Let’s Talk About Poop

Today on our Facebook wall I asked the following question:

Want to have a little fun with poop? Name all the different types of poop or poop disasters that you experience. Get creative with the names … like poop-losion! Go…

I know our fans are creative but I haven’t stopped laughing for hours.  Below are some of my favorite works that you shared with us.

Types of Poop

  • poo-nami
  • poop-a-polooza
  • poop-festival
  • poop-alanche: comes out the bottom and down the legs
  • poop-pocalypse
  • poop-tastrophe
  • poop-cano or Mt. Va-poopious
  • poop-agedon: when you find your baby in the crib without the diaper on
  • stinkfest
  • lumpy dumpy
  • poop-lake: what happens when your little one is on antibiotics
  • poop-nuggets
  • poop-tacular
  • turdlet
  • turd
  • projectile poop
  • poop-tastic
  • poop-storm
  • craptastic
  • pooper shooter: what happens when your little one projectile poops while the diaper is off
  • poop-a-lot-a-potamus
  • poop rockets
  • grey poopon
  • old poop-full
  • family of poo poos
  • Code BROWN
  • poop surprise
  • poop-on-a-rope
  • thunder down under
  • ghost poo: when your little one stinks to high heavens but the diaper is EMPTY
  • psychic poo
  • sympathetic poo
  • poop glue
  • popcorn poops
  • Sir Poops-a-Lot
  • Princess Poops-a-Lot
  • pooping party
  • Pandora Poop
  • sneaky poos
  • poop-on-a-stick
  • CORN-a-topia
  • duke-r
  • split poop soup
  • Blue Moon: blueberries, need I say more?
  • crap-a-pocalypse
  • poopfetti
  • muddy puddy
  • peanut butter poop
  • liqui-poo
  • poo-nado
  • poop-icane
  • poopy of mass destruction

What other types and kinds of poops have you experienced?  Leave yours in the comments below.  

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4 Responses to Let’s Talk About Poop

  1. Rhonda says:

    Musturdo- mustardy color & texture
    my older son leaves brownies in his pants every once in a while, lol

  2. Amanda Downend says:

    I started reading silently through the list and all of a sudden I yell, “My poops are in there!!!” DH looked at me like I had three heads. *blush*

  3. We wrote a parody about poopy diapers here! Please share if you laugh! http://youtu.be/kteDWZ4mOk4