Hidden Snowflake Day 3

Hidden Snowflakes

Did you find our hidden snowflake yesterday (Day 2)?  Over 575 of you successfully found and entered the giveaway for the day so thank you for playing along.  For the complete list of rules: Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas Rules Remember you can’t share the location or code with anyone or we’ll have to disqualify you.  Shhhhh…..

Day 3:
Clue #1 – To find snowflake #3 Aunt Flow and her monthly visit will help you reduce your footprint on Mother Earth when you use this.
Clue #2 – Announced at 9pm ET on the Diaper Shops Facebook page.

Day 1: Winner – Jessica R!!  Check your email to confirm.
Day 2: Winner – Heather B!!  Check your email to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.  QUESTION:  Oh no, I just started finding snowflakes today!  I missed the first few days, is there a way to still enter?  ANSWER:  Our original idea was to remove the snowflakes each morning and place a new one up.  We understand that you may have missed a day or two so you are still eligible to win the daily prizes but at this point you can’t collect all 12 because we’ve removed them from the site.  Therefore, you can’t collect all 12.  VOTE:  Should we open it back up and give everyone a chance to find all 1 snowflakes??  Leave your comments (be nice please) on this post and I’ll let you vote for the final decision.  Majority rules!  It is the holidays after all and we want this to be a fun game.
2.  QUESTION:  Can I check to see if my entry was received?  ANSWER:  Unfortunately with the number of entries we receive each day we don’t have time to verify this for every entry.  We do still have fluffy orders to pack and ship to you so that they arrive in time for the holidays.  We hope that you understand.

12 Days of Christmas at Kelly's Closet

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73 Responses to Hidden Snowflake Day 3

  1. Christina says:

    Yes…I just now found out about this! I was online yesterday and the day before and never saw anything about this. I always love hunts, so this is something that would have stood out to me!

  2. Andrea says:

    No I don’t think they should be open again! This is a game, you missed out! And you are offering a prize everyday! So it’s not like you are missing out completely.

  3. Shawna says:

    Yes, please! I found out a day late 🙁

  4. Tiffany O says:

    Yes! of course! a cranky 3 month old makes for no internet time for mama 🙂

  5. Jen H says:

    In the spirit of Christmas, from someone who has found all 3, i say yes!

    • Miranda Sullivan says:

      I missed the first two days, but it isn’t fair to the ones who were paying attention for me to get to make it up. Enter me in the daily prizes.

  6. Stephanie U says:

    I say no for one reason – I don’t think there will be a way for someone who misses the last day (or two) to make it up. So, unless you extended it a few days for those people, I don’t think it would be fair…

    • Chalise says:

      maybe say if you found 10/12 you’ll be in the drawing. that way everyone has a little leeway. otherwise, i vote to stick with the original rules.

  7. Jenn says:

    No, but that’s just because I want better odds of winning the grand prize 🙂

  8. Diana V. says:

    In the spirit of Christmas The Grand Prize Giveaway should be open to all, even if they missed a day or two of snowflakes. Codes for past snowflakes should be made public after that particular day/giveaway has closed. Maybe you could compile the list of 12 snowflake codes and hide the list one final time and have us search for the complete list at the end of the 12 days for an entry into the Grand Prize Giveaway?

  9. Gina says:

    Maybe let people catch up through day 6? I found out on day 2 and would like a chance to play.. but totally get it if it doesn’t happen!

  10. Melissa says:

    I think that it should be opened back up, mainly because I don’t think everyone realized that all 12 were needed.

  11. Michelle lemos says:

    I say no. I think there was enough promotion.

  12. Amy says:

    I think since you’re offering a daily prize, then No.

  13. Paige says:

    I say no, mainly because then someone could just wait until the 12th day, get all 12 codes and still have the same chance of the grand prize as the people who were doing it each day.

  14. Chaka says:

    I say no since they still have a chance of winning the daily prize.

  15. Jessica S. says:

    I agree with Stephanie. Some people may miss the last day or two (maybe those of us ready to deliver any day now!) and can’t make it up. :0)

  16. Heather G says:

    I say yes, not everybody has the time to go on the internet every day. Plus, it’s the season for giving! Maybe, 10/12 days or more should qualify? I do see how others would want it to only include those entered everyday, if they are a part of that group.

  17. MH says:

    I think it would be nice to leave them up an extra day or two, but I do see Stephanie’s point. Personally, I did not see it until about 30 minutes after the end of snowflake 1, thus I did not find that one. Unfortunately baby was very fussy on day 1, so I did not get a chance to check my computer. 🙁 This is still fun though!

  18. Kara says:

    Yes please! I follow you on facebook and through newsletters and only found this today – pretty pretty please? 🙂

  19. Amanda says:

    No – If you opened it up for day 1 & 2, you would need to extend each consecutive day by 2 days. A prize option is still offered for each single day entry.

