Win a $15 Gift Certificate to Kelly’s Closet


Gift Certificates

Today we are going to give one lucky reader a $15 Gift Certificate to Kelly’s Closet as part of our 12 Days of Diapers giveaways!  It’s never too late to give a gift certificate to your friend or loved one.  An electronic gift certificate code will be emailed to you the same day of purchase.

To enter to win a $15 Gift Certificate for Kelly’s Closet:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling us what you would buy if you had a $15 gift certificate.  (Or what you would put it towards if what you want is more than $15)
  • Bonus: “Like” Kelly’s Closet on Facebook and leave us a comment on the wall telling us one reason why you use cloth diapers.

Notes:  You are entering to win a $15 gift certificate from Kelly’s Closet.  Contest is open to residents of the US over the age of 18 yrs old.  No purchase necessary to win.  Winner will be chosen at random.  Contest ends on 12/19/12 at 11:59 pm ET.  Winner will be contacted on 12/20/12 to claim their prize.

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209 Responses to Win a $15 Gift Certificate to Kelly’s Closet

  1. Lauren Poss says:

    Just found out we’re expecting baby #2 and I’d use this to start a new newborn stash! 🙂

  2. Liesal says:

    I’m getting more into fitteds, and I’d love to try a Thirsties fitted.

  3. Bethany McKinley says:

    I would use it toward a GroVia AIO…I’m loving those right now!

  4. Erin M says:

    I would put it towards woolies!

  5. Meredith says:

    I would use it towards a new Planetwise Wet/Dry bag for my (falling apart) diaper bag – and/or potty training supplies!

  6. Elizabeth Dickson says:

    I would purchase 2 packs of grovias stay dry boosters or put it towards a baby carrier.

  7. leah says:

    I am doing cloth diapers. I believe in the commitment to my child and the environment, but could use all the help. I can get with the expense! I’d use the money towards cloth diapers!

  8. Christie D says:

    I would buy another best bottom shell for my baby coming in April!

  9. Candice Voorhees says:

    I may put the money towards a trainer!

  10. Danielle says:

    I would stock up on hemp baby doublers

  11. Caitlyn Mrazik says:

    If I had a $15 gift card, I would probably put it towards a fitted. Most likely a sbish fitted 🙂 I’m obsessed with fitteds right now, but don’t have that many or much money to spend on some.

  12. Heather C says:

    I need to try a wool shorty.. and a diaper sprayer:)

  13. Farrah Baldwin says:

    Towards an itti Bitti d’lish. 🙂

  14. Stephanie Hansen says:

    I’d put it to use for more prefolds.

  15. Trisha says:

    I would give it to my friend who is just starting out with cloth. She loves Kawaii diapers, so she would probably buy them.

  16. Lindsey E. says:

    I would use it towards a BG elemental!

  17. Anne says:

    I would by a planet wise wetbag. I only have one! I spent all my money ar kellys closet and cant afford one now lol.

  18. Cas Z says:

    This would be great. 😀

  19. Honnie says:

    I would use it toward cloth wipes and Ruby Moon wipe bits.

  20. Joanna A says:

    Thirsties duo fab fitted or hemp inserts. There really nothing I don’t love from thirsties!!!!

  21. Katie L says:

    I would buy prefolds

  22. Brianne says:

    I would happily splurge on a new pail liner to match our incoming newborn’s room!

  23. Erin says:

    I would buy another BG 4.0!

  24. alyssa says:

    A Lofti! I miss summer time line drying and I’ve heard drying indoors in the winter increases your home’s humidity. Double bonus 🙂

  25. Cas Z says:

    I also like kc on Facebook. We are choosing cloth diapering for our next baby because after learning of the chemicals and how unnaturally long it takes to decompose, I want something that I would want against my own skin.

  26. Allison S. says:

    We have a small stash of cloth diapers that I’ve bought used from various places. I would love to buy at least one shell or pocket style cloth diaper brand spanking new in the package!

