What is a Blessingway?

Blessingway GiveawayIt’s very common for friends and family to throw an expecting mom a baby shower but what exactly is a Blessingway?  A traditional baby shower is focused on giving gifts to the parents that that baby will need; clothes, cloth diapers, furniture, baby carriers, strollers, car seats, and other baby essentials.

A Blessingway on the other hand is a way to honor the mom-to-be as she steps into motherhood.  It’s thought that celebrating in this fashion began with the Native Americans hundreds of years ago as a way to bless the mother and provide her with emotional support before labor begins.  Today, many parents in the natural parenting community are being honored in modern Blessingway ceremonies.  A Blessingway may or may not be spiritual by nature but they always provide her with the support she needs to bring her new baby into this world.

Blessingway Ideas

Share poems, prayers, and blessings.  This can be done by having attendees write a few words in a journal to give to the mother as a gift.  Attendees could also bring their words pre-written on a gift for the mother.

Make a beaded necklace or bracelet.  Have each of the attendees bring a special bead for the new mom.  Combine the beads onto a cord to create a birthing necklace or bracelet that the mother can have with them during labor.  It can be provide encouragement for the new mom by focusing on this piece during labor.

Quilt squares.  Have each attendee bring a quilt square and put them all together to form a large quilt for mom and baby.  She’ll have pieces of each of you to remember each time she looks at the quilt.

Flags.  Have each attendee make a pennant or flag to hang during the Blessingway.  The mom-to-be can hang the flags around the labor and delivery room to provide her with strength and energy.  Perhaps you could get creative and make a cloth diaper pennant by having each mom bring one cloth diaper to give to the mom.

Belly casting or painting.  This is a nice way to celebrate life as the mom and baby are still one.  A belly cast can be painted and hung in the mom’s home as a reminder of how she looked while pregnant.

Freezer meals.  Have each guest bring a frozen meal for the family.  It will be a blessing to them not to have to worry about cooking for a while after the baby is born.

Just because a Blessingway focuses on the mother doesn’t mean you can’t get gifts for the family (similar to a baby shower) and baby.  I’m sure she would appreciate the help building her stash of cloth diapers.


We’ve joined forces with several cloth diaper blogger friends to bring you a special Blessingway giveaway to help you build your newborn cloth diaper stash.  We’re giving away 6 newborn cloth diapers, a pack of cloth wipes, and a wet bag (valued at $100).  To enter complete the Rafflecopter application below.  Then visit our blog friends and find out more tips for honoring both the mom and baby; as well as some newborn cloth diapering tips.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To visit our cloth diaper blog friends:

We’re also having a Virtual Blessingway Giveaway on our Facebook Fan Page for Kelly’s Closet.  If you are interested in winning a new mom & baby bundle visit us there to enter.  Here’s a sneak peek at what the prize pack includes.

Blessingway Giveaway

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195 Responses to What is a Blessingway?

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  2. Vicki MC says:

    So excited for the giveaway!

    • Vicki MC says:

      just saw what I was supposed to comment on 🙂 It seems like everyone I know is pregnant at the moment (myself included), so I would split up the goodies among my pg friends!

  3. Sal says:

    What a nice idea!

  4. Becky says:

    I would volunteer nighttime relief!

  5. Mary says:

    My cousin is having her first baby in a few months and I need to convince her to use cloth like I do…. Need to win this so I can gift it to her 🙂

  6. Jennifer E says:

    I’ve never heard of a blessingway before. Such a neat idea! I love the idea of making a quilt for the mama. Maybe something she could bring to L&D with her to remind her of all the support she has.

  7. Melissa Matos says:

    this is awesome i am so excited to cloth our newborn from birth this time, we did not start till about 6 months with our first.

  8. meg says:

    This is an awesome idea! My baby sister is due in a few weeks and this would be a perfect way to help her even though I can’t be there in person. (I live cross country with 4 little ones of my own). I especially love the idea of the “diaper pennants”!) I may suggest this to my grandmother!

  9. Dana L. says:

    Wow. I’ve never hear of a blessingway. Sounds great.

