Vote for Kelly’s Closet…please!

We would love to have a few seconds of your time.  We have applied to the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest and if we are selected as the grand prize winner, we will win a $25,000 grant from FedEx.  Seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we would be if we actually won one of the smaller grants ($1000-$5000).

What would we spend our grant money on?  Since we are a small business the money could go along way at buying more stock to keep our shelves fully stocked with existing and new products.  We know that there are new product lines you would love for us to expand and that would be our first priority.  After that we would use the money to expand our staff so that we can ship even faster and more efficiently.  We know that we can never compete with the likes of Amazon with our staff of 3-4 warehouse employees but one extra person would make a huge difference.  Finally, if we won the BIG grant, we have always wanted to create a more mobile-friendly shopping experience for our customers.  Our existing shopping cart is very limited and the mobile application (which has been disabled) was terrible.  A mobile-friendly website and possibly an interactive app would be amazing!!

How can you help?  Vote for us every day!  Share the contest with your friends, family, baby groups, on diaper boards and in forums, blog about us, and scream it from the top of your lungs!!  To vote, start here:  You can vote once a day through Feb 23rd.

If we do win (let’s be optimistic) what should we add to our inventory??  


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