Why Choose Cloth Diapers: Should I Cloth Diaper?

If you’re an expecting mom, your life is about to be turned upside-down. Yep, that’s right, life, as you know it, will change. And with that life-changing experience comes a lot of decisions. Should you breastfeed? What breast pump should you buy? What crib will work best for me? Should I stay at home or return to work? Should I cloth diaper?

Diaper duty will be top of mind for the next three years – and at first – you’ll be changing your baby’s diaper every two hours and going through 10-14 diapers per day – at least!
So deciding between cloth and disposable diapers is a big decision and one you will have to live with for three years. Obviously, the decision should not be made lightly.

Here are some tips for helping you decide if cloth diapering is right for you:

Financial: Cloth diapering can save you money over time. For about $400-$500, you can cloth diaper free and clear for three (3) years with few other expenses. Disposable diapering will be a constant expense and plan to spend about $1,500-$2,000 on diapers over the course of three years.

Time: I’m not going to lie; cloth diapering does take more time. You have to wash the diapers and prepare them for baby between washes. Just remember, disposable diapers take some time too – you have to go to the store to buy them and keep track of your inventory at all times.

Values: Does your family, in general, make more eco-friendly decisions? If your family teeters on the earthy side of the spectrum, then cloth diapering may serve to complement your values well.

Influences: Is your husband adamant against cloth diapers? Is your daycare open to using them? Take all these influences into consideration and make a decision that works best for everyone.

Interest: Let’s face it; cloth diapering is a fascination for some. They truly enjoy doing it and some even collect diapers for fun. If you’re interested and engaged in the process, then chances are you’ll find sweet success. If you’re reluctant, then don’t put yourself through the trouble.

Choosing a diaper choice doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision either.  There are no ‘rules’ that say you can’t use both cloth diapers and disposable diapers.  You can still save money, time and the environment by choosing to cloth diaper part time.  As you decide whether cloth diapering is right for you, we hope our guidance and honest feedback helps.

What other factors should someone consider before committing to cloth diapering long-term?

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One Response to Why Choose Cloth Diapers: Should I Cloth Diaper?

  1. Laura Wilson says:

    I’ve cloth-diapered our son for two years, and it’s taught me a lot along the way. I would suggest doing a trial in the beginning with a few different kinds of diapers. I found that I don’t like prefolds, but I do love our organic Bumgenius diapers, the Bumgenius pockets, and Fuzzibunz one-sizes the best.

    Also, before committing to cloth diapering, I think family size should be taken into account. We knew we wanted more than one child, so we though cloth diapers would be great because we could use them on the next ones. We have a two year old and a three month old that are both cloth diapered, so the amount of money we’re saving is pretty big!