  10. Harmony says:

    My friend had a blessingway and it was really sweet. We each blessed a bead which she strung and meditated on during her labor, and we each put our hands on her belly and spoke our wishes for the baby’s life. It was really sweet!

  11. Rebecca says:

    I would honor a Mom by donating to March of Dimes in her name 🙂

  12. Megan says:

    This giveaway would be a blessing as I want to try cloth for number 2!!

  13. Amy says:

    I am having my first child and looking for ways to spend less and appreciate help. This would be a great gift to myself that I can pass on once the baby is no longer a baby 🙂

  14. Amanda M. says:

    I would bless a mom-to-be by just being there for her for whatever she needs. I know being pregnant with my 4th right now that is what I would want.

  15. Dana L. says:

    I would honor a mom to be with a delicious freezer meal to enjoy once the baby has arrived.

  16. Candice Voorhees says:

    I know quite a few friends that are pregnant, along with myself! I would give them out for some shower gifts but I might have to keep one or two for myself. 🙂

  17. Sarah Jane says:

    I’m not pregnant, but I’d give this to a friend who’s pregnant and planning to cloth diaper.

  18. Marie Heimann says:

    Well, when ever one of my sister’s has a baby, I usually travel to her home right after and help her with the adjustment, cleaning, helping with the babe, whatever. Also, making meals for families is great!

  19. Kasja says:

    It would bless me! we are having our second in May. I don’t have any newborn diapers and would love to do cloth right away with this one.

  20. laura j says:

    one of the most thoughtful gifts I received with my first baby was a weeks worth of dinners from my sister-in-law. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to worry about what to eat or make for dinner, and they were delicious 🙂 I have tried to make a meal or two for each new mama I know since then!

  21. Laurie says:

    We have been blessed that I have been able to stay home with our little guy (12 months). A close friend is not able to stay home with her little one and couldn’t afford daycare, so we are taking care of their brand new little one also! I love that I am blessed to be in a situation to help her by taking care of this little baby, plus help shape and mold this little ones life! Thanking the Lord for all of the blessings in this!

  22. Desiree says:

    I will be having baby #3 in a few months, the cost savings of cloth is amazing. And I know I am doing something for my children that can only benefit their health.

  23. christine says:

    I’m currently pregnant but we didn’t start cloth with my toddler until she was a few months old. Newborn diapers would be great for #2.

  24. Samantha says:

    I just recently had a gender reveal party (its on my blog) instead of a baby shower for #2… but I love the idea of doing a blessing way for #3 (hahahah planning for another while pregnant?! That CAN’T be a good sign 😉 )and having a henna artist come by, everyone could get little henna tattoos and help pick out inspiring things to have put on my belly 🙂

  25. Bert A. says:

    I think I’d write down some quotes or poems about motherhood for the new mom.

  26. Brittney says:

    freezer meals were truly a blessing to me when we had our first.

  27. Jessica R says:

    I would love to have gotten a frozen home made meal for those nights when I was to tired to do anything but snuggle w/my LO, so that’s what I would do for a friend 🙂

  28. Jennifer Rubin says:

    What a great idea! Freezer meals are such a huge help with a new little one!

  29. Rebecca says:

    How nice!

  30. Tabetha Godfrey says:

    This is the first time I have heard of a Blessingway. I love the ideas of beads and quilting squares. I would also see about having everyone attending pitch in for a spa day for the mom to be.

  31. Laurel says:

    What a lovely idea… 🙂

  32. Christine Miller says:

    Cooking meals, offering advice (when asked), keeping an eye on the new little one so the new mom can take a break. These were all things I appreciated when my son was first born.

  33. Jennifer Noel says:

    Wish I had known about this before our baby shower. I really love this idea. I would have loved the quilt idea. I will definitely keep this in mind for my expectant family and friends in the future.

  34. irma says:

    I have never heard about a blessinway..abd I really think it is reallu a good idea .. how awrsome!

  35. Alecia Otis says:

    We LOVE to give meals for families welcoming a new baby.

