LunaPads Make Periods FUN!

Making Periods Fun with LunaPads

Do you dread your period? 

Are you currently using disposable pads or tampons?

Consider making the switch to reusable, comfortable, non-toxic, menstrual pads.

My personal story: Once upon a time, when I first started my period as a teenage, my mom handed me a tampon and a disposable pad.  I was terrified of the tampon, but like most teenagers found them to be more comfortable once I was brave enough to try them. I continued this until I was about 35 years old.

When I got pregnant with my youngest daughter (now 6) I heard a lot of chatter about “mama cloth” and reusable cups and pads. I REFUSED to even consider those “hippie” things.  I’m eco-friendly naturally, but that just seemed to be taking things a little “too far!” I’m not joking you, this was my mindset just six years ago!  Then I got brave…

I tried menstrual cups (started with the Diva Cup) and even added a few LunaPads to my monthly supply of goodies.  I even received a pair of LunaPanties to try out…but that just seemed “weird.”  Guess what?

Six years later I wouldn’t go back to tampons and disposable pads!!  My periods are so normal and pain-free.  No bad monthly cramps, no bad smells, and shorter periods.  While I personally love my menstrual cups, I still rotate in a few LunaPads the first day and the last day (or when I’m traveling for extra coverage/protection).  I’ve even found myself wearing my LunaPanties for the super light days.

My story is not unique, most of the women I’ve talked to who have made the change have very similar responses.  The most common statement I hear is, “I will never go back!” or “Life changing!”

…and yes, your period could actually be FUN!  You’ve probably already found us while shopping for cloth diapers and you know how much fun it is to shop for those.  Shopping for menstrual pads can be just as much fun.  Fun prints, fun fabrics, different sizes, oh my!!

Start simple, add just a few LunaPads to your monthly cycle and see how comfortable they are.  You can wash them by hand, or toss them in the wash with your regular laundry.  Just skip the fabric softener – it will prevent them from absorbing properly.

Pick a size that you think will be suit your needs.  I can’t tell you exactly which one to select since we all have different flows.  For light days, look at the mini pads.  For average days, look at the maxi pads or long pads.  For heavy flow or overnight, look at the maxi pads and add a few boosters.  If you’re using them full time, you’ll want to change your pads every few hours (or as needed) and will need about 6-10 for a heavy day.  Want to try a little of everything?


Next, consider buying your first menstrual cup!  I’ve tried both the Diva and the Lunette and there aren’t too many differences between them.  If you’ve never tried another brand, you won’t know the difference.  The good thing with the cup is that you only need ONE!! You can learn more about the menstrual cups on a post we did a while back; Menstrual Cups are Life Changing!!   

Questions? Just ask!! We’re happy to help. 

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2 Responses to LunaPads Make Periods FUN!

  1. R. Martin says:

    Do they need to be rinsed before adding to your regular laundry?

    • Calley says:

      It’s a personal choice. I usually pre-rinse the heavily soiled ones and then wash as usual.