  27. Lonnie Marquardt says:

    I would buy put it towards an onesize itti bitti tutto! 🙂

  28. Danielle says:

    I would put the gift certificate towards Kawaii pocket diapers for my little one that is due in May 2013!

  29. alyssa says:

    It’s nice to say I cloth diaper because it’s economical, environmentally friendly, and all that but it’s just so darn cute and that’s what keeps me going!

  30. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I would use it towards a Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex diaper (in giraffe print)! I didn’t start CDing my little one until 4 months, but I would like to buy a few newborns to start my next baby out right. 🙂

  31. Marie Heimann says:

    I would buy some thirsties hemp prefolds!

  32. aimee says:

    i would buy some flip stay dry inserts & throw in a few best bottom stay dry inserts as well. thanks for the chance!

  33. Katie says:

    We just started cloth diapering and LOVE it! We only have 9 right now and our goal is to get out of disposables completely (sooner than later). Definitely would use it to build up our stash! Our favorites are the Flips and Free times!

  34. Ricci Clepper says:

    I would restock on CJs! We are all out at daycare and I need to order more soon 🙂

  35. I would like to put it towards some lil joeys

  36. aimee says:

    i like kelly’s closet on facebook. i cloth diaper bc i love the fluffy booties. so adorable. (more importantly, better for my babe)

  37. kim says:

    I would purchase some more cloth diapers if I win the $15 gift card… another diaper is not too much, better be prepared to have more than less!

  38. Joy N says:


  39. Amy J says:

    I would put it towards a new wet bag.

  40. Mandy Ferguson says:

    I would get the Family Tree Thirsties Duo cover. Such a cute print!!!

  41. Amy J says:

    Commented on FB as Amy Jessee

  42. angie w says:

    I’d try a Wolbybug cover 🙂

  43. Amy says:

    I would most likely use it for more Bum Genius, but maybe that chocolate bar teether! It looks adorable, and it would certainly make teething for Baby #2 a little cuter. :-p

  44. angie w says:

    I like KC on facebook and love cloth because they save us tons of $$!

  45. Tabetha Godfrey says:

    I would save it until my DS is here. I can see that I might use it on smaller pre-folds, or maybe laundry soap.

  46. Melissa says:

    I’m dying to add some best bottoms to our stash…and need an excuse to spend the money 🙂

  47. Steffany says:

    I would buy hemp inserts for my heavy wetting 2 month old! She starts daycare soon, and I want to be sure she stays dry!

  48. Amanda Brown says:

    If I had to choose just one…Grovia AIO. Oh, but then there is wool, too, that I want more of.

  49. rachel a says:

    A new Grovia fitted!

  50. Jazmin Gwynne says:

    I would spend the certificate on a jelly stone teether. My 6 month old loves to naw on everything right now.

  51. Jen L. says:

    I’d put it towards and itti bitti! I don’t currently have any, and I’d love to try them.

  52. Michelle says:

    Another Rumparooz. Love those!

  53. Amy J. says:

    I would use it to buy my first AIO. Building my stash…

  54. Emily Freeman says:

    I would use it to get the last few things on my baby registry I have with Kelly’s Closet!

  55. Alexis Bertch says:

    I would get a Thirsties Duo AIO in size 2

  56. Nicole says:

    I would probably use it towards newborn diapers…even though we are just TTCing at this point

  57. Cathie Hardy says:

    I would buy more swaddlebees newborn for my almost 2 week old. We need more as we are cutting it close on laundry days.

  58. Nicole says:

    I like you on FB and cloth diaper because my son is allergic to the perfumes in disposable diapers

  59. Alexis Bertch says:

    Liked KC on fb

  60. pamela t says:

    I would use it towards a diaper sprayer because we are starting solids! Yikes!

  61. Katie W. says:

    I’d buy more Ruby Moon detergent!