  36. Beki says:

    The frozen meal idea is great. When we came home from the hospital a good friend brought us food ( which I had never thought of) and it was the best thing ever not to have to worry about feeding everybody!

  37. kelly says:

    Bringing them meals is always a good idea, you just don’t feel like cooking when you are exhausted!!

  38. Caitlin Myers says:

    I would get her stuff she would really need or whatever she felt she needed. 🙂

  39. Nisha says:

    I love freezer meals and snack baskets for the new mom (lots of healthy snacks in a pretty basket so the new mom can grab healthy things while she is busy with the new baby).

  40. Kerri says:

    I would bless a new mom with meals and have myself and other moms share our experiences.

  41. Stephanie says:

    I always like to get the new mommy a one hour prenatal massage. It’s a favorite! I can’t prove it, but I think I have friends who get pregnant just to get it…

  42. Amanda W. says:

    I am due with baby number 6 in about 4 months! We are still cloth diapering our 19 month old! I NEED to win this 🙂

  43. Brandi says:

    Great list! I wish I knew someone pregnant (besides me) so I could throw a baby shower!

  44. Alexandra DeBiase says:

    Having my little one in less than 6 weeks–hope to win the giveaway!

  45. Sabrina Radke says:

    I would help to watch her other children (if any) and deliver dinners when new baby arrives!

  46. Ashley Newberg says:

    I would teach a mom-to-be how to cloth diaper!

  47. Brittany says:

    I’ve never heard of a blessingway before. I especially love the idea for the freezer foods.

  48. Alvina Castro Mountain says:

    I would let a mom I know try out some of my diapers to see if she likes them before she buys them and share my was routine and all the info I know. I had a friend let me try out some of her diapers when I first started using cloth and I loved it. It helped me make sure this what what I wanted and the kind of cloth diapers I wanted to use.

  49. Liesl says:

    Earlier, I delivered a milkshake to a good friend who is due any day now. I would love to be able to bless her with this prize!

  50. Sarah O says:

    What a wonderful idea…. A Blessingway! May have to remember that for friends!

  51. Grace B. says:

    This is an awesome idea!

  52. Kristy quick says:

    A cloth diaper cake would be so amazing for a new mom! I didnt know how awesome cloth was.

  53. Chip says:

    I would bless me wife with a a nice relaxing dinner and massage.

  54. Angie says:

    What a great idea, to bless the mother! Pregnancy and motherhood can be so exhausting and how fun wonderful it be to be able to shower mama-to-be with lots of love before the little one comes! I love the idea of making meals for the family so she had one less thing to worry about!

  55. Lara says:

    I love making freezer meals. My mom did it for me and it was amazing to not have to worry all the time.

  56. Celeste says:

    This sounds like a great idea! Love the fact that it is so meaniful vs the shower party games and such.

  57. Jodie A says:

    This is a great idea, love the freezer meals and the quilt idea!

  58. Megan says:

    Honestly, the best help I received was a gift certificate to a food delivery service. I didn’t have to feel guilty and like I had to write extra thank you notes for each friend who brought a dish after baby was born. A whole bunch of friends chipped in for a big gift certificate and we have delicious dinner all set once a week for at least the first two months! We can pick what we want and it just arrives at our door!

  59. brandy says:

    I love helping new moms by being the official baby rocker. 🙂 I just love holding squishy little ones.

  60. Jennifer B says:

    I would bless my sister in law who is having a baby in May by giving the diapers to her to convince her to use cloth!

  61. Natasha says:

    I <3 cloth! I share all my info with moms struggling with spoisies!
    Cloth is so much cheaper and healthier especially for babies prone to rash.

  62. Angie H says:

    Bringing a couple of homemade dishes!

  63. Loretta says:

    One of the best gifts I received as a new mom was when two women from my church volunteered to come once a week at 10pm (after their kids were put in bed) to hold my twins for a couple of hours so that both my husband could get some sleep. I think I would bless a soon-to-be mom by setting up a time weekly that I’d be available to do whatever she needs – whether cleaning, grocery shopping, playing with older kids, or holding a fussy baby so she could get a shower. Just knowing that help is coming is a huge gift!

