One Day Only! Bobbi-Jean’s Birthday Bash

Kelly's Closet Birthday Bash

Bobbi-Jean is the owner and head of our little fluffy operation here at Kelly’s Closet!  She’s a little shy (until you get to know her!!) so you don’t get to chat with her very often.  You may have chatted with her if you’ve called (or emailed the office) but she let’s me have fun on Facebook (and Twitter and the blog).  Well today is her birthday and we wanted to celebrate her birthday with all of you!  In honor of her birthday we have a few surprises just for our special fluffy fans!

For starters, if your order number ends with a “2” you’ll receive Double Diaper Dollar™ Rewards Points TODAY ONLY!.  That means one in every 10 orders will receive Double Diaper Dollars™ today – on top of any other promotions you happen to take advantage of.

Next, every customer who places an order today has a special task to complete AND YOU MAY WIN A GIFT CERTIFICATE for completing this task.  It’s really easy – when placing your order add a Birthday Greeting to the “Comments” section of your order to Bobbi-Jean.  Have fun with this and get creative with your wishes.  We’ll randomly select one winner at the end of the day and notify you with your gift certificate number.

How much is the gift certificate worth?  Well, it will be worth Bobbi-Jean’s age (which she won’t let me share just yet).  For example, if Bobbi is turning 30 today you’ll get a $30 gift certificate.  Hint: She’s older than 30 but less than 50!!  

This fun little celebration will continue until midnight ET tonight (September 6th, 2012).  All orders placed on September 6th (ET) are eligible – you just have to follow the simple steps above.

For a little extra fun feel free to leave an extra birthday wish in the comments here or on our Facebook Fan Page.  No extra entries will be received but it will be a fun way to celebrate Bobbi-Jean’s birthday even if you can’t place an order with us today.

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2 Responses to One Day Only! Bobbi-Jean’s Birthday Bash

  1. Bobbi Jeen Kilbarger says:

    As a fellow Bobbi Jeen, Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Dana says:

    Wishing you a relaxing birthday!