Hidden Snowflake Day 4 – Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas

Hidden Snowflakes

Did you find our hidden snowflake yesterday (Day 3)?  Over 660 of you successfully found and entered the giveaway for the day so thank you for playing along.  For the complete list of rules: Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas Rules Remember you can’t share the location or code with anyone or we’ll have to disqualify you.  Shhhhh…..

Day 4:
Clue #1 – The sheep know where to find the 4th hidden snowflake; it’s where ewe’ll find a product to keep your baby dry at night.
Clue #2 – Announced at 9pm ET on the Diaper Shops Facebook page.

Day 1: Winner – Jessica R!!  (Confirmed)
Day 2: Winner – Heather B!!  (Confirmed)
Day 3: Winner – Brittney H!!  Check your email to confirm.


Yesterday we asked YOU to help us solve a concern from some of our entries.  Many of you missed a snowflake or two in the hunt.  We asked for you to help us decide if we should allow entrants the chance to ‘catch up’ and play along to win the Grand Prize.  The responses were mixed which made me feel better.  I see both sides of the argument but we’re going to rule “No” on allowing catch ups.  BUT – don’t get too depressed – because we are working out a special surprise for those who have found ‘almost’ all of the clues.  I don’t have all of the details yet but I promise to share those with you early next week.

Keep playing along because YES you will be entered into the daily prizes each day.  There will be one winner each day from those who found the hidden snowflake that day.  Everyone still has the opportunity to play along and win those.

WE WILL CONTINUE TO HIDE THE SNOWFLAKES OVER THE WEEKEND!  We’ll be posting the clues on Facebook at 9am ET and again at 9pm ET.  We’ll also have them posted here each morning so be sure to check back.

To follow all of the fluffy action of the day be sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.  

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One Response to Hidden Snowflake Day 4 – Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas

  1. Trisha W. says:

    Yay. I remembered to come over here today and find the snowflake. Thank you for asking your fans about changing the rules on the giveaway. I think that was a kind thing to do.