Win a Jellystone Designs Owl Pendant

12 Days of DiapersYesterday we gave away 12 one-size diapers!  Bonnie H was our lucky winner and has been contacted via email.  Thank you to everyone who entered yesterday!

Today we’re giving away one Jellystone Designs Owl Pendant (teething necklace).  

Jellystone Designs silicone necklaces not only look great, but also are a non-toxic alternative to regular costume jewelery.

  • The custom-designed clasp separates easily when tugged or snagged.
  • Ideal as a nursing necklace.
  • Height: 61mm
  • Width: 36mm
  • Thickness:40mm
  • Extra long cord 84cm (so you can adjust to suit)

*Shown above with snow hat, scarf and arms – not on the actual product!

To enter to win the owl pendant:

  1. Leave a comment on this post about your experiences with teething babies!  What has helped calm the teething pain with your own babies?  
  2. Bonus Entry: Repin our “Stocking Stuffer Ideas” pin on Pinterest and tag @DiaperShops in your pin.

Notes:  You are entering to win one Jellystone Designs Owl Pendant (in Red) from Kelly’s Closet.  Contest is open to residents of the US over the age of 18 yrs old.  No purchase necessary to win.  Winner will be chosen at random.  Contest ends on 12/13/12 at 11:59 pm ET.  Winner will be contacted on 12/14/12 to claim their prize.


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102 Responses to Win a Jellystone Designs Owl Pendant

  1. Heather Anne says:

    My little guy started teething at 3 months! We’ve been using a baltic amber teething necklace, which worked for awhile. Right before the tooth popped up, we gave the homeopathic medicine Camilia, which helped him to nurse more comfortably. We also had several chiropractic adjustments in there, which helped on those days!

  2. Erin M says:

    L is getting her first top tooth right now and the poor thing is so fussy. We have an amber teething necklace on the way now!

    • Calley says:

      Congrats!! You won our Jellystone Designs Owl Pendant from yesterdays contest! We’ll email you for additional information. ~Calley

  3. Liz DeLise says:

    Baby #1 all she needed was a Lil bit of Tylenol to help keep her fever down and boom tooth the next morning. Baby #2 liked to just nurse and nurse and nurse. Baby #3 is teething right now and she loves frozen bananas!

  4. Megan G. says:

    Nursing!!!!!! Lots of nursing helped my daughter while teething.

  5. Heather says:

    When my babies teeth they get fevers, poops, runny noses, everything! I’ve tried rags, specialty wooden necklaces, everything i could find and nothing worked! it would be wonderful to win a necklace to not only keep my child entertained while breastfeeding but to help when their teething is making them uncomfortable!

  6. Sarah says:

    My babies have all seemed to love my knuckles best of all! I asked Santa for a Jellystone necklace in my stocking this year so I’m waiting patiently (with a slobbery hand) to see if I get one!

  7. Pamela Reddy says:

    I spread a little applesauce or baby food on a washcloth and freeze it until its just slightly crunchy. Keeps a teething baby girl happy 🙂

  8. Amy says:

    Amber teething necklaces have helped so much when my son is teething!

  9. Stephanie Jacobson says:

    frozen cubes of breastmilk in a mesh feeder always helped my girls when they were teething

  10. Kristy says:

    I’ve had an easy teether followed by a teether who acts like the world is coming to an end with every tooth. He chews on everything including me! He does really enjoy the chewy teethers. So having one to wear around my neck would be awesome!

  11. Beth-Anne says:

    My son never had an issue with teething. You would have to keep an eye out for any new teeth. My oldest daughter didn’t get hers until she was 11 months, and no real issues then either. My youngest just got her first two at 9 months and we just nursed and cuddled a lot since that seemed to be all she wanted. It helped calm her down. She would also chew on toys, but that is about all she needed for her to feel better.

  12. Caitlyn Mrazik says:

    I’ve always used Hyland’s teething tablets as a way to sooth teething pain. They seemed to help my son when he was a baby. I just purchased an amber baltic teething necklace for my little girl & she wears that constantly. I also use the teething tablets with her when she’s super fussy! She’s already gotten two teeth & hasn’t been that fussy at all 🙂

  13. Jenny T says:

    We use a Sophie teether and frozen peaches for our little one. The peaches help alleviate her gums enough at night to get her to sleep and since we started using them before bed, we haven’t had to use tylenol once! She’s six months, so we have to watch her with them, but they’re perfect. The Sophie teether is great for when she wants to chew on her own and easy for her to grip – she’s used it since 3 months.