  20. Breenna says:

    yes please… i didnt realize you were doing this contest until yesterday… please please… 😀 lol

  21. Rachel Domenic says:

    I like the 10 out of 12 days should be eligible. I vote yes to extend.

  22. Kandia says:

    Hmm..I sorta feel like it is only fair to keep the rules as originally stated..I know that won’t be a popular answer for those who missed the first days, but in any game it is considered unfair to change the rules part of the way through.

    • kandia says:

      I still stand by my original comment, but if you MUST retract the original rules, a somewhat fair way to do it would be not to re release past snowflakes, but let everyone enter for the grand prize but get multiple entries for multiple snowflakes. So if someone just joined today, they could get entries for days 3-12 while people who started from the beginning would get 1- 12..12 entries total. Yeah?

      • Trisha W. says:

        That is a good idea.

      • Texas Momma says:

        Yes! This is how I read the rules originally, that you would have get an entry into the daily prize for each snowflake you find & then one for the grand prize! So if you were on the ball you could have 12 entries for the grand prize, but even if you just found out about it on the last day you would at least have ONE entry for it! That would be fair to all involved. The more you particiapate, the more chances you have to win.

  23. Hailey says:

    I would say no to changing rules in the middle of a game. People still get to enter the daily game so that’s okay. I agree with Stephanie that this wouldn’t be fair to people who can’t make it the some days because of traveling for Christmas or other legitimate reasons.

  24. Sabrina says:

    Yes please let us catch up!! I didn’t see this till yesterday so missed day 1.

  25. Texas Momma says:

    I say yes because all kind of things happen that are out of our control & there were a lot of people that didn’t know about it at first. I only knew about it because I saw the first clue on fb & I actually thought it had to do with the Knickernappies hunt at first. I think it would be nice if each snowflake stayed up from the time it was posted until the end & you could find them all at any time before the end of the hunt to qualify for the grand prize, but you’d only be entered in the daily prize if you find it on the correct day. {This is actually how I understood the rules at the beginning, but I was reading them on my phone while fixing lunch for 3 loud children=)}

  26. Heather B says:

    I say no for the same reason as Stephanie that this wouldn’t be fair to people who can’t make it the some later days because of traveling for Christmas or other legitimate reasons. UNLESS of course you just make it so you need 10 of the 12 to be entered for the grand prize. because that would keep it fair.

  27. Danielle P says:

    I missed day 1 (didn’t find out about it til yesterday) so I would like it if it was re-opened so I and others who missed it could catch up. But I also understand if you choose not to.

  28. Sara says:

    I vote “no” because the rules were clearly stated before the contest started that you were required to find all 12 to be eligible for the Grand Prize. I understand that some people did not see that it in time, or missed one of the first few days, but they can still win one of the daily prizes. It’s not like you extend a coupon code just because a few people want you to, so why change this 🙂 I honestly feel like it’s unfair to those of us who have been playing by the original rules from the beginning. But let’s also be honest– Kelly’s Closet is awesome for all the giveaways they do!

  29. angela says:

    No, I don’t think it is fair to change the rules in the middle of the game.

  30. AA says:

    I say no. What’s the point of establishing rules if they’re going to change anyway? And besides, those that missed the first 2 days can still enter to win the daily giveaway for the next 10 days. I’m sorry for those that missed the first 2 days but that’s the way the contest works.

  31. Angela B. says:

    PLEASE put the old clues back up! I’m pregnant with my second child (due in just a few weeks) & have a 2 year old that’s still in diapers. I am trying to build up a stash for my little ones, I just started using cloth about 2 months ago. I was at my friends house today (the one that introduced me to Kelly’s Closet & got me to try cloth diapers) and she just told me about the hunt. I would love to be able to get in on the grand prize, I can use all the help I could get with me going to have 2 in cloth soon!

  32. Krystal McCormick says:

    I vote yes! I looked the first day but didn’t see the clues and couldn’t find it 🙁

  33. Ashley F says:

    I’m going to go with “no” because it was stated in the rules all 12 were needed and I agree those missing a few later would be the ones left out. Also, it was announced in multiple places multiple times that you were doing this and the start date. There are still daily prizes, and it’s not a regular practice to change game rules once started. Thanks for the fun game!

  34. Cherie from Texas says:

    I say yes, and I’m actually someone who has found the snowflakes from all the days. I just told my friend about it today, I didn’t realize she didn’t know about it, but I’d love for her to be able to have a chance to win the grand prize too. I introduced her to cloth diapers and got her to start using them on her son AND she’s planning to use cloth on her little one that’s due soon. I think that’s awesome & I hope she can have a chance at the grand prize too!

  35. MelissaH says:

    No. I just started playing today, so I would like to be able to go back and find the first 2. BUT rules are rules, and I can still play for the daily prizes and have fun. 🙂 Thanks!

  36. jennifer says:

    yes, please! christmas spirit 🙂 🙂 🙂 after all, don’t you want as many people as possible to walk away with a good feeling about diapershops.com and its generosity?