  62. Megan Bush says:

    I would definitely use it to get started on my stash! I’m a first time mom and we’re pretty broke (the joys of being in school!) but we feel so strongly about cloth diapering.

  63. Tracey McKenna says:

    I would get a few super absorbent inserts. I have enough pockets but the microfiber isn’t cutting it for my super soaker!

  64. jessica long says:

    bluberry flats!!! probably

  65. maggie walkup says:

    I would put it toward an amber teething necklace!

  66. Hannah Whiteside says:

    I would use it towards buying trainers for my DS. Or maybe another fitted for nighttime.

  67. Steph says:

    I’d buy a Thirsties wrap to compare with my Bummis cover and decide which style I want to use to create our newborn stash. 😉

  68. Ann says:

    I’d use it to start my stash! My first baby (a son!) is due May 1 and I’m so excited to CD him!

  69. Kelly says:

    I would put the gift certificate toward growing my stash!

    • Calley says:

      Congratulations Kelly! We will email you later today with your gift certificate. Thanks for entering! ~Calley

  70. Jamie g says:

    I’d put it towards a new wetbag.

  71. Jamie g says:

    I like KC on FB and I cloth diaper because it is so much better for my kids.

  72. Mandy Guthrie says:

    I would buy more of the Swaddlebees newborn diapers or the Swaddlebees AIO OS diapers 🙂

  73. melissa says:

    if i had a $15 gift card it would go to a wet bag because im in desperate need of one

  74. Amanda Temple says:

    I would have to get more Softbums. The new Safari print is adorable!

  75. Jessie T-B says:

    I’d buy a grovia diaper

  76. Jill says:

    probably some more flats.

  77. Barbara says:

    I would use it toward a new pail liner.

  78. wendy way says:

    I’d use it to try out a fitted!

  79. Jackie says:

    I would love to get some bamboo or hemp inserts, or diaper cream! Or maybe a new diaper… hmm so many options. 🙂

  80. Jenny says:

    I would definitely try a fitted. I have been wanting to try one for a while!

  81. Gerri H. says:

    I would use it towards either my first BG or my first FuzziBunz. Want to try both brands & build up my stash a bit more.

  82. Beth Sluzewski says:

    I would buy more best bottom inserts!

  83. Heide says:

    Probably towards newborn diapers.

  84. Heide says:

    i’m a fan on facebook, and i use cloth diapers to save money.

  85. Briana says:

    I just found out I am pregnant, and want to cloth diaper. I would LOVE $15 towards cloth diapers. 🙂

  86. Lyndsey pare says:

    I would use it to put towards a wool cover

  87. miranda says:

    Itti Bitti D’lish!

  88. Katrina Smith says:

    I would use it towards buying my first started pack of cloth diapers! I’m anxious to switch from disposables to cloth diapers but its an expensive first switch!!

  89. Jessica Stevens says:

    I’d buy a Thirsties AIO to try out. I have all pockets and wouldn’t mind trying out that diaper as it is the best of both worlds, AIO, but a pocket underneath if you need more.

  90. Ashley Schroeder says:

    I would put it towards a large wet bag or pail liner!

  91. Megan Simoens says:

    I would buy a bum genius 4.0 in mirror because it is such a pretty color!

  92. Casey B. says:

    I would use the $15 gift certificate toward a wet dry bag for my diaper bag (right now i’m using a grocery bag) and Rockin Green products for laundry.

  93. Corie says:

    I would buy detergent! Love ruby moon unscented!

  94. Jessica Rodenbaugh says:

    I would put this toward some new bg diapers!

  95. krissy m says:

    I would really love to try a wool cover 4 night time my baby is a very heavy wetter.

  96. Heather Hale says:

    We need some hemp inserts for overnight. Little one is such a heavy wetter!

  97. Ruth V. says:

    I’d put it towards a BG freetime.

  98. Ruth V. says:

    I like Kelly’s Closet and Diapershops on Facebook. I cloth diaper because I’m addicted to the cuteness!

