Introducing the Hiney Lineys Versa System

We’re ringing in the New Year with a new product at, the Hiney Lineys Versa Cloth Diapering System.

Hiney Lineys VersaIn a recent interview with Shelia from Hiney Lineys we asked; What makes Hiney Lineys different from other systems?  And why is it a much needed system that fills a gap in the diaper market?  Here is what she had to say about her system:

When my daughter was 8 mos old, I started experimenting with different diapers because she was dealing with eczema.  I felt like she needed a stay dry layer to help with the eczema.  I started using pocket diapers, but I didn’t like that I couldn’t reuse anything and had to wash the whole thing each time.  This is where Hiney Lineys was born!  I wanted to use my prefolds and covers, but have the stay dry layer.  I started cutting out rectangles of fleece, but it just bunched and shifted.  What a pain!  So, I designed the stay dry layer to attach to the cover.  The final version includes gathered legs and back portions on the stay dry Liney.

No other system on the market offers this type of system for the prefold user.  Hiney Lineys are unique!  What if you don’t like using prefolds?  We also offer an All In Two option!  Our snap on soaker pad/insert, snaps right on to the back of your Liney.  In fact, when using the snap in Liney you aren’t limited to using prefolds or snap in inserts.  You can use any insert, flat, prefold, or fitted that you already have in your stash.  It truly is a versatile system!  Below is an image of the Versa system using a prefold, Versa cover, and a snap in Liney.

Hiney Lineys Versa Cloth Diapering System

What do you need for start up with Hiney Lineys?

We recommend 3 Lineys (and 3 snap on soaker pads/inserts if you plan on using the All In Two option) for each Versa cover that you purchase.  This will get you through 3 changes.  We also recommend that you  get at least a second Versa cover with 3 Lineys/inserts for rotating.  Many families find that they can always have one diaper prepped and ready to go for the next change.  It is also helpful to let the other cover air dry between use.  The Versa cover is lined with a wipeable smooth nylon layer which makes wiping out the cover easy. There is also no exposed laminate of the PUL that touches your baby.

What is the cost effectiveness of the system?

If you were to purchase 3 pocket diapers with an average price of $18.95, you would spend $56.85.  You would also have more laundry and take up more space in your diaper bag.  If you were to purchase 1 Versa cover, 3 Lineys, and 3 prefolds (about $2 each), you would spend $37.80.  If you were to purchase 1 Versa cover, 3 Lineys, and 3 snap on soaker pads/inserts, you would spend $46.65.  And the savings increase with the more you buy!  An entire Hiney Lineys system with inserts that will get your through 24 changes, is only $349!  The Hiney Lineys system with prefolds instead of inserts will cost you just $278!!  While 24 pocket diapers will cost you $454.

Product Features:

Hiney Lineys Versa Covers are available in both hook & loop and side snapping options.  They come in chocolate, yellow, sea spray and sage.  The Lineys are available in tan/brown so stains are less noticeable.  While we currently only offer their one-size Versa system they do offer a newborn and toddler size that we would be happy to order for you upon request.  All pieces are sold separately to help keep your costs low and to give you the flexibility to use your own inserts.  As an added bonus, Hiney Lineys are made right here in the USA by moms and grandmoms!

Join us Saturday, December 31st at noon ET for a Noon-Years Eve Question & Answer session with Shelia of Hiney Lineys on our Facebook Fan Page.  Shelia will be available to answer all of your product questions and to give you tips on creative ways to use the Hiney Lineys System.  

Also be sure to visit The Cloth Diaper Whisperer (our sister blog) for a chance to win a complete Hiney Lineys System.  Our Fluffy Friday (162) giveaway runs from Friday, December 30th through January 5th.

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3 Responses to Introducing the Hiney Lineys Versa System

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  2. Ada says:

    When is the giveaway? 🙂
    When do they go on sale?
    It’s a great idea, I have had same thoughts about pocket dipes.
    Although, what about the aplix?
    My experience with velcro/aplix is really hit or miss on diaper wraps; GroVia, nay. Blueberry, yea. Thirsties, nay. Rumparooz, yea. Snaps can be awesome when the diaper design promotes non-droop, the wrong choice of aplix can ruin a diaper wrap.