  14. Beth R says:

    We have been fairly lucky with our teething babies. They have always worn amber teething necklaces and I think that has helped tremendously. Besides that, the wooden teething toys have been a great help since they want to chew on everything. This necklace would be wonderful though because it would be nice to have something with you all the time plus something to entertain baby while breastfeeding!

  15. Christine says:

    My cutie is very close to cutting her first tooth! She loves to chew on any and everything! Her favorites being my shoulder and our Chewbeads bracelet 🙂

  16. Angela says:

    My little cousins were fans of a damp, frozen washcloth (and sometimesmy aunt would put a bit of chamomile tea on them before freezing)

  17. Kayce says:

    Amber has been the best thing for my babe along with several teethers.

  18. Desirae Bartlett says:

    I have found that cold, wet washcloths (or frozen ones) work wonders! Usually only available at home though. Our amber teething necklace has worked great too!

  19. Shanon says:

    For my son, we used an amber teething necklace, Hyland’s tablets, an ice cube wrapped in a wash cloth (to suck and chew on), and pain meds when it got really bad.

  20. Marya Mann says:

    I am a new mom to my 3.5 month old daughter and she has been showing early signs of teething. I have tried putting small gel teethers in the fridge for her to chew on, cold rags, and my fingers. LOL. I would love to win one of these necklace teethers because I would always know where it was and wouldn’t have to worry about it dropping. It’s something for her to be interested in and I’ve heard great reviews on them. My fingers are crossed tightly. Oh, and my toes 😉 Thanks for this opportunity!!

  21. Amy Hess says:

    My daughter loves anything cold when teething, a cold tether, frozen tether, the cold feels good on the gums

  22. Michelle Suttles says:

    For my daughter, the worst part of teething was when her first molars were coming in. I think she was feeling a lot of pressure and her gums were hurting a lot. She wanted to be held a lot at that time. I wasn’t aware at that time of some of the teething necklaces…But with a little Tylenol and lots of love and cuddles, we made it through it!

  23. Beth Sluzewski says:

    With my son (now 3) we tried all the “marketed” things out there: tablets, gels, drugs…). Nothing worked for him, and in the end we spent a lot of money. My daughter is 9 weeks old, and this time we are doing a more natural approach when she starts teething. Winning this necklace would be awesome!

  24. christy says:

    Out little girl likes anything that is chewy and has some texture to it. She also sometimes likes cold things when her gums are swollen. Maybe this cute necklace would also help her to not chew on a my shirts as much when I am holding her 🙂

  25. Kimberly C says:

    My daughter just got her first tooth last week. She likes chewing wooden toys (or her crib rail)…

  26. Ashley Schroeder says:

    My daughter is 13 months old and only has 2 teeth so we are in the middle of teething. She is always putting her hands in her mouth and chomping down on her fingers. Her gums haven’t gotten really swollen but she also loves teething rings especially if they are cold or vibrate.

  27. Rachel H. says:

    I’ve only ever used Orajel for my boys, but would love to try a teething necklace!! My youngest is 11 months and has lots of teeth to come in still.

  28. Stefanie y says:

    Frozen wash cloths and frozen fruit in meshy bags 😉

  29. Catherine Spruance says:

    My baby girl cut her first tooth last night! Time to bring out the arsenal of teething tricks:
    * Stick a damp washcloth in the freezer (I like to wet just part of it so there is a dry corner to hold)
    * Counterpressure (with clean fingers only!)
    * Freeze a cube of breastmilk or baby food and put it in a sieve feeder
    * Put a teether (or a spatula) in the fridge to cool down those gums
    * Teething Tabs (yes, they are homeopathic with no active ingredient – but they worked for my son)
    * Whiskey on the gums (I asked my pediatrician about this one, and he told us that the amount of alcohol a baby receives by doing this is comparable to a dose of baby tylenol)
    * Tylenol as a last resort
    I’d love to add a Jellystone owl necklace to my arsenal!

