Tips From a Prepping Cheater

Tips From a Prepping Cheater:

Most manufacturers recommend washing the hemp inserts, prefolds, and flats 5 times before use.  That uses a lot of water, and takes quite a bit of time.  I usually boil these items for 20 minutes, and then remove to a waiting bowl with tongs, and then dump in the washer and wash once on hot with detergent.  Brands like Cotton Babies don’t recommend boiling their fabrics as it causes them to break down more quickly, but my personal opinion is that boiling them isn’t much harder on them than the 4 washes the boiling replaces, so this is what I do.  It draws those natural oils out quickly.  DON’T boil anything with elastic or waterproof fabric, though!

Also, if you receive a few hemp inserts, a few prefolds, a few fitteds, a couple of organic AIOs and you don’t want to run them through 5 full washes by themselves, stick in with other loads of laundry.  I’ve prepped these items with bedding, with towels, and with clothing.  Just use your regular diaper detergent on the loads, and they’ll be fine!  This is a great way to save water.

This is an update to our Cloth Diapering 101 Series: How to Prep Cloth Diapers and was written by our washing guru, Stacy from our very active Facebook Fan Page.  For more “Cheaters” tips please stop by and ask Stacy your questions.  

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6 Responses to Tips From a Prepping Cheater

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  2. Texas Momma says:

    I’m a fairly patient person so I’ve just been prepping my natural fibers by washing them whenever I have an almost load of towels, they’re the only thing besides diapers I was on hot. We wash at least 2 loads of towels a week so it doesn’t take long. I keep track of how many washes they’ve gone through by putting clothespins (one for each wash) on the rack above my washer =) I am afraid to boil because I have a very curious 19 month old that loves the kitchen!

  3. ann says:

    for the record, I’ve boiled ALL my diapers/covers at least a couple times to remove stink issues. covers, bumgenius, elastic, whathaveyou. so far nothing has fallen apart and they are all on their 2nd child.

  4. Vickie says:

    re: boiling ALL diapers—
    what about grovia with synthetic exteriors? would you boil those too?
    how about gdiapers? thanks for the tips.

    • Calley says:

      No there are definately some diapers that I would not recommend boiling. I would only boil natural fibers with no elastic or snaps attached.