  99. Jill O says:

    I would buy an organic fitted!

  100. Jennifer B says:

    I would put it towards a nighttime trainer!

  101. Jodie says:

    I would get some small prefolds for baby boy #2 expected here in March! 🙂

  102. Lisa says:

    I’d put it toward a hanging wetbag!

  103. Beth R says:

    We would put it towards some lil joeys or a diaper sprayer

  104. Heather says:

    I would buy diaper safe ointment for my son. i’d hate to mess up those diapers!

  105. Haley says:

    I would purchase applecheeks!

  106. Heather says:

    I did a bonus entry

  107. Lauren says:

    I would put the money to buy more hemp inserts. I love how well they work and how thin they are. My baby can wear clothes that are his size when wearing hemp inserts.

  108. Tracy Dillard says:

    We’re having baby#3 in April and we’re CD’ing for the first time! We’re so excited and we’d use this to start our stash.


  109. ChandraD says:

    I would put it towards doublers. I need to do some research before i know which brand. 🙂

  110. Tara Payton says:

    I would defiantly put it towards a GroVia trainer!

  111. Veronica says:

    I would use the $15 towards a Swaddlebees One Size dipe. Love the designs!

  112. Jessica D says:

    I would use the gift certificate to go towards buying a pocket diaper. Probably a BumGenius 4.0. Still trying to build up a bigger stash for my new little one.

  113. Valerie says:

    My LO is nearing the potty training stage. I would probably buy a trainer from grovia!

  114. Elora says:

    I really need a wet bag or diaper pail liner!

  115. Rebekah says:

    I would put a gift certificate towards best bottoms training pants.

  116. Leah says:

    I would buy some CJ’s lotion and/or a diaper sprayer!

  117. Michelle Suttles says:

    I would use it to be some more Thirsties or Hemp Babies inserts. Or try some Fab wipes… 🙂

  118. Ashley T. says:

    I would get a diaper pail liner if I won:)

  119. Cori says:

    I would use it toward my newborn stash. Expecting number 2 in June and we are hoping to cloth diaper from the start this time. 🙂

  120. Heather Eitel says:

    I would use this gift certificate to begin cloth diapering! I want to try it, but money is tight to start with, so even 15.00 could be a starting point!

  121. Lauren Adams says:

    I would put it towards some more inserts/doublers – I’m looking to have a bigger stash to rotate and share with my son’s caregivers.

  122. Sarah Clark says:

    I would buy a BG 4.0!

  123. Denise H says:

    I want another BG 4.0 in snaps!

  124. Kristin says:

    I would get more thirsties!!!

  125. Amy b says:

    Some more profiles and cover!

  126. Nisha says:

    I would buy rockin’ green soap. It’s our favorite!

  127. Suzanne says:

    I would buy some detergent

  128. Vicki Mc says:

    I’d keep working on my KL0 stash!

  129. Heather says:

    I would put it towards a moby wrap!

  130. Meghan V. says:

    I need some hemp boosters or inserts so that is what I would get.

  131. Lauren Stephens says:

    I would use the $15 gift card toward some new hemp or any other non-micro fiber inserts for my 9 month old’s pocket diapers. =)

  132. Meghan V. says:

    Commented on the wall as Ellie Grey.

  133. Tara Yousef says:

    I think I would try out a fitted diaper for nighttime for my Son. I have heard good things about Thirsties fitteds and would love to try one!!!

  134. Laura says:

    I’d like a Thirsties cover for my two year old- we don’t have enough!

  135. Katie K says:

    A hanging wet/dry pail or two. We don’t any yet.

  136. Stacie says:

    i would get either a best bottom shell or some thirsties hemp inserts

  137. Kelly M says:

    Some more cloth all-in-ones for our new baby boy on the way…since that is probably the only kind my husband will be willing to change, haha 🙂

  138. Calie says:

    We need more rockin green detergent!!

