How to Use Reusable Wipes When Cloth Diapering

Making the entire cloth diapering process eco-friendly is easy if you add reusable wipes  into the mix. Reusable wipes are soft pads (typically made from microterry cotton) that are used to wipe your baby’s private parts and tush during diaper changing duty.

You may be wondering how to use a reusable wipe if you haven’t done so before. Here are some tips:

  • First, purchase a reusable wipe from a trusted cloth diapering online retailer or store. You can typically buy them in packs of three, six or more. We suggest you plan to use one wipe for urine cleanups and 2-3 for cleaning poopy messes. That means if you plan to do 8-12 diaper changes a day, depending on your baby’s age, you’ll want to plan to have about 20-30 wipes on hand.
  • Second, be sure to wash the wipes once over when you first receive them. You want them to be clean and safe to use on your baby’s sensitive bottom. Remember, if you use reusable wipes, you’ll be able to wash them along with your diaper stash – no extra work needed.
  • Third, when you’re ready to change baby, you’ll want to wet the wipes you’re planning to use with warm water. Simply wet them in your sink using your faucet and then tote them to your changing table. You’ll want to plan this part ahead as you should never leave your baby unattended on a changing table!
  • Forth, upon changing your baby’s diaper, simply wipe their private parts with the reusable wipes. Remember, for girls, you want to wipe front to back to avoid getting feces and thereby causing an infection in your baby’s vagina.
  • Fifth, once the wipe “process” is complete, simply toss the dirty wipe into your diaper pail. You’ll wash the wipes along with your baby’s cloth diaper. Easy peasy.

Tip: For really really really really (get the point?) mush poos, consider wiping baby’s bottom FIRST with toilet paper to capture any feces that can be flushed down the toilet. Use the reusable wipe to gently clean up the left over mess.

Advanced wipes users may prefer to use a Wipes Warmer to keep the wipes moist, warm, and ready to use. Many manufacturers also make a pre-mixed spray solution ready to mist on your babies bum. Spray, wipe, and done!

Good luck and remember, using reusable wipes means you’ll never need to waste money on disposable wipes again!

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