Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas

For starters, each day leading up to Christmas we will have a new promotion and coupon posted on Kelly’s Closet.  The promotion will only be valid for 24 hours and some items may be limited in quantities.  The promotions will post between 8:30-9:00am ET each morning and we’ll announce them on Facebook, Twitter, our blogs, and maybe even by email.  Want a clue to for the first day?  When you get ‘thirstie” for more fluff we have just the thing for you. 

Next is a little holiday fun.  Each day we will be hiding a snowflake on the pages of Kelly’s Closet.  The snowflake will have a message on it with a secret code.  When you find the hidden snowflake you will click on it to take you to an entry form where you can place that secret code.  You must have the secret code or your entry will be invalid and you can only enter once a day per household.  All entries will have a chance to win a daily mystery present from us.  We won’t be announcing what the daily prizes are so the winner will be surprised when their fluff arrives.

There’s MORE!  You won’t want to miss a day of the snowflake hunt because if you find ALL 12 hidden snowflakes you’ll be entered into our Grand Prize drawing for a prize package you’ll be drooling about!  The grand prize package will include over $200 worth of fluffy prizes.

Rules for the Hidden Snowflake Game
A new snowflake will be hidden on each day starting at 9am ET. The snowflake will remain in the same location for only 24 hours then it will be moved to a new location. Collect snowflakes and enter to win our Daily Countdown to Christmas prizes. You can enter each day by collecting a new snowflake. Collect all 12 snowflakes and you’ll be entered to win the Grand Prize Fluffy Christmas Package valued at over $220. HOW TO ENTER: Visit us on Facebook and Twitter each morning at 9am ET for a clue to the location of the snowflake. We will also list a second clue at 9pm ET daily. Go to and begin searching for the clue. Along the way, don’t forget to pick up those fluffy items that you’ve been drooling over. Once you find the snowflake of the day, click on the snowflake. Fill out the entry form each day with all of the required information. Come back again the next day and do it all over again. Please do not share the location of the hidden snowflake. We have spies who like to lurk on forums and other social media networks. Any cheating will result in disqualification for the entire giveaway period. Please don’t ruin the fun! ELIGIBILITY: There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. Giveaway is open to individuals and owners of businesses 18 years or older who are legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. Employees of, its parent company, their subsidiaries, and advertising and promotion agencies, and their immediate families (spouse, parents, children and siblings and their respective spouses) and individuals living in the same households of such employees are ineligible. Only one entry per household per day.

You don’t need to do anything right now but wait for the fun to begin tomorrow morning. Be sure to check back each day and have some fun as we prepare for Christmas – fluffy style!

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12 Responses to Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas

  1. Tiffany Mukaabya says:

    yeah I love it!

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  8. Andrea Gill says:

    Oh my goodness, I am praying so hard every single day I win the grand prize!! What a HUGE blessing that will be to us, we don’t have any of those things in our stash yet (we have about 7 diapers). Thank you guys so much for this, it’s the highlight of my day to turn the computer on in the morning and look for the snowflake!! I am so excited to see who wins! Thanks again for this, it’s so much fun!!!

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