Meet Tara – Padded Tush Stats #beachbash Giveaway

We continue our blogger spotlight series, part of our Blogger Beach Bash giveaway.  Please be sure to visit Tara at the Padded Tush Stats blog for a chance to win a $15 gift certificate to Kelly’s Closet.  Also check out Tara’s most recent article on Tips for Giving a Cloth Diaper Baby Shower Gift.

Tara Padded Tush Stats

Name: Tara Porter

Blog Name: Padded Tush Stats

How long have you been blogging? A year and a half

How long have you been using cloth diapers? 2 1/2 years

Favorite cloth diaper?  bumGenius Freetime

Funniest cloth diaper experience! – Ha ha, this is a good one. I was combing my daughter’s hair one day and sprayed water on her hair. When I saw the water bead up on the top of her head, I immediately thought, “Oh no, she’s repelling!”

About Tara:  Hi I am Tara, owner of Padded Tush Stats. My website was built in response to the needs of people wanting cloth diaper reviews based on the unique characteristics of their babies. For example, have you ever found that a highly-rated diaper didn’t work for your heavy wetter? At Padded Tush Stats, cloth diapering parents  fill out surveys and evaluate cloth diapers based on the unique characteristics of their babies. People can then see the results of these responses, as well as a detailed statistical review of the diaper. They can also compare statistics on cloth diapers and detergents on my website. I also host the Cloth Diaper Retailer database on my website, where you can search for a brand and see the different retailers that carry it and compare things like shipping, location, and even specials. When I am not running stats on cloth diapers, I am either writing my dissertation on Writing Across the Curriculum programs or having fun with my little ones. I am the mother of a 2 1/2 year old girl and a 1 year old boy–and boy do they keep me busy spraying diapers/training pants, but they sure are awesome!

Did you know?  As a part of Tara’s Cloth Diaper Retailer Database you can rate your favorite cloth diaper retailer (*cough* Kelly’s Closet *cough*).  We are proud to have a current score of 91 which led us to win the coveted 2011 Padded Tush Stats Retailer of the Year!  We hope that you will show the love once again this year and continue to rate us on Padded Tush Stats.  Muwah!!

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