Cloth Diapering 101: Here’s Your Cloth Diaper Supply List

Getting the right supplies for cloth diapering journey is essential to having a successful cloth diapering experience. Here is your cloth diapering supply list broken down into must-haves, like-to-haves and optional items. (Not familiar with the lingo? Check out our Cloth Diaper Lingo cheat sheet).


  • 16-20 cloth diapers of choice
  • Hanging diaper pail or pail liner (zippered bottom, if possible)
  • Cloth diapering-approved detergent, like Rockin’ Green


  • Wet totes (2) – great for storing dirty diapers when on-the-go
  • Diaper sprayer – your life will be much easier with this contraption
  • Reusable wipes
  • Extra insets – great for overnight usage

Optional Items:

  • Wipe warmers – Considered a luxury item by some. You can use warm water to wet the wipes and save energy.
  • Bottom sprayers – Again, not necessary but can come in handy. Many DIY parents choose to make their own using a plastic bottle with water.

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One Response to Cloth Diapering 101: Here’s Your Cloth Diaper Supply List

  1. Chinacat Sunflower says:

    You totally forgot about a Cloth Diaper safe diaper cream! I would say it’s considered more of a nice-to-have or optional to use as a protective barrier, since rashes are SO RARE with cloth!! But I think it’s important to note that not all diaper rash creams are Cloth Diaper safe. If you use the wrong diaper cream, it can ruin your precious diapers! My personal favorite cloth safe creams are CJ’s BUTTer, and California Baby!

    Another optional item I find pretty important is a nice wipe solution! =)

    Thanks for sharing this article! I’m going to share it with my expectant cousin who is interested in cloth diapers. =)