New & Improved FuzziBunz Elite One-Size Diaper

New and Improved FuzziBunz Elite They are finally here!  The new & improved FuzziBunz Elite one-size pocket diaper is back in stock.  We are excited to hear that the testers love the improvements to one of our best-selling diapers of all time.

What’s new?

A wider crotch.  This will allow the Elite to fit a larger range of babies; including those chunky monkeys and toddlers!  Don’t worry, they still fit the bitty babies just fine.

A wider pocket.  No more struggling to stuff your inserts into the pocket.  The new wider pocket is even wide enough that dad can help stuff the pockets now.

Now with microfiber inserts.  FuzziBunz found that customers prefer the microfiber over the minky inserts so they switched back to microfiber.  If you love the minky, don’t fear – they will still be available for purchase.  Each diaper still comes with one newborn insert and one med-large insert.

Stretchier elastic and larger button holes.  The stretchier elastic will give you a better fit; while the larger button holes will make it easier to adjust the size.

Same great warranty!  FuzziBunz will continue to offer their lifetime warranty on the snaps and PUL.

Same great colors!  FuzziBunz didn’t change their beloved colors at all.  In fact, they will be adding to their color scheme in the next 1-2 months to include black and some limited edition prints.

You can watch the video release by FuzziBunz owner and creator, Tereson Dupuy, here or on YouTube.

Direct link: FuzziBunz Elite 2013 Release

What others are saying about the new FuzziBunz Elite:

Lacey H: I got one and they are amazing, no more sticky PUL! The PUL isn’t sticky at all and it was SO easy to adjust the elastic. (Facebook)

Jennifer R: I was a tester and they are so much better now! (Facebook)

Add one of the new and improved FuzziBunz Elite to your stash today!  You can find them in-stock now at Kelly’s Closet.  

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