  139. Colleen says:

    I would buy cjs butter

  140. Nicole Bear says:

    I would use it to start my cloth diaper collection.

  141. Kristen L says:

    I’d use the $15 towards a Kissa Wool Diaper Cover or save it to use towards a stash of larger diapers when baby outgrows his/her newborn diapers. Can’t wait to try out all our cute little cloth diapers when the baby is born in a few days!!

  142. Elizabeth Volker says:

    I would probably put it towards a medium simplex 🙂

  143. KNut says:

    I would love to get some more fitteds! Or may AIO’s!

  144. Serena Hazelet says:

    I would get another Simplex.

  145. Krystal says:

    I’d use it towards a Thirsties DUO AIO diaper.

  146. Natasha says:

    I would use it to buy my very first cloth diaper!! I’m TTC and I can not wait to try cloth diapers for the first time : )

  147. Rebecca says:

    I’d out it toward a Sustainablebabyish wool cover! I’m sitting around my house hugely pregnant and extremely uncomfortable at 6 days past my due date, and can’t wait for this little man to arrive so I can start using my diaper stash!

  148. Laura Glen says:

    I would put it towards the bum genius diaper sprayer!!!!

  149. Leah M. says:

    i would use it to buy more diapers and build up my stash! I am tired of washing every day! but not so tired to buy disposables 😉

  150. Leela says:

    I’d get some CJ’s butter spray and Eco Sprout bamboo liners 🙂

  151. TiffanyC says:

    I am expecting my first baby in May 2013 and I will buy more cloth diapers for him! I love your website and only buy from you!!!

  152. TiffanyC says:

    I forgot to mention what I would buy with the $15.00 in my previous comment. I would buy an extra small bum genius diaper or a kissaluv fitted for my baby boy due in May 2013.

  153. Maria Kesel says:

    I would buy again some best bottoms after my package got stolen from my front porch:( this time ill make sure to add insurance 🙂 Thanks for thus give away KC!!

  154. Traci C. says:

    I need some pockets with aplix for night time, oh and some Bummis flushable liners. But, with a gift certificate I might just buy something I don’t need but is cute! 🙂

  155. Kirsten Lyson says:

    I would put money towards a diaper sprayer.

  156. Deborah Cormier says:

    I just started cloth diapering and am trying flip in which i ordered from you guys! I would use it towards another pail liner or on the go bag for my diaper bag 2 things i would like extra of!

  157. Diana Byron says:

    I would buy a size 2 Thirsties duo aio!

  158. Julie says:

    I would buy a bumgenius 4.0!

  159. Danielle says:

    I would buy a Tot Bots NEW S-T-R-E-T-C-H Bamboozle fitted diaper. I don’t have any velcro fitteds, and I’d like to give these a try.

  160. Laura Hardy says:

    I would use it towards some new fitteds – have been dying to try them for nighttime!

  161. Jennifer DeMarco says:

    I’d buy some hemp inserts to go with my just-arrived flats and newborn covers, and some snappi’s to replace the ones that seemed to have disappeared since my last LO potty trained.

  162. JessicaC says:

    I’d use it toward a pail liner…would love to win! thanks!

  163. JessicaC says:

    I like kellyscloset on facebook, and I’m planning to cloth diaper mainly to save money! I’m expecting my 3rd, but this will be my first time to use cloth.

  164. Amanda M. says:

    I would use it toward a newborn stash. We are expecting our 4th baby!

  165. krissy m says:

    I wanna try wool and i like kellys closet

  166. Elaine Carder says:

    I would buy my newborn daughter some diapers. We are short on diapers but I am hesitant to buy more since we are hoping to potty train my son soon so the money would buy at least one diaper for us which would be wonderful.

  167. Vallery Kotila says:

    Definitely would invest in some overnight cloth diapers with the heavy soakers!!

  168. Heather Ratliff says:

    I’d give it to a friend who is just about to start CDing her LO.

