Potty Training Tuesday #1: Are YOU ready?

Potty Training Tips

Are YOU ready for potty training?  Are you ready to stick to your guns, not allow anymore diapers, remind your child go potty every 30 minutes, all……day…..long……?  Are you ready to clean up spiddles and puddles on the ground?  How’s that new couch of yours, ready for some wet marks?

Potty Training Tips

Potty training can seem daunting and exhausting.  I once had someone tell me, “Oh you’ll love it when they’re potty trained”  Really?  It’s actually a lot of work and I really don’t want to take them to the bathroom everywhere we go for the rest of their childhood life when peeing inside of a cloth diaper is so much easier?

So why do we potty train?  Because we have to, because it teaches our children to be independent, because we want them to be active, normal members of society, because they won’t get a job when they’re 18 if they’re still wearing a diaper! 

So what about YOU?  Are YOU ready?  Well I can help you get ready, here are few ideas below!

Think about worse case scenarios and make a plan!  In the grocery store, in the carpool line at pick up and drop off, grandma’s white carpet….the list can go on and on and on.  I think this is the biggest reason most parents stress about potty training.

The Potty Training Plan:

A portable potty for the car is HUGE lifesaver when out in public.  Kids gotta go?  Run them to the car to do their business, its private, clean and clean up can be easy.

  • Carry Ziploc bags and paper towels in your car, line the seat of the potty with a Ziploc bag, throw a paper towel in there to absorb wetness, have them to do their business, seal it up and throw it in the trash.  Disaster adverted!

Bring an extra change of pants and Super Undies with you everywhere you go. Outfit your car with toilet paper, potty seat, Ziploc bags, paper towels, baby wipes and a change of clothes and Super Undies.  Look like Super Mom without doing much work.

Set a timer!  We’re busy and let’s face it as parents we forget what happened 3 seconds ago, so set a time for every 30 minutes to remind your little one to use the potty.

Reward YOURself!  Potty training is a big deal for them and for you.  You are teaching, training a young child to use the bathroom hundreds of times through out the day.  You are cleaning up messes, you are doing laundry, you are being a cheerleader, a motivational speaker, best parent in the world!  You deserve a little break!  Talk a walk, call a friend, treat yourself to lunch, do something to relieve the stress this important job can create!  Nurture yourself so you can nurture your child!

Join us back here next Tuesday for more potty training tips with Super Undies.

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Guest Contributor: The Super Undies Team!


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