Buying Used Diapers: Not as scary as you might think

By the time the first “fluffy mail” package lands at your doorstep, it’s already too late.  If you’re like most cloth diapering mamas, you’re addicted to cloth diapers from the first moment you feel the deliciously soft materials, see the fun colors or prints and finally put them on your baby for the first time.

For most of us, however, feeding the cloth diaper addiction can be an expensive proposition.  But there is a way to get the diapers you want (and need!) without [always] having to break the bank. Buying used diapers is a growing trend among cloth diapering moms and it’s not as scary as you might think.

Here are some rules of the road to navigate buying used diapers:

It’s okay.  The first thing you should know is that buying used diapers is a perfectly acceptable practice.  With some diligence and some homework, you can make this hot new cloth diapering trend work for you…and your pocketbook.

Look around online.  There are many places to shop for used diapers.  Of course, the Internet is the largest secondhand diaper store around.  General product selling sites like Craigslist and eBay are great places to find great deals. is a wonderful online community of cloth diapering families that features a forum space to trade, buy and sell diapers (even if you’re not sure you want to buy used diapers, this is a great one to check out!).

Shop locally.  Secondhand or consignment stores in your area may have some hidden cloth diaper gems.  We’ve also found some great surprises at local garage or yard sales. Check local listings for sales advertising children’s clothing or baby items.

Remember, buying cloth diapers is an easy and affordable way to feed your cloth diapering habit and fill your stash with plenty of diapers to get you through until laundry day.

In our next post, we’ll talk about what you should look in a cloth diaper when buying used.

To continue the conversation about the best forums and to find friends to swap with be sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.  Remember that we often have coupons good towards free diapers at the family of stores, including Kelly’s Closet.  If you’re not fond of the free diaper you receive you can always swap and trade with friends for that special diaper you’ve always wanted.    

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2 Responses to Buying Used Diapers: Not as scary as you might think

  1. Lauren S. says:

    I can’t wait to check out! I’m due with our first next summer, and have been buying used diapers (and new when I see a good deal) here and there so that we aren’t hit all at once when the baby arrives. I can’t wait to see the next article on buying tips – thank you!