How Do You Adjust a FuzziBunz Elite One-Size for a Proper Fit?

If you’re a cloth diapering fan, chances are you’ve discovered that the FuzziBunz Elite One-Size Cloth Diaper is a little different than the pack. Whereas most one-size diapers are adjusted with a maze of snaps on the front of the diaper, FuzziBunz One-Size Cloth Diapers are adjusted with a hidden adjustable elastic band. Let me explain.

Most of you are probably familiar with adjustable waist pants. Most kids pants and jeans come with adjustable waist elastic today. FuzziBunz has taken this innovation to the next level by using it inside of the diaper. You can adjust your baby’s diaper before you even put it on him!
How to Adjust the FuzziBunz Elastic to a Perfect Fit

Waist Adjustment: The first point of adjustment is in the waist band, which is located inside of the diapers’s pocket. You can size up and down based on the size of your baby’s mid section. Once you adjust it, you can leave it on that setting until your baby grows. Once you notice the diaper is getting tight (usually after a growth spurt), adjust it again. It’s likely you’ll only adjust the elastic band every 2-3 months or as baby grows.

Leg Casing Adjustments: You can also adjust the leg casings of a FuzziBunz Elite One-Size Cloth Diaper too. The elastic band is located inside of leg casings of the diaper too – simply turn the top of the diaper inside out to find the slots and pull the elastic out to adjust as needed depending on the size of your baby. The tighter settings will be useful for newborns and then adjust up as your baby grows until you reach the last setting. The diaper should fit snug but not tight against your baby’s legs.

Not only has FuzziBunz become the most adjustable one-size diaper around, but also the most practical too. That’s because it truly adjusts with baby as she grows. Plus, as many cloth diapering families know, elastic can wear out over time. However, with the easy-adjust elastic, replacing the elastic takes just a few seconds and no sewing skills at all. Simply pull the old elastic out and replace it with another piece of elastic. (Tip! Some moms find it useful to clip a safety pin to the end of the elastic as they feed it through the leg casings.) Each FuzziBunz Elite One-Size diaper comes with a replacement elastic kit – and the company offers free replacement elastic kits too, making your FuzziBunz feel like brand new and a worthwhile investment for the long haul.

If adjusting isn’t your thing, FuzziBunz is one of the few companies that still makes “sized” diapers – which ensures a perfect fit every time. Sizes include x-small, small, medium and large.

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