Join the 2nd Annual Fluff ‘N Treat Twitter Party 10/25

Diaper Shops Twitter Party

We’re having a party and you are all invited!  Next Tuesday night (October 25th) we’re joining forces with The Eco Chic and throwing the biggest party of the year – on Twitter.  Last year we had over 700 participants and we’re expecting this years party to be just as big.  Guests have a chance to win a brand new Super Mario Wii Holiday Bundle or one of the many other cloth diapering prizes from our sponsoring companies.

Prizes?  Yes, in addition to the Wii Holiday Bundle we’re also giving away prizes from AppleCheeks Diapers, Thirsties, Ruby Moon Detergent, BabyKicks, Changing Diapers, Oh Katy Diapers, and more!  You can see the complete list of prizes on the RSVP page…with more being added each day.

How do you register?  Visit the party RSVP page on The Eco Chic Parties website and follow the directions (do not enter here on the Diaper Shops blog).

Why Twitter?  Facebook is very restrictive about how we can hold giveaways.  In addition, there is a very large following of cloth diapering parents on Twitter.  Just follow the #clothdiapers hashtag and you’ll soon be connected to thousands of like-minded families with a passion for cloth diapers.  Don’t worry though, we’re also going to be throwing a small Fluff ‘N Treat party here on the blog for our friends who are terrified of Twitter.  

How do I tweet?  Don’t worry The Eco Chic has some simple tutorials on using Twitter.  If you are new I would read up on using TweetChat since it’s the easiest to understand.

Want some practice?  Every Monday night (9pm ET) hundreds of cloth diapering families join the @CottonBabies team for a weekly #clothdiapers chat on Twitter.  We’ll even pop in from time to time and chat with our followers.  It’s a great time to practice your Twitter skills and meet some other cloth diapering families in the community.

To join the cloth diapering community online be sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.  To save money on the purchase of your cloth diapers we are always offering sales and discounts on your favorite brands at our family of stores, including Kelly’s Closet.  



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