Meet Jenny – The Cloth Diaper Revival #beachbash

We continue our blogger spotlight series, part of our Blogger Beach Bash giveaway.  Please be sure to visit Jenny at The Cloth Diaper Revival blog for a chance to win a $15 gift certificate to Kelly’s Closet.  Also check out Jenny’s most recent article as she compares reusable swim diapers; the Applecheeks swim diaper and the Bummis swim diaper.

The Cloth Diaper RevivalName:  Jenny McClamroch

Blog Name:  The Cloth Diaper Revivial

How long have you been blogging?  Since January

How long have you been using cloth diapers?  Almost a year (started August 2011)

Favorite cloth diaper?  Softbums Echo with bamboo pods

Funniest cloth diaper experience?  Jenny tells me that can’t think of a funny experience but I’m sure she’s hiding something really juicy from us!  Follow her on Twitter @JennyMcClamroch and see for yourself.  

About Jenny:  I’m a SAHM to my only child Noah, who just turned 1!  My husband and I decided to cloth diaper while trying to conceive.  Cloth diapering helped us work out our “baby budget” so that I could quit my job as a teach and be a stay at home mom.  We love that we are keeping diapers out of the landfill and that our baby’s cute little heiny is free from exposure to chemicals!  I have spent the last year evangelizing about my cloth diapers to anyone I could get to listen, especially my husband!  He suggested I start a blog to have an outlet to share with others.  I love being part of this amazing modern cloth diaper community and the incredible revival of cloth diapers!

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