Is Cloth Diapering Affordable?

Many moms wonder if cloth diapering is affordable.

We at believe cloth diapering is affordable, depending how you look at it and your perspective. If you see it as an investment, then yes, it is affordable over time. If you see it as an expense, then, no, it may not seem affordable upfront. Let’s discuss…

By cloth diapering one child in a stash of about 20 cloth diapers, a family will spend between $125-$200 depending on the brand and styles they choose. That’s a large lump sum of money to lay out at once. However, after adding up the costs of detergent and laundry expenses, a family can plan on saving between $1,000 – $1,500+ over the course of their baby’s diapering years. The savings is spread out over 2-3 years, though.

The real savings increase comes if a family uses the same cloth diapers for baby #2, #3 and beyond. That’s because there’s no further upfront investment needed in buying diapers (you already have your stash!) except for more detergent and laundry expenses.

So yes, cloth diapering is affordable, if you look at it as an investment vs. an expense and if you’re willing to allow the diapers to “pay” you back over time!

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3 Responses to Is Cloth Diapering Affordable?

  1. Rosalee says:

    My husband is a full time student and he works full time. I am a stay at home mom. Our income isn’t much, but we’ve been able to stretch it much further thanks to cloth diapering. In fact, I really feel that because of cloth diapering we’ve been able to continue having children without feeling much added expense. We’re expecting our 3rd this December and I’m SO happy that my diaper stash can be used on him.

  2. Christine says:

    I spent $150 on my initial set of cloth diapers and it would’ve been perfect for me if I didn’t ever want to buy more. They worked great for baby #1 and are working for #2 as well. But then a new style comes out or I see a sale or …. So yeah, I have well over $150 invested.

    Detergent: I purchased $50 of detergent almost a year ago and it’s still going strong. and this is washing for 2 in diapers with a top loader and hard water (translation: i need twice the detergent as an average user). Again, with the top loader, I use LOTS of water in every load. I haven’t noticed an increase in my water bill at all. The long showers the teenage girl takes uses more water than washing diapers.

    So yeah …………. adding the laundry factor into the cost of diapering is really minimal. It’s the addiction monster that’s expensive to feed.

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