  64. lace says:

    Teach her about babywearing and take her to a local babywearing class to get to know other moms and learn about different carriers.

  65. Lauren E says:

    My baby is due in March!! Would love to win this for him 🙂

  66. Ambrosia says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway! Would be perfect to fill out baby3’s NB stash 😛

  67. Katherine P. says:

    At a baby shower I was at recently we honored the mom and baby by being his fairy god-mothers and blessing him with “virtues”. We each wrote down an attribute we wanted to bless him with and why (ex. strength, courage, kindness, etc.). Everyone loved the idea and what a sweet way to bless a new mom.

  68. Ambrosia says:

    I love the quilt idea, but I’ll be bringing cloth dipes to help out my friend, who is expecting her 2nd child and cd’ing for the first time. I’m also bringing over all of mine so she can get a feel for what she liked 🙂

  69. Beth A says:

    I would have loved frozen meals because I didn’t cook for a long time 🙂 so I think that is a great idea and should live to do that for someone else!

  70. Melissa says:

    My sister in law is pregnant with her first baby. I am going to give her a gift package that is more for her than for the baby. Some of the things that are nice to have and use but youdon’t typically get at a baby shower.

  71. Joanna says:

    One way I have helped new parents is by bringing over a meal. I really appreciated it as a new mom so I know they do as well.

  72. Melissa says:

    In addition to freezer meals, I’m intending on getting one of my friends who’s also pregnant a gift certificate to a take-out restaurant. Because sometimes, you want something special and money’s usually tight right after a baby comes.

  73. Ari says:

    I would give cloth diapers.

  74. Raquel Beaty says:

    I like to give expectant mother’s things that I wish I would have had for my first child. I often make stretchy wrap carriers for their babies, and I know many moms who have said they were a life saver. Sometimes as a new mom you’re not sure what all the options are for that sort of thing and don’t know what to look for in a carrier. I also try to help in whatever ways they need. 🙂

  75. Mandy Ferguson says:

    Oh I would love to win this to be able to give the package to my friend tat is expecting! What a nice gift to give, a soft CDed little bum 🙂

  76. Adriana says:

    Thank you! So excited for this giveaway!!

  77. Angel says:

    What a nice idea!

  78. Jojo says:

    We try to bring a meal to the new parents within the first couple of weeks. I always make enough so that they’ll have leftovers for a day or two to use for lunch.

  79. Jessica A. says:

    I love the idea of a blessing way better than a shower for mommas having any baby after #1!

  80. Angel says:

    I love the idea of taking food, that was so helpful for me and I try to do the same for new moms. I also like to share my experiences and things that worked/didn’t work

  81. Stacy says:

    I would help with cooking and cleaning. I found help with those things so important after having my son. Figuring out what was for dinner each night was just too much for me after an emergency c-section!

  82. Miranda says:

    I like the quilt idea!!!

  83. LoryAnn P says:

    I think bringing meals and disposible dinnerware is my favorite way to help friends. Then they don’t have to worry about cooking or washing dishes. I really do love the quilt idea though and may have to do that for the next friend who announces a pregnancy.

  84. Heather Hale says:

    The freezer meals were one of the most helpful things when both my boys were born, so that would be my choice. I love any gift idea that lets the new mom have more time to spend with baby.

  85. Kimberly Mayberry says:

    This would be awesome! I have no newborn diapers, only one-size.

  86. Rachel says:

    I love this idea! I would definitely do this for friends who are expecting. I’d love to honor the mommas, not just the babies!

  87. Laura says:

    I would bless a new mom with freezer meals. Just double what I’m making for supper for a few nights…easy for me, a huge blessing for her!

  88. Sara S says:

    Now that I’ve been through it, I would give a mom to be a care package of things for postpartum care. Everyone gets gifts for baby, so she’ll have plenty of baby things.

