Meet Osa by bumGenius

Osa by bumGenius

Well, well, well…it looks like bumGenius has been busy preparing a new limited edition print for everyone this holiday!  Meet Osa and Dare to Discover the bold, distinctive print featuring timeless black and white floral design.

Osa Johnson was an American author, explorer, photographer, filmmaker and naturalist.  With her husband, Martin Johnson, by her side, she explored and documented the unknown lands of Africa, South Pacific Islands and more. Together they captivated the world with their discoveries, photography, films and books. In 1940, Osa published her best-seller, I Married Adventure, which was listed in the Best Books of the Decade, 1936-1945. Her work continues to inspire, and is displayed at the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum.

You may remember the most recent bumGenius print, Martin that was released not too long ago.  These diapers are partners in the diapering world and in real life.

Osa bumGenius 4.0

Osa bumGenius 4.0

Kelly’s Closet will be receiving the entire bumGenius and Flip line in the new Osa print later this week. Please get on the waiting list now to be notified when it stocks and be sure  to join our Cloth Diaper Support Group for the latest stocking announcements.

Tell us about your cloth diapering adventure and enter to win a Limited Edition bumGenius Osa 4.0 Pocket Diaper!

In the comments below, tell us in 30 words or less why cloth diapering has been an adventure!! Bonus entry if you share a picture with us on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #osasadventures #clothdiapers showing us your little voyager in fluff!  We’ll randomly select one winner to receive an Osa print 4.0 diaper on Monday, Dec 22nd from all entries received by midnight ET, Dec 21st. Must be over 18 yrs of age and live in the US to enter.  Good luck!!  @DiaperShops on Twitter and Instagram.

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91 Responses to Meet Osa by bumGenius

  1. Jessica Mc says:

    It’s been an adventure to work out cloth diapering 2-3 kids at once, figure out what works best for us and troubleshoot nighttime solutions!

  2. Courtney K says:

    We just passed our year mark for CDing!! I’ve come a long way from where I was a year ago and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!! I love my fluffy butt 🙂

  3. Tiffany W. says:

    We foster and can have up to 4 in diapers. Having enough room in the diaper bag can be tough!

  4. Sabrina Pestel says:

    This is our 3rd baby, but 1st in cloth diapering. I wish i had put more effort into trying other options with our first child, we went with Gdiapers and didn’t like them one bit. Around us, no one really cloth diapers, so it’s a learning experience and thank goodness for support groups on facebook.

  5. Stephanie Craig says:

    Cloth diapering has been a fun adventure for us! I started off thinking I would buy just enough diapers and that will last through all our potential children. Now I’m loving all these new prints and have become addicted 🙂

  6. Jessica Hughes says:

    Cloth diapering has inspired my family to venture further down the path to living a greener lifestyle! It can be challenging to go against the grain, but it’s always rewarding.

  7. Courtney Griffin says:

    It’s been an adventure to CD because no one I know does so I’m learning on my own!

  8. Stacie Loucks says:

    It’s always a crazy adventure with my energetic 23 month old and sweet 3 month old! And figuring out what works for each kid.

  9. Catherine B says:

    Cloth diapering has been an adventure because I started with pins and prefolds on my eldest and now have beautiful one piece diapers from great US companies!

  10. Dana says:

    Our adventure into cloth diapering coincided with starting the adoption process with our foster son, I have had to educate every state worker that has entered our home!!

  11. Rikki Taylor says:

    I’m expecting my first lo and it’s been an adventure learning about the cloth diapering world, and talking to some helpful mommas!

  12. Leah CW says:

    It’s been an adventure in becoming green because it has inspired me to use more reusable and environmentally friendly options wherever possible!

  13. Chelsey says:

    Cloth diapering is an adventure to score all the new prints, while also trying to “save money” by not buying disposables all the time!

  14. Leah miller says:

    Cd’ing has been an adventure with our first dd. I have problem solved many things and the support groups has been extremely helpful.

  15. Denise Beeman says:

    Our cloth adventure will start in the next day or two (in early labor now). This is quite an adventure since we live in Africa – washing, getting supplies etc.

  16. Renee F says:

    My cloth diaper journey began back in 2007 .. With the birth of my 3rd son . Even though we didn’t start until he was 18 months old … Then our journey started again in 2013 🙂 with the birth of our 4th son and the rest is history as they say !!

  17. Allison says:

    It’s been an adventure from the get go, figuring out which type of diapers work best for us, figuring out how best to wash them, and then finding all the fun prints there are out there.

