5 Tips to Make Your Diapers Last Longer

Real Diaper Week

One of the most enticing elements of cloth diapering is the ability to reuse them for multiple children but will they really last for more than 2-3 years?  The answer to that question depends on many factors.  Here are some tips to ensure your diapers last you for multiple babies.

5 Tips to Make Your Diapers Last Longer

  1. Quantity Matters – while the average starter stash is 15-24 diapers many parents keep adding to their stash over the first year.  The more diapers you have in your stash the less you’ll have to wash each diaper.  Just like your favorite pair of jeans, the more you wash a cloth diaper the faster it will wear out.
  2. Quality (sometimes) Matters – the price range of cloth diapers vary greatly by style and brand.  All diapers are not created equally and that $10 diaper you found on sale at a closeout site may not last as long as the name brand diaper.  That doesn’t mean that the $10 diaper isn’t good and won’t last…some parents actually prefer brands like KaWaii Baby, which is one of our best selling brands.
  3. Laundry Tabs Matter – if you have Velcro, hook&loop or Aplix closures on your diapers you’ll want to be sure you use the laundry tabs all the time.  Using laundry tabs will prevent the rough part of the closure from wearing out and/or damaging the PUL of your diapers.  Another trick for keeping aplix secure in the wash is to attach it to the front of the diaper just as if you were putting it on your baby.  The loop on the front may actually hold the hook more secure than the laundry tabs.
  4. Washing Routine Matters – be sure you review the manufacturers laundry recommendations.  While they may differ from brand to brand there is a reason why the manufacturer placed those directions on their product.  The directions for washing microfiber pocket diapers are different from washing hemp or bamboo.  Why?  Because just like your clothing – all fabrics behave differently when washed.  Be cautious with heat also – excessive heat (water temperature or in the drier) can prematurely wear out PUL and elastic.
  5. Repairs Are Possible – Even with the most diligent care elastic and velcro can wear out.  Thankfully these are easy repairs (either for yourself or for a local seamstress).  We sell bumGenius repair kits and FuzziBunz diapers come with extra elastic.

How old is the oldest cloth diaper in your stash?  How many babies have they been used on?  

Have you heard about the Great Cloth Diaper Change yet?  Leading up to Earth Day (April 22nd) the Real Diaper Association (a non-profit cloth diaper advocacy group) is hosting Real Diaper Week (April 16-21st) and the 2nd Annual Great Cloth Diaper Change (April 21st).

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One Response to 5 Tips to Make Your Diapers Last Longer

  1. Erin says:

    My oldest diaper is a Fuzzibunz Perfect Size – small, it is 4 1/2 years old. The same set of diapers has been used on 5 babies (2 of my own and 3 friends.) The elastic has been replaced once as have the inserts.