Top 3 Best Selling One-Size Diapers of 2013

Best One-Size Cloth Diapers of 2013

Did your favorite one-size diaper make the Top 3 Best Selling One-Size Cloth Diapers for 2013?  Parents ask us all the time what our favorite diapers are and we have to agree with what sells best.  These are the diapers that families buy most often and continue to use through potty training.  In order of popularity:

1. bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Pocket Diaper – This is our most popular one-size cloth diaper and has been for a few years.  It has a great price ($17.97 or less if you buy multiples) and fits most babies from birth through potty training.

2. Rumparooz G2 One-Size Pocket Diaper – We almost sold as many Rumparooz pocket diapers this year as we did bumGenius 4.0.  With a higher price tag ($17.95-23.95 ea) we are excited that parents are falling in love with their Rumparooz!  My favorite feature of the Rumparooz is their patented inner gusset that keeps poo contained!

3. Blueberry Simplex One-Size Diaper – It’s a pocket diaper and an all-in-one depending on how you look at it.  It has a pocket opening with room for additional inserts (for nights) but the soaker pads are attached for easy care.  You can use the Blueberry Simplex with natural cotton against the skin or with a stay dry microfleece layer against the skin.  This is one versatile diaper!  Price: $25.97

Sure these are the “best selling” diapers but what do real moms think about these diapers?

“I love the BG 4.0 because I can get a great fit on my newborn, and I can see that there’s still plenty of room to grow! We’ve never had a leak in a BG so they’re my go to for what I pack in the diaper bag.”  -Ashley M.

“Bumgenius 4.0 is such a versatile diaper. They fit both of my sons really well and can be customized with an extra insert for a leak-free night.”  -Jessica R.

“I love our Blueberry Simplex because they’re trim, absorbent, & user friendly. You either stuff in the attached insert or lay it in the diaper & then snap it on & you’re good to go! They are one of my favorite AIO’s!” -Jennifer A.

“I love RaR because of the trim fit, double gussets and cute prints!” -Kaelyn F.

“BG they will never fail to me!!! Its our Church/go out diaper. They absorb great and I Love their stay dry feeling.”  -Zabdi E.

“I love the RAR OS because they are super soft against my baby, the double gusset helps hold it all in, and they have the cutest little prints! They also fit my infant and my toddler” -Christine K.

“I love Simplex diapers because they are very easy to use. The soaker that agitates out in the wash is amazing for getting the diapers clean and cutting dry time. They are the fastest drying natural fiber AIO that I own.” -Sarah M.

“BumGenius 4.0 is a great combination of price, quality, and fit. I love that I can stuff the pocket with a little extra for nap or overnight.” -Jennifer C.

“I love them all because they’re absorbent, trim, and cute! The fit of the BG 4.0 is amazing!” -Trista M.

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