  169. Joey says:

    LOO HOO wool balls

  170. Jamie says:

    I just got some wool and I would love to get more!

  171. Tracie Drew says:

    I would put it towards some fitted and wool for nighttime.

  172. Jess. M. says:

    I’d get another Thirsties snap diaper cover!

  173. Jess. M. says:

    I use cloth diapers because they make so much sense for baby and the planet.

  174. Deb says:

    Wow, fun! I just made my first order to Kelly’s Closet for my daughter’s first baby, so I’d use it towards some more cloth diapers! Thanks for these fun giveaways! Just discovered this site just now via KC. Blessings to all moms!

  175. Kylie says:

    I would love to be able to try out an AIO diaper!

  176. Cathie says:

    I would use it towards more swaddlebees newborn aio. We are cutting it close on laundry day with our almost 2 week old.

  177. brittney merck says:

    bumgenius elementals for our newborn

  178. Katherine P. says:

    I would buy Bum Genius Freetime diapers. I have 4 in my stash and I really want more! They make GREAT night time diapers.

  179. Lauren says:

    Well… we NEED a larger wetbag, but I WANT another bitti d’lish for little guy! Lol.

  180. Rebecca says:

    I would put $15 towards more inserts for my heavy wetter! Also commented on Facebook.

  181. Anna D says:

    Detergent! Need to wash the dipes! Plus my baby girl has SUPER sensitive skin, so I need the good stuff:)

  182. Britni Bradford says:

    I would put it towards an Sbish wool cover

  183. Britni Bradford says:

    I like Kelly’s Closet on FB. One reason I use cloth diapers is to limit the chemicals my daughter is exposed to.

  184. chrystal horst says:

    I would buy a babykicks OS diaper to try. My son is 34lbs & outgrowing his current diapers. I read that these go to 40lbs & I’m dying to try them!

  185. Melissa Cole says:

    I would buy a teething necklace…my son is only 3 months but has already started!

  186. christine k says:

    I would put it towards some s’bish longies…. I’ve always wanted some of those!

  187. James M says:

    I would let me wife finally buy some new diapers that she has been begging for! 😉

  188. Laura says:

    I would use this to buy my pregnant cousin a Thirsties Duo wrap. She is very young and doesn’t have a lot of money so I am trying to build her an easy to use stash.

  189. Laura says:

    I Like Kelly’s Closet on FB. I started using cloth 6 years ago to save money, and I fell in love! They are cute, fun, easy, they really do save me money, and they don’t smell bad! I love cloth!

  190. Sara S says:

    I would love to win the $15 gift certificate. I would use it towards another nighttime fitted diaper, either a Sustainablebabyish or a Bamboozle!

  191. Tiffany S says:

    I would put it towards buying more fluff of course.

  192. Elizabeth says:

    I would use the $15 toward hemp inserts!

  193. Lily Ivey says:

    I would use it towards some Blueberry Bamboo Flat Diapers.

  194. Lily Ivey says:

    I like Kelly’s Closet on FB.

  195. anna murfin says:

    I would use it towards my growing grovia stash for my new little girl!

  196. Katie Fender says:

    I would buy some extra inserts!

  197. Michelle Fournier says:

    I’ve been dying to try an Applecheeks!

  198. Julie Ragozzine says:

    I would buy Kissaluvs!

  199. Julie Ragozzine says:

    I commented on your fb post

  200. Sheila McInnis says:

    Trainers for my 20 month old and newborn covers for my niece on the way!!!

  201. Michelle says:

    I’m expecting my second child in February and need to restock on boy printed diapers. Can’t have my boy running around in a Pink Lemonade Swaddlebee!

  202. kelsi says:

    I would use it to start cloth diapering! Our lo is practically a toddler, but we’re anxious to start cloth! Wanting to try the flip system and $15 would be awesome towards that. Thanks!

  203. Amanda says:

    I would use it to buy inserts for my ac diapers!