  89. Krystyn WF says:

    That really is a great idea! I had a few freezer meals from friends when i had my son and it was a blessing

  90. Misha says:

    I think making a mama-to-be some dinners is a great way to bless her, even before the baby is born. I am 29 weeks with my 4th and making dinner at the end of an exhausting day is the worst!

  91. Karen Jeske says:

    The two best “gifts” I have received when I was expecting was freezer meals and notes from loved ones in a super cute book/journal. The meals are always helpful because even if I have friends from church bring in a few meals after the baby is born it is 2 months out when I’m sleep deprived and can’t seem to get dinner on the table and having ready made meals was amazing. The journal was nice because when I feel over whelmed as a parent I read back through and feel the love and support of my family members and friends. I think those are the two ways I would bless another to be mom.

  92. Hannah Whiteside says:

    I give them a cloth diaper and book ( if they’re new to the world of cloth). I also only give one piece of unsolicited advice and then don’t push any more. I tell the first time mommies to remember our bodies were made to have babies and to trust our bodies and not be pressured by modern medicine with their interventions unless totally medically necessary.

  93. Kimberlie says:

    This is a neat idea. I’d gift this to a friend that is in the process of adopting a newborn little girl. It would be a great cloth starter pack!

  94. Natasha Boss says:

    I’m 37 weeks pregnant and a dear friend is hosting a blessingway for me next week. I’ve never been to one but am soooo excited. I definitely need it. I think that it’s a tradition that was sadly lost in our culture. To honor the mother, I always make myself available for her. Cleaning, cooking, watching older children, whatever she needs. But being able to have a get together/ritual type thing for the mother before birth is awesome.

  95. Danae says:

    I would know her well and see what she needs and try to meet those. example: meals, cloth diaper advice/ or buy diapers, watch other kids, ect..!

  96. Kelley R says:

    Frozen meals are great for a new mom so she doesn’t have to prepare meals in the first days home. Would love to win this gift for my best friend who is expecting her first miracle baby.

  97. Megan Whitmer says:

    I am planning on arranging for meals for my friends who are having baby’s. I like to have people bring in meals for at least 3-4 days after they get home from having a baby

  98. Rebecca W says:

    I would offer to help with errands, bring food or watch the baby so mom could take a nap.

  99. Bethany McKinley says:

    I love the “share a blessing” idea. The women in my church did this for me at my baby shower, and it was really meaningful.

  100. Desirea C says:

    I threw my best friend a surprise baby shower with her first, and a diaper party with her second. For her third, I will probably do a virtual party for her.

  101. Ashlee says:

    Wow great giveaway!

  102. What a fantastic idea!

  103. Lauren says:

    I love the idea of a Blessingway where people bring freezer meals. I made my own freezer meals right before I went into the hospital to have my daughter. They truly were a blessing when we can home and didn’t have to worry about what to make for dinner. Thank you for doing this giveaway. I am pregnant with my 3rd and want to cloth diaper from birth with this baby. I started at 5 months with my daughter last time.

  104. Laura c says:

    Love to bring new moms frozen meals and help out around the house with daily chores. Anything that lets the new momma relax a bit more!

  105. leslie says:

    sweet ideas!

  106. leslie says:

    such sweet ideas!

  107. Shauna Douglass says:

    I can’t wait to use my cloth diapers!!!

  108. Sarah Mahan says:

    Many of my friends are pregnant or just had babies. I’ve thrown baby showers requesting only essentials for the Mom, like diapers and wipes, since it was her 2nd baby. I’m going to be watching a friends daughter when she goes into labor soon, and I plan to cook a dinner for her. I offer help wherever I can. And I’ve knitted small baby items for each of them.

  109. Julie Purin says:

    We have so many babies in our circle right now. We just recently gave the mom-to-be children’s books to create her own library. We each picked a book then we each shared a memory of our favorite book as a child. It was great!

  110. Stephanie says:

    I love the idea of a blessingway. After my first child was born I didn’t feel comfortable having a traditional baby shower, but this is an awesome alternative to celebrate the new life to come. I often bring new moms meals after the baby comes, but I also loved the bracelet and quilt idea. So cool!

