Phantom Fluff is Stocking at 10pm EST TONIGHT

#phantomfluff cloth diapers

If you follow the cloth diaper community on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Instagram) you may have heard about a mystery Phantom Fluff.  Well we have a confession….

we know what the mystery is!

#phantomfluff cloth diapers

…but we can’t really tell you anything about it.  We’ve been sworn to secrecy by the manufacturer that we cannot reveal the brand and/or exact products information until later today.

We can however tease you with a few photos that may help you guess what the mystery is.

  • Is it a new brand?
  • Is it an existing brand?
  • Is it a new diaper?
  • Is it a new accessory?
  • Is it a new print or color?
  • When can you get it and where?

The one thing we can reveal is that at 9pm EST it will be revealed in a Twitter Party hosted by @TheEcoChic under the hashtag #phantomfluff.  Once it’s revealed we can tell you what brand it is and what the mystery product(s) are.  You can learn more about the #phantomfluff Twitter Party and all the great cloth diaper prizes on The Eco Chic blog.

Also starting at 10pm EST tonight we’ll be able to start selling this mysterious Phantom Fluff to all of you!

So be sure to watch Twitter and Facebook and stalk the store under “New” to see when it’s posted!  You could be among the first people in the U.S. to add Phantom Fluff to your stash!

#phantomfluff cloth diapers

What do you think?  Like what you see so far?  I think the colors are GORGEOUS in person!!  Perfect for Fall and Winter and perfect for both boys and girls!!

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