Potty Training Tuesday #3 – What Do I Need?

Potty Training Tips

We’re potty training, what do I need!?
Super Undies to the rescue!

Super Undies has so many products that help you and your little hero succeed in potty training.

Today, let’s talk about our Nighttime Underwear (and the new Bedwetting Pants).

Nighttime Underwear

Nighttime Underwear

Bedwetting Pants

Bedwetting Pants

When was the last time you heard in the middle of the night “Mom, Dad, I’m wet, I wet the bed..” 

Oh, last night you say?  Want that to end?  Get some Super Undies Nighttime Underwear, they work!  These pants are going to absorb what you need them to!

The Nighttime Underwear are constructed with three separate soaker pads of microfiber inside them, which is enough to hold up to 680 mL of fluid, but beyond that the Nighttime Underwear have an internal system to receive even more absorption, so as much as you need is exactly what you can have!

Nighttime Underwear are built to withstand leaks. I know it may seem like a funny idea to have fleece edges at the legs and waist, but this is actually part of our secret weapon. The soft anti-pill fleece we use is water repellent -meaning that water not only does not go through it, but is actually blocked. This gives you an additional insurance policy against a leak that might be thinking about happening.

So get a good night sleep tonight, help your little feel confident and get through the night uninterrupted!

Join us back here next Tuesday for more potty training tips with Super Undies.

Looking for more potty training tips?  Looking for reusable potty training pants?  Be sure to visit us at our store and our many social media outlets.  We’re always here to help.

Guest Contributor: The Super Undies Team!

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