  111. Traci C. says:

    I would put together a little booklet of tips that have made my life with babies easier or more efficient so sore could ice ones that might work for her.

  112. Sandra Allen says:

    I have a little boy due at the end of March, this would be great!

  113. Annie says:

    I have a first time mom to be friend that I have convinced to cloth diaper. If I win I am giving the prize to her. I am trying to help build her stash.

  114. Angie S says:

    I like/try to be a source of encouragement to them.

  115. Michelle Suttles says:

    I like the idea of the quilt squares because it would make a really meaningful, lasting gift idea (and useful too!)…But I think that the freezer meals could possibly be the biggest blessing when a mom first comes home from the hospital. Especially for a first-time mom, who is more worried about feeding, diaper changes, and how the baby is sleeping. One less thing to worry about and they can eat a real meal (no fast food)!

  116. Rachel Kollen says:

    My baby is due in May!! I would love to win this for him, since I work helping troubled kids all day for a little over minimum wage and do not have the money for a nb stash (my stash is used and cheap ebay). I LOVEEEEE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would share these when I am finished.

  117. Trisha says:

    A blessing way sounds like a good way to help out the mother 🙂 I’m not giving up my upcoming baby shower though!

  118. Katy Martin says:

    I am blessed to be pregnant along side with two friends. all cloth differing our little ones. I would spilt the giveaway between my two friends as a congratulation to the momas to be!

  119. Katy C. says:

    We always have prayer gatherings for our pregnant friends! I’m also never in short supply of pregnant friends… 😉

  120. amber piersol says:

    would love to gift this to my neighbor next door shes pregnant with her second child and is cloth diapering. her and her husband work hard and still seem to come up short. i think this gift would put a smile on her face at the baby shower 🙂

  121. lys810 says:

    I want to win these for my sister!

  122. Marya Mann says:

    Home cooked meal and if I win I will give this to a new mommy I know 🙂

  123. Teria says:

    I’m expecting #2 in a couple months and I’m trying out cloth diapers for the first time. I’d love the help to building my stash!

  124. Stacey R. says:

    I just had my son 3 weeks ago and was a little disappointed that neither my family nor DH’s helped us out at all (we delivered at a birth center so we came home same day). I made meals for my sister in law when both her kids were born and I plan to do the same for my other SILVER who’s due in May.

  125. Ashley T. says:

    I love the quilt idea!

  126. Stacey R. says:

    Oops, that should read SIL not silver

  127. Deborah Cormier says:

    I would be there for the mom to be…no advice unless asked no tips but what i learned from my experience no judgement…my sister is due in april and i am there for her whatever she needs!! So excited to have a new cousin for my daughter!!:)

  128. Melissa Rau says:

    The best way friends have blessed me after having my last baby was bringing dinner for the family. It is such a huge help to not have to worry about dinner, just sitting down and enjoying it! I would like to do this for new moms from now on.

    Baby #4 will be joining us soon and this will be my first time to CD. I’m so excited!! Thanks for all you do to help us newbies out!!

  129. Elizabeth Wisniewski says:

    I’m excited to help my sister with her new baby and pass on all the things I’ve learned while having kids of my own.

  130. Amanda Murray says:

    I would loan a friend my newborn cloth for her new baby! Cloth is the best

  131. Cori says:

    I love to bring food to new mothers and throw baby showers for them. 🙂

  132. Christina CG says:

    I love all of the great ideas that were given! I especially love the quilt block idea. I’ve also heard of making onsies for the baby and then sewing them into a quilt once the baby has grown out of them to keep those memories near.

  133. Svannah says:

    How awesome. 🙂

  134. Meagan says:

    As a mom to be, I think this is a wonderful idea. I think this is a great way to help out new mothers.

  135. Emily G. says:

    We bring over a meal…something creative that is specific to the couples liking. (Not just lasagna!)

  136. Rebekah says:

    We are looking at cloth diapering our next little one from day one, but only have toddler/larger baby diapers in our stash. Since I am a SAHM, we have a limited income to use to add to our stash.