  37. Jen LaPierre says:

    No, those who saw it on day 1 and do it every day are die hards. I read your FB page every day and was waiting for the game to begin. The challenge is not finding the snowflakes it is taking 3 minutes a day to find it and fill out the form. Sorry for those that missed it.

  38. Nicole Blanchette says:

    I say yes! As someone without internet, I am not always able to go online everyday and I also didnt even see this until today. I think you should leave the first ones up for an additional day or two.

  39. Morgan Davies says:

    I say yes!

  40. Megan says:

    I vote no 🙂 I never win so I need to increase my odds. Call me scrooge.

  41. Katie H says:

    I vote yes – I didn’t see anything about this contest until today.

  42. CAMILLE DAVIS says:

    I say no it defeats the purpose of the game. I can understand why people want a chance but thats not really fair to the ones who have remembered or paid attention from the start… plus they still have a chance to win daily games. I think if you let them join late then whose to say some one who misses day 11 or 12 shouldn’t be given a break…. its not fair to change the rules… just my opinion.

  43. Bridgette says:

    I’d say if there is only one day missing they should still get an entry for the grand prize…

  44. Kristen Rickert says:

    No rule changes in the middle of a game.

  45. Amanda says:

    I say no and agree with others that there was plenty of promotion. I get that any of us could have a cranky baby but the contest is open for plenty of hours every day, in my opinion.

  46. Trisha W. says:

    In the spirit of the season it would be nice if you opened up the first couple of days for those who started late. That said, I would not be at all mad if you didn’t. It wasn’t your fault that illness is running rampant through my household and I didn’t remember the game had started. And, of course there are still daily opportunities for everyone to win something.

  47. Erin H says:

    I vote no bc you can still win the daily prize and the rules were pretty clear.

  48. Bekah says:

    Hmm…I agree with everyone who said it wouldn’t be fair to change the rules in the middle of the game, but I also know stuff happens and we might not be able to get to the computer every day to enter. I like the idea of getting an entry in to the grand prize drawing for every snowflake you find (so those who find all 12 get 12 entries, while those of us who have missed a day or more get less entries). But I would love it if you put the clues back up simply because I love hunting and was sad that I forgot to look yesterday!

  49. Sarah says:

    I vote no! No changing rules in the middle of the game!

  50. Nicole P says:

    No, it’s a game and part of the game is to participate everyday.

  51. Kelly B says:

    I vote no, rules are rules and the daily prizes are still up for grabs

  52. Katy McCormick says:

    I say NO, once the game has started, I feel that it would be unfair to change the rules from what they orginally stated when the game began. The game was announced on the Website, Facebook, in the Newsletter, Ect., so everyone had a fair chance to play the game from the beginning!!!!!

  53. Jill says:

    I say No, I think you did a good job of announcing the contest and it would not be right to change rules once the game has begun.

  54. Cassie says:

    I vote no. Rules are rules and they were clearly stated in the beginning. Have I had a hard time remembering to come on everyday to find the snowflake, yes. But if you change the rules mid-promotion this time, you will have people asking you to make exceptions every since time you offer anything. “Can this coupon be extended?” “I know I”m a little behind but can I still enter this giveaway?” ect.. With all of the promotions Kelly’s Closet runs, there are ample opportunities for people to enter; maybe not THIS grand prize, but any of the many others you offer. Plus there are still daily prizes that are more than worth the 3 minutes it takes to find the snowflake.

  55. Brook Elmer says:

    Yes please. I just saw it and I was unable to get online the last few days. I know some people will not be able to. If not the original ones why not make up some bonus ones that will give the ones that were able to go every day more of a chance to win the BIG prize?

  56. Laura says:

    I say no. You can’t change the rules of a contest while it’s running. I understand that things come up and there are a lot of reasons someone might not be able to do all 12 days. It’s not fair to everyone, but nothing will be at this point. Perhaps don’t do a contest like this next time, but don’t change this one now.

  57. Ashley says:

    No..where would be the cut off? Missed day one..two..three? But it’s really up to kelly’s closet. It’s fun regardless.

  58. Jen says:

    Yes!! Please, I got the notification and I kept checking back, but I didn’t see anything. I was looking on the Kelly’s Closet website…and I’m still a little confused. Please!

  59. Erin says:

    I vote no bc rules are rules. I have 4 alarms set on my phone everyday to remind me and yes it is slightly bc I like my odds are no more then 429. But also because the rules were announced at first so to be fair you would need to have every clue for two extra days. I will be in an area with very little if any Internet and I understand that if I can’t get them in then I am out of the running

  60. Talena Krull says:

    I say no, definitely shouldn’t change rules in the middle of the game. People still have a chance for daily prizes.

  61. Rebecca says:

    yes, please open it up! some of us KNEW it was going on but have had somethings come up.

  62. Julie says:

    I say no… not fair to the people who have entered all and who keep up on your newsletters/facebook page in order to participate in these things.

  63. Gina Ryan says:

    I vote Yes!

  64. brandy says:

    I say no.