Dirty Diapers …. Stink!

Dirty Diapers Stink
Do your diapers stink?
  Guess what, all dirty diapers stink! Disposables just mask the odor. It’s completely normal for dirty cloth diapers to smell bad. The longer you leave them sit, the worse they will smell too. When was the last time you sniffed a diaper genie that smelled good? You don’t need to rush into stripping your diapers if you notice smells on dirty diapers.


1. While it’s not necessary, prerinsing your dirty diapers before putting them in your pail or wet bag lessens the smell.  Be sure to squeeze out the excess water before placing them in the pail.  To make life easier, this step can all be done with a Spray Pal!
2. Open pails actually allow air to circulate and many parents notice less smells.
3. Have company coming over? Sprinkle a little Eco Sprout diaper pail freshener on top of your diapers.
4. A drop of RAW orange essential oils on the lid of the pail can help freshen up the smell.
5. Wash every 2-3 days; or more often as needed.

Now, if your diapers stink when they are clean, you may need to adjust your wash routine. You can read some tips on dealing with “clean” stinky diapers here; My Diapers are Horribly STINKY! 

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