New to Cloth Diapers? What Do You Need to Start?

New to Cloth Diapers Guide

Wondering what supplies you need to be cloth diapering like a pro? Wonder no more! We’ve put together this easy-to-follow checklist to help you make sure you buy all the supplies you need and nothing more!

Diapers: You’ll need at least 12 if you don’t mind doing laundry daily, or about 20-25 if you plan to do laundry every other day. When deciding what type of diaper (all-in-onespockets, etc.) and brands (FuzziBunzbumGenius and Rumparooz, etc.) make sure to give each a try first and see what works best for you. Some babies and moms do better with one type or brand over another. According to our findings from the 2nd Annual Cloth Diaper Pulse Survey typical cloth diaper stash sizes are around 25 with some families owning many more diapers than they actually need.  It really depends on how often you want to do diapers and what your budget will allow.  Looking for a budget friendly cloth diapering option?  Don’t rule out prefolds (or flats) and covers.

Wipes: Reusable wipes are a great option to make your cloth diapering experience ultra-green. Keep about 25-50 wipes (you can certainly get by with less) on hand depending on how often you do laundry. To wet your wipes you may want to add a bottle of cloth wipes solution, or you can simply keep a small container of water nearby for wetting wipes before use. If you don’t use reusable wipes, make sure you have a stash of disposable wipes and a trash can by your changing table.

Large Diaper Pail or Wet Bag: You’ll want a reusable diaper pail (or wet bag) to store dirty diapers between washes.  They are lined with a water-proof material to keep the messes contained.  Some wet bags can hang on a hook or doorknob, while others line a trashcan. Some even zip open at the bottom to allow easy unloading of dirty diapers into the wash. You wash your diaper pail liner or wet bag along with your diapers.

Small Diaper Wet Bag: You’ll want to purchase 1-3 wet bags for storing dirty diapers while on the road, shopping, or for sending with your child to daycare. These are small, tote-sized bags that generally have a snap or zipper closure at top to keep dirty diapers contained until you get home to wash them.  They are lined with a water-proof material to keep the messes contained.  Simply store them in your diaper bag or stroller until you get home. Wet bags are washed along with your dirty diaper wash.

Extra Inserts: If you use pocket diapers and have a heavy wetter, you’ll want to keep some extra microterry or hemp inserts on hand. Use two inserts inside your pocket diaper at night to ensure a leak-free night!

Detergent: You’ll want to make sure you have manufacturer approved detergent on hand for washing your cloth diapers. Most cloth diapers are made with fleece fabric that repels liquid if soap scum is present. You’ll want to use clean rinsing formulas like Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent, Eco Sprouts, Ruby Moon, bumGenius detergent, GroVia’s Tiny Bubbles, or other locally available detergent.  Most manufacturers have specific washing instructions that you’ll want to refer to and they may vary by brand.

Diaper Sprayer: The diaper sprayer is one of the best investments a cloth diapering mama can make. The sprayer easily attaches to your toilet to enable you to rinse off ultra-poopy diapers over your toilet, not in your washing machine!

Clothes Line: This is optional, but many moms enjoy hanging their cloth diapers to dry to save energy. Use the clothes line inside during the winter, and outside in the summer for fresh smelling diapers!

Patience: Learning cloth diapering takes time, patience and commitment. You may have some challenges at first, but stick with it and it will become second nature in no time! Good luck!

Support: Kelly’s Closet provides a plethora of information, resources and support to help you before and during your cloth diapering journey. Please visit our award-winning blog, (TCDW), and join our Facebook community of 26,000+ moms at

…and if you’re looking for a few extra items or accessories, I’m sure we can help you add to your stash!  Just ask if you have any questions.

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