The #1 Reason Families Use Cloth Diapers…

Cloth diapers save money

That’s right!  The #1 reasons families choose cloth diapers is to save money!  In our 2nd annual cloth diaper survey we asked 3,000 families what was their #1 reason they decided to use cloth diapers and 53% of them said it was to save money!

Families can spend as little as $50-100 for a complete stash of cloth diapers that they can use from birth through potty training and that same stash can be used on future children – saving you even more money!  You can learn more about why flats, prefolds, and covers are considered the best budget cloth diapers and more about some of the other items you’ll need to get started with cloth diapers right here on our blog.

To begin shopping for cloth diapers and accessories be sure to visit us online at Kelly’s Closet and simplify your life (and save money) with cloth diapers.

To download a free copy of the 2nd Annual Cloth Diapering Pulse Survey, please visit

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