  18. Mandi says:

    Cloth diapering has been such an exciting adventure for me. I’m due with my 3rd child in 3 weeks and this is my first time to CD. I fell in love with the fluffy bottoms and all of the great prints that you can have for your baby’s bum!

  19. Ashley Barrett says:

    Our diapering has been an adventure because through cloth diapering I became a WAHM and have made many friends over the 6 1/2 years so far :)!

  20. robyn says:

    Cloth diapering has been an adventure for me because i don’t know anyone in real life who does it, so I had to completely rely on the internet, message boards, support groups and facebook groups to get information, help, ideas, everything, but I am so glad I did it and so thankful for all the kind mamas out there!

  21. Allison says:

    I just started CDing a month ago. I just wanted to “try” it. For some reason I love it. I also love his little fluffy butt. I just purchased my very own 7 bum genius 4.0’s and I can’t wait to use them!

  22. sarah volske says:

    Started 4 months ago as a way to have a bonding with other moms and to see a happy bum on my little lady. I have never been more comfortable and accepted as I have since started to cloth and I have fallen in love with the comfort I get knowing my daughter is safe and in great diapers.

  23. Karissa Oien says:

    It has been an adventure because of working with her daycare! They have not done cloth and so it has been quite the adventure figuring out what works best!

  24. Kara Thomas says:

    Cloth diapering has been an adventure because everyone scoffs or is against me. But I don’t care! Can’t wait to continue our adventure and CD new baby coming in May!

  25. Monique Martinez says:

    It’s been interesting…
    I started out wanting to just save money.
    Then I found that I wanted all the cute diapers, which lead me to wraps! 🙂

  26. Lauren Swearingen says:

    We transitioned to cloth diapers a couple months ago and love it. We’re constantly having to explain to people why we switched. You really can’t beat saving money and having cute diapers!

  27. Jamie Shanfield says:

    its been an adventure discovering all the different types of diapers. We have loved different styles through our diapering joining.

  28. Erica says:

    First there’s learning about all of the different types of cloth, then trying to narrow it down enough to decide what to buy. Then falling in love with different brands and prints and wanting to buy more and more. It’s always an adventure! But I’m so glad that I am doing it.

  29. jana says:

    we just started our cloth diaper adventure about a month ago, but it has been adventure and we are loving the savings and the cute prints 🙂

  30. Samantha says:

    It’s been an adventure because I’m a first timer trying to figure it all out. I’m due any day now and can’t wait for the real adventure to begin.

  31. Cayla says:

    My cloth diapering adventure will begin in 26 days! This is our first child & will be a first experience with cloth diapers for both of us. We’re building our stash & couldn’t be more excited!

  32. Malinda Bryan says:

    With this being my 2nd LO and what I anticipated on being mu last baby I wantedto try new things. I am so glad I did. I feel like I am doing my part I helpING out the environment and my L’Os tushie and they just look so adorable in cloth. We are now thinking we may add 1 more to the clan! 🙂

  33. Jutta P. says:

    We love adventuring with natural fibers and finding enough absorbency without too much bulk!

  34. Sheridan says:

    Cloth diapering has been a adventure because for me it was the gateway into so many more healthy, environmentally healthy choices!

  35. Vanessa Dunn says:

    Cloth diapering has helped us live greener. Though my addiction to the adorable prints hasn’t exactly saved me money, I love seeing my baby’s fluffy booty! 🙂

  36. Marya Mann says:

    I started cloth diapering when my daughter was two months old. I didn’t know very much and I bought a stash of all one brand… I ended up selling alot of it because I wasn’t a fan and they didn’t work great. After meeting some awesome mommas online, I learned it’s best to sample a few different kinds before setting out to buy a bunch of diapers.. That was the best advice I received because it helped me so much. We are in love with Bumgenius, Twinkie Tush, Funky Fluff, and Smart Snugs. Cloth diapers have been wonderful for my daughter because her skin is very sensitive. Anytime I have put her in sposies, she broke out in a rash. AND the fluff is adorable!!! Thanks for the chance. Fingers are crossed. 🙂

  37. Sandra Nelsen says:

    I buy cloth diapers for my grandson. I was buying all snaps, but had to start getting a few with aplix for the husband and my daughter to use, as all of those rows of snaps were too confusing to them. He has plenty, but love to try the new styles, prints, etc. Grandbaby loves to put on a cloth diaper after wearing a disposable. Can’t blame him, as the cloth diapers are so soft on a small bottom compared to scratchy paper and chemicals.

  38. Heather Herdell says:

    I originally cloth diapered (my now potty trained) 3 year old to save money. Now we’re expecting baby #2 and plan on using them again because of the cuteness factor!