  30. Maddie says:

    My four month old has started showing signs of teething. It will be my first experience with this so I don’t have any advice and am quite nervous!!

  31. Katie L says:

    Lots of chewing has helped my teething babies

  32. Marya Mann says:

    This is my repin link… Even though I put @DiaperShops.. Just wasn’t sure if I put it in the correct place 😉

  33. Leslie G says:

    My first two babies had no issues and then my little girl came along. She is so unhappy. We take a wash cloth and rub her gums and I give her things to chew on. Does not take all the fuss away but helps.

  34. Ashley A says:

    This would be neat to win for my second baby. My first was/is a horrible teether and to have something on me all the time that’s as cute as this would be great!

  35. Anne says:

    My 7 month old daughter doesn’t have any teeth yet but I think she might soon. The only thing we’ve tried so far are the gel teethers that you put in the fridge and freezer. I would LOVE to win this necklace – not only for the teething benefits but it would also keep her occupied while she’s nursing! Plus it’s super cute AND her nursery theme is owls! 🙂

  36. Courtney Henderson says:

    My son didn’t chew on much besides his crib, we have hunks missing out of the wood! One of these would b awesome for baby number two in jan! Maybe give this to him instead lol

  37. Kerri says:

    My son is currently teething ( getting one year molars). We find that Sophie the giraffe helps 🙂

  38. kristy naylor says:

    My son is just starting the teething process.. at a year old! So far he is loving his frozen teething rings. Hopefully this goes by quick! Poor baby is a crank!

  39. Michelle J. says:

    Best teething remedies for my son so far are his Jellystone chocolate bar JChew and cold full size carrots to gnaw on.

  40. Carrie W says:

    Frozen peas and carrots were always a favorite of our teething babies. My daughter also loved whole carrots to gnaw on before she got teeth.

  41. Laurie says:

    Amber teething necklace! It really works!

  42. Claiborne snyder says:

    Good ole Tylenol!

  43. Jill says:

    my first child liked teethers. my second only wants to nurse or be held!

  44. Brianna Johnson says:

    We use amber teething necklaces. They seem to really help my son. Hylands teething tablets also help him.

  45. amanda fletcher says:

    My 6 mo old is teething and drooling like crazy. I ordered an amber teething necklace only to loose it before I even got it on the baby!

  46. Jessica says:

    I’ve done Baltic amber teething necklaces with both kids. I’d love a wearable teether for the new baby! Plus, I LOVE owls!!!

  47. Angela says:

    Cool teethers really helped my kids.

  48. Stephanie says:

    My girls have always been quiet teethers! My son, on the other hand, cries a lot. My knuckle has been a great teether for him so far, lol, but now that he has a bunch I teeth and his canines are starting to come trough, I’m scared to let him chew me! He bites, HARD!!

  49. Aimee L. says:

    I used to freeze breastmilk into icepops to soothe my son’s gums – he loved it! I was able to do it before he even started solid foods.

  50. Liesal says:

    Surprisingly, my LO hasn’t really started teething. Just drooling and chewing. But we use an amber teething necklace, so I like to say that it helps. And he loves to chew on Sophie the Giraffe!

  51. Stephanie M says:

    I realize now that I was very fortunate with my son and teething, he has a pretty high pain tolerance but on those really rough days the hyland’s teething tablets would seem to work instantly for him!

  52. Elaine says:

    Teething can be such a painful experience for babies. I am on my 3rd child and have just learned about the amber necklaces. At first I was really apprehensive, but it seems to be helping my 4 month old since he is cutting his 2 bottom teeth and isn’t showing very many symptoms (diahrea, drooling excessively, swollen gums, etc.) He does love to chew on anything he can get a hold of, even if it’s my hair! Poor kid, I think this would be a great addition to our teething process!

  53. Jessie H says:

    Amber teething necklace!

  54. Faith says:

    My son was a pretty good teether but having something to chew on helps. Also wet washcloths work well too!

  55. Monica says:

    My 6 month old just got his two bottom middle incisors and he’s hardly acting different at all! I really think the amber teething necklace he’s had since 3 months has really helped.

  56. Christie D says:

    For my son, a teething necklace (now destroyed from chewing, not a jellystone necklace) Tylenol, Motrin at night, and teething tablets helped. T

  57. crystal a says:

    I love Baltic amber. It has helped my son so much! He also has loads of teething toys.