  137. Samantha says:

    I love bringing meals to mew mommies, and help with any cleaning they need.

  138. Laura Benack says:

    I love bringing meals to new families. Though I have to say, being 36 weeks pregnant, and cloth diapering a newborn for the first time, I could use this blessing!!!

    I’ve always wanted a blessingway, but live too far away from most of my girlfriends who’d want to participate. It’s such a lovely idea!

  139. hannah says:

    Bringing meals is so important!

  140. Melissa K says:

    I think a nice blessing would be a lit of volunteers to stop by and do quick hores ike the dishes, take out trash, pick up older siblngs, etc.

  141. RJ says:

    my best friend’s shower was much like a blessingway. We made her a scrapbook/babybook with each attendee’s favorite quote or verse about family and childhood. Her hubby was more excited about the clubstore sized case of wipes they got.

  142. Sarah Neuman says:

    This is a wonderful idea. So often people just focus on the baby, but the work of the mother is SO important – and she deserves some pampering and recognition for all the work she has done being pregnant, will do giving birth, and will continue to do raising her child. 🙂

  143. Jessica O says:

    I would make some freezer meals! I made my own before my daughter was born and they helped so much in the first couple of months!

  144. Maria says:

    I think I would like to make a few freezer meals and if I happen to be really close to the mother-to-be I’d also offer to help with certain chores/errands.

  145. Britni Bradford says:

    I would help her by bringing over meals. We also have a “goodie” bag of the unspoken postpartum necessities that we pass around our group. Each mama passes it on to the next mama-to-be a few weeks before delivery.

  146. Jessica Riggleman says:

    I would help cook meals and straighten the house. Also, volunteer for a night shift. Those are the things right now that I need most!

  147. Ashley P says:

    I’m excited for the give way. I am wanting to try cloth with my first baby in June 🙂

  148. Amy says:

    What a fabulous idea! I found a few pendent flags on Pintrest this would be a great opportunity to put that pin to use

  149. Veronica Garcia says:

    Help to make a meal or offer to run an errand.

  150. sharon b says:

    i would make her some freezer meals and offer her a nap. and give her a lot of support in the choices she makes.

  151. Anna H says:

    I often bless new mamas with meals when they get home with their new little ones. 🙂

  152. I would make her a meal, or offer some babysitting time, so mom could get some sleep

  153. christine k. says:

    I would make freezer meals and offer to come over and run laundry for her (if needed) or help her wash her cloth diapers (if she’s new to it… it can be overwhelming with a newborn!)

  154. Steph says:

    I think the most helpful way is frozen meals for the early newborn days.

  155. Lyndsie says:

    Freezer meals are an absolute blessing and ready made snacks. Carrot sticks, cheese slices, granola bars (homemade much tastier and healthier) and some dark chocolate too! I think the beaded necklace is wonderful and easy. A quilt would be wonderful too if only I knew how.

  156. Julie B says:

    I would give meal vouchers that she could cash in whenever the need arose.

  157. Kim H says:

    Giving meals is a great idea! Providing housekeeping services would be a great blessing as well.

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  159. Amy Cooper says:

    this is such an awesome giveaway <3 would help us out millions if we won xx

  160. I have a friend that is pregnant and I have given her all her maternity clothes plus I am on speed dial for any questions or problems… 🙂

  161. Jen B says:

    I have a neighbor that is pregnant and does not drive. I’ll volunteer to drive her to her OB appointments.

  162. Brittany S says:

    I love bringing frozen meals for new moms…It was something I wanted desperately, and hope I get with this new little one. 🙂

  163. sara s says:

    I’d bring a mom a meal or gift her some cloth dipes.

  164. Meagan says:

    So excited to have found your page! I love thrifty mom’s vblogs. The advice from this supportive community has helped me shape my growing family.

  165. Robin Jones says:

    My Sunday school class always provides meals to class members who’ve recently had a baby. It’s a tremendous blessing not to have to worry about dinner for a few weeks!