  39. Rose says:

    Everything is an adventure when you have three kids!

  40. Andrea Mc says:

    Our biggest challenge has been the comments from the rest of the family! But now that we’re firmly entrenched they’re starting to come around 🙂

  41. Gabrielle Rystedt says:

    CDing is an adventure my family is just beginning with the arrival of our first daughter next month. Building our stash has been fun; can’t wait for the little one!!

  42. Annie olcese says:

    Our adventure started when we moved 400 miles away from home the first week of my second trimester in my first pregnancy, cloth diapering saved put budget before we found new jobs!

  43. Christie says:

    It’s been an adventure figuring out what works for us. It’s fun to try out different styles and systems. Ultimately we landed on Bum Genius!

  44. Shanna Rodgers says:

    I have almost zero help and support for cloth diapering my first little one while living overseas, has been quite a challenge. Ive learned to search the web for all most questions and stash building!

  45. Randi Wataon says:

    I cloth diapered my middle child 14 years ago and about to start the adventure again in Jan. There is so much new to learn about.

  46. Cheryl Smith says:

    In verse: CD-ing…fluff…pockets. AIO’s, AI2’s, hybrids, covers. Which do I choose? Doublers, liners, inserts, pre-folds. Fluff fairy? Prints, flats, FST’s. Swimmies, sprayers, Snappis, wet bags. Fluffy butt? Woolies, longies, big butt pants. Happy mom, happy baby.

  47. Michele Panek says:

    We’ve been cloth diapering for four months. It has definitely been an adventure! But we love it more and more every day, and it thrills us to know we’re doing something wonderful for both our baby and our environment!

  48. Jamie Hammel says:

    We are at our 1 year mark of CDing, I love it. I just wish we had a brick and mortar store around us.

  49. Jennifer Colwell says:

    After both my husband and myself took environmental classes in college last year we knew we had to make changes. Cloth diapering our new baby is the first step.

  50. Rachel Geiger says:

    Any chance I have to learn something new is an adventure, and I’ve learned so much since using cloth! Laundry, chemistry, skin, fabrics, environmental impacts, and so on!

  51. Reba Abraham says:

    Cloth diapering has been great. As soon as I got my MIL on board, DH was on board too (funny how that happened). LOL He even does diaper laundry now (only 1 1/2 yrs after we first started). I also got my little sister into CD by showing her how easy it is and building her stash. She has told me many times that she doesn’t know how she would have been able to afford to paper diaper her two kids and the cloth has been a life saver.

  52. Andrea Hiestand says:

    It’s been an adventure because I have turned into a print collecter! And of course the BG rainbow is my favorite 🙂

  53. katie m says:

    It will be an adventure when we start cloth diapering in February because we’re expecting our first and diving into the cloth diapering world at the same time.

  54. RJ says:

    I’m Using cloth for DS, I’ve never really been around someone who used cloth so its an adventure learning about all the options out there! I’m definitely grateful for the CD groups I’ve found online!

  55. Patty Mills says:

    Cloth diapering has been an adventure because I feel like I’m always learning something new.

  56. Kimberlie says:

    Cloth Diapering is an adventure because I’ve tried pretty much every kind of diaper on the market the past 4 years for my 2 youngest boys.

  57. Katie Jurisch says:

    Cloth diapering has been a fun adventure as I find myself making choices I would have scoffed at others for making before. It’s been a great learning experience!

  58. Peppermint Rushing says:

    there are so many new styles, fabrics, prints to try. It is fun trying new things. I love sharing my adventure with others. I try to change the world one diaper at a time.

  59. Erin Mazon says:

    It has been an adventure learning all the different types of diapers, wash routines, and cd lingo. But I love it!

  60. Breanne says:

    It’s an adventure because I don’t own a washer or dryer. Washing the diapers is an ordeal and a commitment, still trying to perfect the wash routine.

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  62. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says:

    The money we saved by using cloth on two has let us go on more adventures. We can take more trips, and more vacations, building more memories.

  63. Jen B says:

    Initially, I had no plans of CDing my daughter. When we discovered she was allergic to something in disposables, we switched. Steep learning curve, but now I love it

  64. Lindsay says:

    It has been an adventure for sure! I didn’t have a lot of support from family in the beginning, but now even they are looking for diaper deals for me!

  65. Alyssa Waters says:

    3rd baby & haven’t gone full cloth with the others. Trying something new this time.

  66. Megan J says:

    It has been adventure using cloth diapers with a front loader washing machine.

