invaluable information that your fb family shares…I am addicted to you ladies!

  269. Genevieve White says:

    genevieve.white on facebook 🙂

    I LOOOOOVE you not just for the awesome products, but for the amazing community on facebook!! Love to Stacy and Calley – you two are awesome!

  270. Danielle Gust Seeraty says:

    The free diapers.

  271. Melanie C says:

    We love Kelly’s Closet – excellent customer service and my fluff always arrives so quickly!!

  272. Rachel says:

    I ♥ Kelly’s Closet because y’all run awesome sales and the reward points are a great bonus! I always check your site first when I’m looking for something new!

  273. Julia says:

    I love DS because of the great selection, coupons/sales and fast shipping!

  274. Jennifer Lemaire says:

    I love diaper shops because there is always a *reason* to buy more diapers (and wipes, lotions, potions, and the like…) I learned so much through the tidbits of information I found on he sites and blog. Just awesome!

  275. Danielle says:

    I love diapershops.com because I can look at the products of so many different brands and compare. The sales on KC don’t hurt either 😉

  276. Katie Sloma says:

    I love KC because of their vast variety of cloth diapers and covers. Shipping was fast. I am new to cloth diapering but intend to make many future purchases with them!

  277. Jaime Hodges says:

    I like diapershops.com and Kelly’s Closet becaue of the awesome coupons and promotions you are always running! You also have a great selevtion of cloth diapers and acesories :). I enjoy reading all the tips and ideas on Facebook too!

  278. Danyelle Golder Binko says:

    I love Kelly’s Closet for so many reasons…the two biggest being the great coupons that they almost always have and the incredible help that Stacy always provides me with 🙂 Congrats on 20,000 fans!!!

  279. Melisa Howarth says:

    I love Diaper Shops for sooo many reasons! Theres my number one reason, great prices, deals, and discounts. Then theres of course all the amazing give-aways. Theres always plenty of selections to choose from and loads of loving support from the facebook page. What’s not to love about Diaper Shops??? <3

  280. Nicole says:

    I am new to cloth diapers and love how easy it is for me to shop and learn about diapers at KC. I also love the promotions you run! I received a free diaper with my last order!

  281. sherry w says:

    i love the free diapers and the big selection

  282. Carrie W says:

    Congratulations on 20k “likes!” I love the free diaper and free shipping promotions that KC runs! It gives me a chance to try new diapers risk-free when I make my regular purchases! Keep up the great work!

  283. Bobbie says:

    I love you guys because of the coupons and awesome deals! It is also nice to get real answers quickly from your facebook page! Keep up the good work!!

  284. Shasta says:

    I love the huge variety of products and fast shipping!

  285. Carrie Tominaga says:

    I like looking at all the fluff. Lots of great deals and it makes me want to buy more and more!!!

  286. Jennifer Harvey says:

    I love diapershops because you sell awesome products, have great customer service, have incredible sales, free diaper coupons, diaper dollars, a creative blog AND you have great staff and fans who are super helpful on your FB page.

  287. veronica says:

    I looove the freebie diapers, selection and fast shipping. Oh yeah and the points program!

  288. Erin Becker says:

    I love the great sales and free diaper codes! I’ve gotten some sweet deals and the rewards points make it even better.

  289. Jen Arevalo says:

    I love diapershops.com because they always tell me where the deals are!!

  290. Megan Lunt says:

    Love the fast shipping and free diaper codes!

  291. Rachel Karban says:

    I like diapershops bc of the free shipping over $49. It’s far too easy to spend that much though!

  292. Amber Musselman says:

    Because you guys are simply the best LOL!!

  293. Elissa says:

    Being able to learn so much from the site about cloth diapering and having the know how on how to use them and what is best for some babies as aposed to others! The sales are always great too 🙂

  294. Niki Larson says:

    I love the variety, it seems everything I need you have.

  295. Shauna L. says:

    I love Diapershops.com because of all the perks. Fast shipping, mystery diaper coupons, diaper dollars are my favorites. I also like the variety of products available on the website and often find the product reviews quite helpful.

