Hidden Snowflake Day 6 – Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas

Hidden Snowflakes Did you find our hidden snowflake yesterday (Day 5)?  I didn’t get a chance to see how many of you successfully found and entered the giveaway for the day yet but thank you for playing along.  For the complete list of rules: Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas Rules Remember you can’t share the location or code with anyone or we’ll have to disqualify you.  Shhhhh…..

Day 5:
Clue #1 – To find the hidden snowflake #5 you’ll need to find the mini little item can help you handle the poo so you don’t have to.
Clue #2 – Never hopped online so I never placed the 2nd clue!  I’m going to leave this one up so you can find it today! 🙂  “Spray poo down the toilet instead of tossing it in the trash.”

Day 6 (Today):
Clue #1 -Don’t get into a funk if your diapers stink, just find this snowflake at an item that will rock!
Clue #2 – Will be posted at 9pm ET on Facebook.

Day 1: Winner – Jessica R!!  (Confirmed)
Day 2: Winner – Heather B!!  (Confirmed)
Day 3: Winner – Brittney H!!  (Confirmed)
Day 4: Winner – TBA Monday
Day 5: Winner – TBA Monday

We’ll be posting a new snowflake each day leading up to Christmas.  The clues will be posted her and on Facebook at 9am ET and again at 9pm ET.  We’ll also have them posted here each morning so be sure to check back.

To follow all of the fluffy action of the day be sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.  

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