Potty Training Tuesday #2- Super Undies to the Rescue! Pockets vs Pull On’s

Potty Training Tips

We’re potty training, what do I need!?  Super Undies to the rescue!

Super Undies has so many products that help you and your little hero succeed in potty training.

Pocket Training Pants

Pocket Training Pants

Pull on training pants

Pull on training pants

Pocket Training Pants and Pulls On Training Pants are very similar in function:

  1. Pocket Training Pants and Pull On Training Pants both have amazing absorbency so when you are out and about with your little one, there will be NO LEAKS!
  2. Pocket Training Pants and Pull On Training Pants allow your little one will feel the wetness reminding them they need to head to the bathroom.
  3. Pocket Training Pants and Pull On Training Pants allow for extra absorption by adding soaker pads or step up inserts.


Soaker Pads

Soaker Pads


Step Up Inserts

Step Up Inserts

BUT there is one HUGE difference between a Pocket Training Pant and a Pull On Training Pant.

One snaps completely open and closed (Pocket Training Pants) and one pulls up and down with ease (Pull on Training Pants).

 Which one is for you?

Well, when I started potty training my son the Pocket Training Pant was essential!  I needed to be able to open his Pocket Training Pant completely and add extra layers of absorbency, get out his messes with ease and he felt comfort in knowing that it looked the same as his old cloth diaper.  When he was a little more confident with potty training and I was ready to let loose a bit more the Pull On Training Pants saved the day!  He loved that he was wearing “big boy underwear” I loved that it had extra protection and he could pull it up and down without any problems.  Both offer exceptional protection from leaks, both are made with the highest quality materials you can find, both offer confidence in your child during potty training and peace of mind for yourself, both are stuffable so you can add extra layers.  It really just depends on what stage of potty training you are in and what your child needs.

Want to learn more about Pocket Training Pants and Pull On Training Pants?

Check out our videos about Pocket Training Pants and Pull On Training Pants.



Join us back here next Tuesday for more potty training tips with Super Undies.

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Guest Contributor: The Super Undies Team!


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One Response to Potty Training Tuesday #2- Super Undies to the Rescue! Pockets vs Pull On’s

  1. Regina W says:

    How do they each work for overnight? I assume I’d have to add a hemp insert for my almost 4 year old who isn’t ready for night “training” but I’m curious if they stay leak free and can fit enough absorbency to be practical for night time. Thank you!