    I also am hooked on the Diapershops blog and Facebook page. As a new mom I have found a ton of useful cloth diapering information on those pages. Keep up the great work!

  296. Kristina Uptegrove says:

    I love the free diaper codes! I always wait for one before I place my order 🙂

  297. Kimberly V says:

    I love DiaperShops because of the incredibly helpful information that I find on your blog and FB page! We just recently had a cloth diaper store open in my town, but prior to that I didn’t even know anyone else locally that cloth diapered. It has been invaluable to be able to post questions and get them answered quickly! The coupons aren’t bad either! 😉

  298. Rebecca Brown says:

    I love all the deals that can be found -at Kelly’s Closet their are the great offers of free diapers with orders and points to be cashed in for gift certificates, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer’s fun blog postings and giveaways, it’s all great!

  299. Karis says:

    I love how much info I have been able to gather on this wonderful site as I prepare for our first blessing. I am so excited to purchase our first bunch of cloth diapers from this great site!

  300. Cindy Jones says:

    I love all the info! I’ve learned SO MUCH!!

  301. Jojo says:

    I bought my first ever cloth diapers from Kelly’s Closet. The site was easy to navigate and had a good selection so I could get most of what I wanted/needed. I was also able to get a free one size diaper, which gave me a chance to try a new style and brand. I love the site, and will definitely go back for future diapering needs.

  302. Melissa H. says:

    I love the blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

  303. Andrea S says:

    I like KC because of the big variety of brands they carry, because of their fast shipping, the rewards points and the freebie coupons – definitely added to my cd addiction

  304. Joyce Dorsey says:

    Love diapershops because you guys have seriously great deals on KC and have the most helpful ladies on your FB page! Thanks for being awesome and yay for 20k!!!

  305. Erika says:

    I love the sales and the unbeatable customer service!

  306. Cassondra Franco says:

    I love the huge variety of products, you can find it all in one place!

  307. Kristen Rickert says:

    Love Kelly’s Closet. Great free diaper coupons!

  308. Stacie W says:

    The coupons/free dipes and the fantastic support that the FB page and Stacy provide

  309. earlanna hembree says:

    I like kc because of the awesome sales and quality products.

  310. Alli B says:

    I love Diaperswap for its diversity in product, great giveaways, and awesome FB advice!!!!

  311. I love the selection you offer and the posts on your blog. Awesome!

  312. Rani Charny says:

    I absolutely love the ease of placing an order on Kelly’s closet, and the promo codes are great! I have 3 free diapers now and I am always excited to check my mail to see my order. I am in love with cloth diapers, I cant stop placing orders.

  313. Lynne Schoepfle says:

    I love diapershops because of the variety and the awesome coupons

  314. Jill says:

    I like diaper shops because you seem to genuinely care about your customers. Whether it’s through sales and coupon codes or through great advice on the Facebook page or your blog. You want everyone who trys cloth to succeed.

  315. Tiffany Law says:

    I love diaper shops because it has free shipping on all orders over $49, it has great customer service, it has Facebook so we can chat with real people and mainly because of the rewards points. No one else has that and that is why I never shop anywhere else for new diapers.

  316. Amy Garcia says:

    KC always has great promotions and fast shipping! I can’t wait to get my last order of BumGenius!

  317. Shauna Robey says:

    I am pregnant with my firth child and have known since the get go I wanted to CD but had NO CLUE where to start! I found Kelly’s Closet and then the Facebook page and was so warmed by how much the ladies genuinely wanted to help me get off on the right foot with my CD experience. That’s my favorite reason why I continue to shop there. The freebies are great, but the support is what makes it really worth it for me. THANK YOU!!

  318. Kendra V. says:

    I love Diaper Shops for so many reasons! You have phenomenal customer service which is at the top of my list. Aside from that you have a wonderful selection, great deals and an awesome rewards program. You can’t get any better than that!

  319. Samantha Allen says:

    I love diapershops.com because you seem to always be having some great deal and throwing in free stuff! Who doesn’t love free stuff?! 🙂
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