  166. Bethany W says:

    What a great giveaway!

  167. I like the idea of giving a foot soak and praying a blessing over her.

  168. kelsi says:

    I would try and find out what the Mom needs through her registry first. If I could help there that’d be great. Also, in the past after the meals are no longer delivered (or even during that time), I’ll bring a “Mommy kit” with the Mom’s favorite snacks(high in protein usually…chocolate covered nuts or whatever might provide more of a satiation snack), some lotion, water bottle, hand sanitizer, and wrap it in a bag. I know it’s nice to have a “station” for the Momma to replenish energy.

  169. breanne says:

    I love the idea of a bellycast! They are so beautiful!! 🙂

  170. Emily says:

    I like the idea of wrapping/tying a string around each woman’s wrist until the mother is due to birth so when she is birthing all the women can release their positive energy for the mother during her birth.

  171. Jennifer H says:

    I would give freezer meals

  172. Carolina says:

    I would help a new mom to be by showing them how great cloth diapers are. Inform her of everything i wish I had known about cloth diaper.

  173. Shannon says:

    What great ideas! I’ll be cooking freezer meals for mom’s-to-be in the future. I know that would be a great deal of help after bringing baby home.

  174. Emily says:

    What a great giveaway. We are preparing to meet our little guy sometime this month!

  175. Josie Meyer says:

    Definitely freezer meals!

  176. Josie Meyer says:

    Freezer meals!

  177. Bree W says:

    I would use the newborn cloth diapers for my baby (due March 10, 2013), and then donate them to another mama after we are done using them.

  178. Maureen says:

    Such a cute idea!!!

  179. Heather I says:

    I like to make freezer meals for new mama’s

  180. Heidi Abbott says:

    I would definitely do the freezer meals. I am expecting myself in a month and am getting ready to work on my stash now!

  181. Madison Revord says:

    I love to cook and bake, I think freezer meals is so helpful, especially for those who end up in c-sections and have a hard time getting around!

  182. Elizabeth Dickson says:

    I have a friend who is due in mid may that i would gift this too. she has already started purchasing some diapers now but a little boost on NB diapers would be great.

  183. Jess P says:

    Meals and cleaning! Those are what I appreciate most with a newborn so I would pay-it-forward to other new moms.

  184. I really like the idea of honoring the mom-to-be. My friend just had a baby, and I’m honoring her by being her cloth diapering “right hand man.” I live far from her, so I’m always there to answer any questions or give her advice.

  185. B says:

    I’m so excited to start cloth diapering when our little one arrives. Winning this would be great!

  186. KatieR says:

    One of the things I would do is sign up for a meal train, you add your name to a list and choose a time slot to bring the new mom and her family a home cooked meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also helping with clean up or using bio-degradable paper plates takes another stress off mamma and dad.

  187. Jennifer says:

    I make hand knit wool soakers, longies, and shorties. My current favorite blessing gift to mamas is a little newborn set! WE also try to gift food after the baby comes-that was SO helpful to me after my little one!

  188. Eva Conrad says:

    This is an incredible package.

  189. cindy r says:

    If the mom has older children, offer to babysit. Also help them make a gift to celebrate the new baby.

  190. Desirae says:

    I think Blessingways are fabulous in practice! Our family gifts meal delivery/cooks and freezes meals to cover the first two weeks that the family is home from the hospital to allow them to focus on bonding as a family unit.

  191. Christine L. says:

    Just be supportive and cook a few meals

  192. Courtney says:

    Great idea – this would be nice for a mom who already has kiddos and doesn’t really need more ‘stuff’!

  193. Mirela M says:

    With my phone number for any questions, links to helpful websites and fb groups, list of the things I bought and were actually helpful, things we don’t use anymore for our baby (baby carrier, tub etc) and, if possible, a cloth diaper so she can actually try and see for herself how nice and easy it actually is!

  194. misty mihai says:

    I would offer to be a labor support person during labor if she is interested or offer childcare during labor. For not so close friends who are interested in natural labor I would recommend some of my favorite books that I used to prepare for my own labors.