Best Budget Cloth Diapers

Best Budget Cloth DiapersMany parents choose to cloth diaper for financial reasons.  That’s the number one reason my husband and I got started.  When first shopping for cloth diapers, there can be quite a bit of sticker shock.  The average cost for one modern cloth diaper is around $20.  Despite the fact that you can save over $1000 by cloth diapering one child, the upfront cost can be more than many families can handle.  Don’t be frightened by the cost.  There are budget friendly options available for families still interested in cloth diapers.

Flat diapers are a large, single layer of fabric that you fold to fit onto your baby.  I like to equate the size of a flat diaper to that of a swaddling blanket.  There are numerous fold tutorials available to get the best absorbency needed for your child.  Some of my favorites are a simple pad fold, origami, or kite fold.  You can find tutorials for these folds and many more by doing a quick internet search.  There are a lot of great videos to walk you through each step.  Flat diapers are secured with diaper pins or Snappis, or can even be folded so that they lay in a cover.  Flat diapers do require the use of a diaper cover.  These are the most economical version of cloth diapers, costing less than $2 a diaper.

Prefold diapers are a step up from flat diapers.  They are smaller pieces of fabric that have multiple layers of fabric sewn together.  Like flats, you fold them to fit your child and can adjust the absorbency needed based on the fold.  Some of my favorite folds are angel wing, bikini twist, or simply folding into thirds.  Just like flats, the internet is full of video tutorials on how to fold your prefold diapers.  Prefolds will also require a diaper cover and diaper pins, or Snappis, but they can also just lie inside a cover.  These diapers cost slightly more than a flat, at around $2-$3 a diaper for the most economical versions.

With a couple dozen flats or prefolds, a few covers, and possibly a Snappi or two, you can cloth diaper one child for less than $100!  Many parents can’t diaper a child in disposables for one month for that amount of money.

Flats and prefolds are not the most modern of cloth diapers available, but they worked for many years for many parents!  Just ask your mom or grandma!  They are a great, budget friendly option for any parent looking to save money, keep chemicals away from their baby’s skin, and take care of our environment.

Guest Contributor:  Jenny is a stay at home cloth diapering mama to a busy toddler! She enjoys writing about her cloth diaper experiences on her blog, Cloth Diaper Revival.

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In addition to flats and pre-folds there are several value priced cloth diapers available on the market today.  Kawaii Baby cloth diapers start at just $9.95 for each pocket diaper and are one of our top selling budget friendly cloth diapers.  Another option is to buy the higher quality, brand name diapers gently used or second-hand. By shopping at Kelly’s Closet you can also earn Diaper Dollar™ reward points and take advantage of our Free Diaper Coupon offers to help stretch your dollar even further.



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