  67. Jessica S says:

    Right now cloth diapering is an adventure because we just moved and don’t have a washer and dryer yet! It’s the laundromat for us 😉

  68. Anna M says:

    Cloth diapering has been a jump right in adventure for us. We decided to go whole hog and at 3 months old bought dipes cloth wipes and haven’t looked back. Traveling and wash routines have been an adventure. But not to hard of one! 🙂

  69. Jeanie Payne says:

    It’s been an adventure to find what will work for my youngest because it’s not the same as my last baby.

  70. Kelley H. says:

    I really wanted to save money and disposables get so expensive! Plus my little one hates clothes so at least he has his cloth for cuteness! Lol

  71. Andrea Slagle says:

    Cloth diapering has been an adventure, and my baby isn’t even born yet! Just trying to figure out what kind of diapers to use and everything else. It’s been fun!

  72. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I put my daughter in cloth at 6 months due to her pooping up the back of all disposables. I discovered I love it and I have a huge collection!

  73. Carrie Barron says:

    Cloth diapering has been an adventure as I have tried to do it the most economical, yet easy, way. Winning some giveaways has helped! 🙂

  74. Marthe McDonald says:

    This is our 4th baby (3rd pregnancy, twins came first) and wish we had cloth diapered the others. We just have covers, pre-folds, and some fitteds and they’ve worked wonderfully for us so far. Many of our friends and family are for it and others just don’t get it but it works for us!

  75. Amanda Z says:

    Haven’t started cloth diapering yet because baby is on the way. Due in June with our first, so trying to build up a stash.

  76. We had the adventure of cloth diapering while also figuring our what my son’s Down syndrome diagnosis means for our family. The good news is that both sound a lot scarier and more dramatic than they really are. Both now seem like not really that big of a deal-just part of how our family rolls!

  77. Louise says:

    I’m adventuring through the world of cloth diapers for the first time – learning a ton – and looking forward to cloth diapering my son when he arrives in April!

  78. Cloth diapering has been a fun adventures because of all of the different types of diapers I have tried.

  79. valerie sobus says:

    My son isn’t born yet so my adventure hasn’t quite begun, but i’m sure the poop rinsing/spraying will be an adventure for me :p

  80. Jeleah says:

    My personal CD adventure will begin as we start the adventure of parenting in May when our first baby comes into this world!

  81. Nichole Banks says:

    Cloth diapering has been an adventure because ive never met anyone else who does it, and bevause we are on a strict budget with no washer or dryer o

  82. Jenn Mc says:

    Cloth diapering has been quite the adventure, from baby #1 who I used pins and prefolds (didn’t know any better) and a WET pail eww, now with baby #3 it’s mostly pockets, DRY pail and fresh smelling dipes life is good 🙂

  83. Theresa Hover says:

    I am so excited to start cloth diapering with our first child! My friends think we’re crazy to try it, but I’m inspired to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle for the future of our planet and the future of our children.

  84. Candice says:

    We’ve just started, so our adventure is just beginning. But I can tell you that researching alone has been an adventure. And the cloth diapering community support is wonderful. 🙂

  85. Kerri says:

    Cloth diapering has been a winding road. We’ve tried all sorts of different diapers and found some that worked best for us. Then we went through the process again to find those that work best for daycare. And now those that work best for solids. Though it seems like our adventure will never end, it is an excellent excuse to buy all the diapers!

  86. Rebecca T says:

    It’s been an adventure cloth diapering a heavy wetter overnight! The best solution we’ve found is a pocket diaper with double hemp inserts. Love my bG!

  87. Kim Moore says:

    I am brand new to cloth diapering and the only one of my family and friends to try it, so it is all an adventure! I still have so much to learn and a stash to build before I can really get started when the new baby comes. We want to get some cloth pull-ups for my 19 month old as well.

  88. Gladys Aguilar says:

    So far, my adventure consists of researching types of diapers, how many and finding thw perfect washing routine. My baby’s due in a month and our real adventure will begin

  89. Tiffany Sheffey says:

    I started CD’ing first baby at 6 months and never looked back. After she was potty trained a girlfriend got preggo and wanted to cloth diaper – I sewed her a newborn diaper stash. Now I have my second little one in cloth now since birth. Best thing we’ve done.

  90. Trista sarasin says:

    I just had my 6th (and last) child. I haven’t tried CD before because I have no knowledge about it. I hope I can win this and learn more about it!!:)

  91. Trista sarasin says:

    I just had my 6th (and last) child. I haven’t tried CD before because I have no knowledge about it. I hope I can win this and learn more about it!!:) *edited due to wrong email, this is the correct one*