Tips for Celebrating New Years Eve – with kids!

New Years Eve with KidsAs a parent with young children New Years Eve is not one of those holidays you look forward too.  If you are lucky your babe will stay sound asleep while the neighbors continue to shoot off fireworks until the wee hours of the morning (all while the dog is barking really loudly).

Who am I kidding?  The baby will be up crying and you’ll be swearing at those neighbors who don’t have small children in the home trying to sleep.  We’ve come up with a few ways to help you enjoy New Years Eve – with kids!

  1. Celebrate NOON-Years Eve.  Start your own countdown clock, wear silly hats, sip apple juice, and have a dance party in the living room.  Be sure to tire them out really good so they will take a really long nap with you in the afternoon.  
  2. Nap late!  This is one day a late nap might actually be OK.  Remember to lay down with you kids so you are all well rested for the evening party.  Draw the curtains shut to make it really good and dark.
  3. Family Game Night!  Make pizza together and play board games (if they are old enough) or snuggle in with the wee one’s for a good family movie and snacks.
  4. Let them stay up late!  Depending on your child they may be able to stay up until midnight or they may fall asleep on the sofa trying.  Invite some friends over who have small children and you’ll be surprised how late they will stay up.  You may even get to see the ball drop in Time Square (on TV of course).
  5. Ear plugs and music!  If you absolutely must put your little one down for bed before midnight try getting some ear plugs (ask your Pediatrician for suggestions) and put on some soft music to muffle the sound of the fireworks.  If they do happen to wake up crying from the fireworks enjoy a little extra snuggle time as you cuddle on the sofa (or in your bed).

Remember it’s only one night a year that you get to welcome in a New Year.  Try to make the most of it by starting some new family traditions – even when the kids are small.  If you get really bored you can always stop by Kelly’s Closet and shop for cloth diapers.

Happy New Years Eve and Happy New Year!  Please stay safe if you do travel on the roads tonight.  See you in 2013!!


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One Response to Tips for Celebrating New Years Eve – with kids!

  1. Our kids love to stay up late, cheer & bang pots and pans outside at midnight. It’s crazy fun and always good for laughs!