Cloth Diapering 101: What is a pocket diaper?

What is a pocket diaper?

What is a pocket diaper and what are the benefits of using a pocket diapering system?

Cloth diapers come in many shapes in sizes but one of the most popular (and best selling) diapers is the pocket diaper.  Pocket diapers may be sized or one-size but the basic features are all very similar.

  • Waterproof outer shell/cover
  • Soft fleece (or similar fabric) inside layer
  • Generous pocket-like opening in the front, back, or middle
  • Inserts – generally pocket diapers come with 2 inserts that fit into the pocket
  • Snap or Velcro closures
  • Easy to change absorbency depending on your child’s needs by adding extra inserts

Popular one-size pocket diapers include the bumGenius 4.0, FuzziBunz Elite, Rumparooz G2Oh Katy, BabyKicks Basic, Kawaii, Swaddlebees Simplex, and Knickernappies.  Pocket diapers can also come in a sized variety like the FuzziBunz Perfect Size.

Here is a quick video demonstration that shows the features of a one-size pocket diaper.  The video shown is the Rumparooz G2 diaper in peacock.  If you cannot see the video below the link is: Cloth Diapering 101: The One-Sized Pocket Diaper.

Is the pocket diaper right for you?  How do you use your pocket diapers?

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