Hidden Snowflake Day 12 – Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas

Hidden Snowflakes

Did you find our hidden snowflake yesterday (Day 11)?  This is the final day, how many hidden snowflakes have you found?  Thank you so much for playing along.  For the complete list of rules: Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas Rules Remember you can’t share the location or code with anyone or we’ll have to disqualify you.  Shhhhh…..

Day 12:
Clue #1 – Butterflies and Owls are sure to be a favorite hands down but be sure you pick the right one with snaps that might be sweet to the taste.
Clue #2 –  Join us on Facebook at 9pm ET for the 2nd clue.

Day 1: Winner – Jessica R!!  (Confirmed)
Day 2: Winner – Heather B!!  (Confirmed)
Day 3: Winner – Brittney H!!  (Confirmed)
Day 4: Winner – Lyndsi C!! (Watch your emails today)
Day 5: Winner – Deidre S!! (Watch your emails today)
Day 6: Winner – Heidi O!! (Watch your emails today)
Day 7: Winner – Krista M!! (Confirmed)
Day 8: 
Winner – Angie S!! (Watch your email)
Day 9: 
Winner – Sara C!! (Watch your email)
Day 10:  
Winner – TBA soon!!
Day 11:
Winner – TBA soon!!
Day 12: Winner – Will you be next?
Grand Prize Winner – Did you collect all 12?  We’ll be announcing the winner next week!  Didn’t collect all 12?  Did you only miss a few days?  We will be doing a smaller giveaway for those entrants who collected 10/12 snowflakes. 

To follow all of the fluffy action of the day be sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.  

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One Response to Hidden Snowflake Day 12 – Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas

  1. Andrea Gill says:

    Was there a winner for days 10, 11, 12, and the grand prize for finding all 12? I’ve been searching everyday (literally haha!) and haven’t seen anything with those winners! I was 12 for 12, you can only imagine my excitement! :):)