Introducing the NEW FuzziBunz One-Size Diapers

We know that many of you have been wondering, “What’s going on with FuzziBunz?”  Well, we are excited to finally share the good news with you.  FuzziBunz has undergone a redesign once again in the efforts to make the perfect one-size diaper for all babies.

New FuzziBunz at Kelly's ClosetWe know that many of our customers have known the FuzziBunz brand for many, many years.  For those who may not know the story, FuzziBunz is one of the original modern cloth diapers.  In recent years, the size, shape, and quality of FuzziBunz diapers has differed with almost every new batch and release.  It was finally decided back in early 2013 that the brand needed a little help.  The owners decided it would be best for their brand to sell the intellectual property for FuzziBunz and see if they could help to find consistency and make some necessary improvements on the design.  Earlier this year, FuzziBunz stopped production on the one-size Elite earlier this year and has cleared all their inventory to make room for something very exciting!

Today, we are excited to introduce you to the new FuzziBunz One-Size Diaper Collection.  There are actually TWO new diapers in the one-size collection; the One-Size Small and the One-Size Large FuzziBunz pocket diaper.

About the FuzziBunz One-Size Small:

The One-Size Small is designed to fit a 7 lb newborn through a 30 lb toddler.  For those of you who tend to have smaller babies who are long and lean, the one-size small is the diaper I would recommend.  Both of my kids were under 7 lbs at birth and stayed on the small side through potty training.  I don’t think either of my kids weighed 30lbs when they potty trained.

About the FuzziBunz One-Size Large:

The FuzziBunz One-Size Large is designed to fit a 10 lb infant through a 45 lb toddler or child.  Many newborns, even those born around the 7-9 lb range, will grow rather quickly and surpass the 10 lb range within a just a few weeks.  For those babies with chunky thighs, cuddly baby rolls, and full bellies, the One-Size Large has plenty of room to grow.  For those families starting cloth diapers with older infants or toddlers, the Large will fit through potty training.  For those families with late potty trainers and for families of children with special needs, the One-Size Large is a great option.  Compared to the OS-Small, the OS-Large has a slightly large cut through the crotch and through the rise.

FuzziBunz One Size Large

In addition to the new size ranges, there are some really impressive modifications to the design.  These features are present in both the OS-Small and the OS-Large.  To begin with the quality of the stitching is very nice; especially on the back of the diaper where a double row of stitching is present below the waist casing.  This same double row of stitching is present on the leg casing but it’s not visible from the outside of the diaper.  Both the waist and leg casing is slightly wider than previous versions; making a much more comfortable fit around your baby.

FuzziBunz One Size

The other big change is with the inserts.  Each diaper comes standard with one microfiber terry insert.  The inserts have a much fuller cut to provide more absorbency where it’s needed most.  We’ve had one of our employees testing out both the OS-Small and the OS-Large on her 22 lb child and both sizes fit her very well.  She didn’t have any problems using the standard insert by itself during the day.  For nights, she did flip the insert around so the wider portion was in the front for her tummy sleeper.  It created a little more absorbency where it was needed most.

FuzziBunz New Product

The color palette is very basic for the launch with some gender neutral shades greens, yellow, and white.  As they continue to build up the new brand I hear they are working on developing their first ever all-in-one!  I think for now, you’ll be very impressed with the new FuzziBunz One-Size diaper collection.

As an added bonus, here is a quick video showing the 2 new diapers side by side.  Please excuse my adorable pug who decided to take a nap and snore halfway through the video; he’s a rather heavy sleeper.  To view this video on YouTube:

The FuzziBunz One Size collection is available now at Kelly’s Closet; along with the Perfect Size, Laundry Tote (restocking soon) and Zippered Diaper Tote.

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