Thankful for Kind Words & Great Customers

Working on Black Friday, even virtually, can be an exhausting event for anyone.  Bobbi-Jean and I were both up past 2am EDT last night making sure that all of our Black Friday festivities went smoothly.  We were able to answer customer questions within a few minutes and watched as you all filled your carts with lots of fluffy goodness.  We loved watching you all guess if you were one of the first 150 orders (curious about that – check out our FAQs for more info).

The ladies in the office (Karley, Jill, Tracie and Bobbi) have been busy all morning and afternoon packing up orders from Thanksgiving and beyond (be patient, there are a LOT of orders to get through) and I’ve been on Facebook checking in with all of you.  I wanted to share some of the kind words that you all share with us today and say THANK YOU for your love.  It makes days like this WORTH the exhaustion.

  • Cas:  Will do, we just woke up :p:p great customer service department btw.
  • Jennifer:  Thanks for the excitement of Black Friday Buzzzzz day. I’ve never done this before but it was fun waiting for that count down. I’m excited to get my new diapers. And looking forward to seeing what I might have won!
  • Sara:  Thanks as always for some great deals and great customer service 🙂:)
  • Regina:  This is the 3rd year that I’m ordering on black Friday and I still did not figure it out how to order exactly on time lol. But it is always fun! :))
  • Maddie:  I ordered… Lets just leave it at that… My husband is gonna kill me! Hahaha thanks for the excitement and fun, now off to sleep before my little buddy wakes up to eat!
  • Sarah:  Thank you! I just placed my first order with you
  • Jenilyn:  I got my order in! Thanks for the great deals!!
  • Megan:  Free gift or not, I’m happy w/ 15% off Thirsties & free shipping! Thank you!
  • Jessica:  Wow great deals in diaper land!!!
  • Michelle:  Thank you!!
  • Cas:  Everything went through smoothly, just got my confirmation, excited to get fluffy mail next week 😀:D
  • Jamie:  OHHHH boy, I’m so excited to be getting more fluff! I’ve been waiting to finish my stockpile and took advantage of some of the great deals that have been offered this week! Thanks!!
  • Chrystal:  I just received word back from a very nice lady on staff about the grovia mix up. All will be fixed. Great customer service!!

There were lots of “Likes” and other kind words being shared today and I just wanted to recognize and THANK all of you for your kindness and your business.  You make this job fun.

If you’ve had a good experience we’d love for you to share your kind works with others.  You can Rate Us on, tell a friend about us, leave a recommendation of Facebook, or profess your love for cloth diapers any number of ways.

...and since we can’t always please everyone, if you’ve had a bad experience please contact us directly and let us know.  We’d love to know how we can better serve you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends.  

All our love, 
Bobbi-Jean, Calley, Karley, Jill, and Tracie — your & Kelly’s Closet team! 

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One Response to Thankful for Kind Words & Great Customers

  1. Maddie says:

    I love diapershops! It’s so nice to have y’all share our love of diapers! Haha… Not everyone understands. I live vicariously through y’all because what better job in the world than seeing all that fluff and making all of us so happy to see your comments or labels in the mail!! Thanks for keeping in such good touch with your customers… Don’t ever stop! 🙂