Featured Product Review: ones&twos AIO one-size cloth diaper

ones&twosWe’re heard so many wonderful reviews of the new ones&twos all-in-one (AIO) one-size cloth diaper we thought we would share some of the details with you.

We’ve had a chance to try them on our own team of babies and toddlers and we are loving this little diaper.  Currently our team has tested the ones&twos on Parker (11lb, 23″, and 2.5 month old daughter of Jill – our shipping manager), Bailey (25lb and 3 yr old daughter of Calley – that’s me), and also on Stacy’s (our Facebook guru) toddler as well (roughly the same age/weight as my daughter).

ones&twos cloth diaperJill told me:  “We really love our ones&twos!  It has a great trim fit for my skinny little peanut. Easy to prep and easy to clean. I can just throw it on and we are ready to go.  Dad doesn’t mind changing when it’s this simple. It is all so very absorbent I haven’t even needed the extra booster yet.  Laundry taps seams to work well when washing and drying.”

With many new options in the AIO category we have compared it to the bumGenius Freetime which some of you may already have in your stash.


For starters we found the ones&twos to be smaller than the Freetime which might be extremely helpful to those parents looking for a diaper to fit the newborn/infant stage or if you have smaller children.  But don’t be fooled by the small size – the elastic is very forgiving and will fit up to about 40lbs.  (Suggested weight range 6.5-40lb)

ones&twos cloth diaper

We also found the diaper a little less intimidating than the Freetime.  The Freetime actually has 2 flap or tongue style inserts that are attached to the inside of the diaper.  The ones&twos insert is sewn into the inner pocket of the diaper.  There are advantages to both styles but for ease and simplicity the ones&twos is a much better option.  A parent who is new to cloth diapering can put on a ones&twos without having to think to much about “am I doing this right?”  Just put it on your baby and close with the hook & loop closure just like a disposable diaper.

ones&twos cloth diapers

Frequently asked question:  Will the ones&twos come in a snap option?  

Answer: The manufacturer wanted to start simple and only offer the hook & loop option at this time.  Their goal is to make the diaper as close to a disposable diaper as they can.  While advance cloth diaper users may prefer snaps; we find that most new parents actually prefer hook & loop.  As a side note – the hook & loop is VERY strong!

The laundry tab is very generous as well.  We didn’t have a problem with the dreaded laundry chain while doing our laundry.  The first few times we’ve used this diaper we’ve actually had a very hard time opening the hook & loop.  It’s ‘that’ strong!

The ones&twos are available in 6 vibrant colors at $16.95 each.  You can also purchase a 5 pack in white for $79.95 (which is only $15.99 each).

How do they work overnight?  The diapers come with a second microfiber insert that is recommended for nights, naps, and for heavy wetters.  You can lay the extra insert on top of the diaper (be sure to use the smooth side if touching your baby because it’s a stay dry material) or if you prefer you can stuff it inside the pocket.  If you are stuffing the diaper I would put the stay dry towards the PUL so that it absorbs quickly.

For even more absorbency you can add one or two of the bamboo inserts (sold separately – $8.95/set).  Bamboo is trimmer and more absorbent than microfiber and many parents prefer the strength of the bamboo.  All of us have tested this diaper overnight and it didn’t leak but the inserts were soaked!!  If you have an extreme heavy wetter or if you leak out most of your diapers in your stash I would limit this diaper for daytime use – or add 1-2 inserts for better results.

As with most AIO systems the primary goal is to make the diaper easy to use!  The ones&twos is going to be one of the least intimidating diapers you’ll try.  It’s budget friendly (for the AIO category at least) and is a great starter diaper for parents who are looking for a diaper that works similar to a disposable diaper.  Cloth diaper addicts will enjoy this diaper as a diaper friendly or day care friendly diaper.  The hook & loop closure is proving to be a very sturdy closure and I’m sure you’ll agree – the ones&twos are a diaper that you will want more than one of.

More about ones&twos:
On the web – http://onestwosusa.com/
On Facebook –  http://www.facebook.com/onestwosusa
On Twitter – @onestwosusa




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