Cloth Diapering 101: How to Choose the Right Cloth Diaper

There are hundreds of cloth diaper brands out there (ok, maybe not hundreds, but it sure seems that way at times!). This is where you have to be smart consumer and do your homework. What works for one mom doesn’t mean it will work for you too.

But there are a few things you can do to ensure you buy the brand that was meant to be worn on your sweet baby’s tiny tushie – here are some tips:

Talk to Friends: See if you can find a cloth diapering mama in your area who is willing to let you try some of her diapers and share with you her learnings. A “been-there-done-that-kinda-friend” will be your best place to start. Don’t know anyone? Post your request in a chat room on and boy will you find lots of friends and lots of opinions to help you get started.

Surf a Store: Take a look around a cloth diapering store online. Get familiar with some of the brands and the Cloth Diaper Lingo so you can talk the talk, so to speak. Also, when considering what brands to buy, consider the following:

  • Years in business. Has this brand proven itself to be successful in a sea of competitors?
  • Warranty. Does the brand have a warranty you can live with?
  • Testimonials and Reviews. Does the diaper, in general, get good reviews and feedback from customers?
  • Quality. Does the brand feel like it is made with high quality materials and technology? Or does it feel hand-sewn? Will it last?
  • Vibe. Some brand websites may look more professional than others – if it feels wrong, it’s likely a brand to avoid. Even though your friend may say it’s the best, if you feel it’s not up to par, trust your gut.

Take a Class: Many stores offer classes on cloth diapering. Sign up and see what you can learn. You can buy diapers at that store or shop-around online for great deals! Online stores have webinars or how-to videos you can watch to learn more too.

Watch Videos: Speaking of online videos, offers a series of cloth diapering videos and reviews conducted by an impartial third-party reviewer. Watch videos about some of the brands you’re considering buying and see how a cloth diapering pro uses them.

Try Before You Buy: It’s always a good idea to give a few different brands a try before committing to one brand in one swoop. Perhaps you can try a few used ones from a friend or store or buy a few you’re intrigued by and then see which one you like best after a few diaper changes.

Remember, every baby and parent is different and therefore will have a different preference. Be true to yourself and pick one that meets your lifestyle best.

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