#ClothPlus Google+ Hangout with Balm! Baby 5/28/14

ClothPlus Google Chat

During this week’s #clothplus chat we’ll be talking with Malena and Polly from Balm! Baby.  Summer is just around the corner and Balm! Baby has some products for the entire family that will help you survive the heat.

We’ll be chatting about the benefits of natural skin care products and which one’s you’ll want to add and some quick tips on alternative uses for these products.  Did you know that Balm! Baby Mad RASH! can double as a sunscreen for the entire family?

To join the chat you can watch right here on our blog at 1pm EDT today, on Google+, YouTube, or watch it in replay at anytime below.

To learn more about the Balm! Baby products available at Kelly’s Closet please visit us online at www.kellyscloset.com.

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