  58. Joann says:

    Teething necklaces such as this are actually really great! We didn’t have them with our first son and are great with our second!

  59. amy says:

    cold/frozen fruits veggies in a mesh feeder.. and nursing. best ever.

  60. Miranda says:

    We thought our daughter was teething for a long time before we FINALLY saw a tooth. We kept her Baltic amber necklace on her practically round the clock!

  61. Molly says:

    LO won’t stop nursing when teething. She also uses me as a teether!

  62. Krystal says:

    My daughter mostly chews on washcloths…And I give her Tylenol to help her (and me!) feel better.

  63. Angie Guzman says:

    My little one hasn’t started teething but I hope to find ways to soothe him when he does.

  64. Colby Gould says:

    With our oldest (now two) we didn’t really experience bad teething. She didn’t get her first tooth until she was about 16 months old.

    With our 9 month old, teething has been tough. She already has 5 teeth and had a tough time.

  65. Katherine P. says:

    Mine just got her 4th tooth. She really loves to chew on the outside of her paci. Its so funny when you put it in her mouth and she takes it out, turns it around, and knaws on it.

  66. John Osmin says:

    While my babies were teething, the only thing that helped were frozen washcloth’s. I’m entering to win this for my 5 year old daughter, she has Down syndrome and PICA, so everything goes into her mouth and she chews on everything as she is a big oral stimmer. This would be great for her and I love how it doesn’t look ‘babyish’ so she can wear it to school and have it not stand out that it’s a teether.

  67. Amanda Selenke says:

    We couldn’t live without our amber teething necklace. He also liked frozen fruits and ice chips in one of those mesh bags. If it gets really bad we give him hylands teething tablets or infant advil

  68. Anne Petre says:

    Knock on wood teething hasn’t been to bad yet! He wears an amber necklace all the time & when he gets really fussy I use the Boiron Camilia teething drops…

  69. Alyssa says:

    I’m not sure if my girl is an easy teether but I swear by her maver teething necklace. I did ‘t even know she was cutting a tooth until I saw it one night while feeding her. She’s not had any symptoms and sleeps well at night. I recommend it to everyone!

  70. Teddi says:

    We used Hyland’s teething tabs with our first and I think tylenol when it was really bad as a toddler for those molars but I don’t remember what we did as a baby! Wondering when DD will begin her teething woes… I would love a cool teether to try out with her.

  71. terri says:

    My boy was an easy teether. He liked teething necklaces and was pretty easy going. My daughter just started teething and puts everything in her mouth. Teethers are going to be her best friend I think!

  72. Kara says:

    Both of my kids did well with teething tablets and frozen fruit in one of those mesh things.

  73. wendy k says:

    I didn’t even know when my first kid was getting teeth. But with the 2nd…nothing helps. He just likes to chew on my fingers.

  74. Laurie M. says:

    All my babies started teething at 3 months. Chewing on cool wash rags, helped and lots of cuddle and nursing time.

  75. Angela says:

    Teething has been horrible with my almost 7 month old! She got her first tooth at 4 months and refuses any type of pain relief just nurses constantly and chews on her Sophie 🙁

  76. Meghan V. says:

    I’m using an amber necklace with my third son right now. He may be in the early stages of teething but I wanted him to start wearing it before the pain got bad. So I can’t wait to see how the whole teething thing will go this time.

  77. Kelly A. says:

    My babies always liked to nurse alot while teething and hyland’s teething tablets were also very helpful especcially with my first son.

  78. Allison says:

    Elk i have no experience yet with teething babies,b but I’m getting close. My 7 week old sonson is starring to drool and be fussy more than he has been. I was really wanting one of these necklace to see if he liked it. I’m planning on getting some of the Baltic amber as well when the time comes.

  79. Jessica Rodenbaugh says:

    My LO loves drinking ice water from a cup and chewing on the cup to soothe his gums

  80. Marci D says:

    My 7 month old is teething right now and the best thing are my fingers. He is always grabbing them a putting them in his mouth.

  81. Erin B. says:

    I would love to know! My daughter is 6 mos. and I think she is teething. She likes to suck on a cold washcloth. However, I think it is bothering her at night, and I don’t know how to get her to sleep through it.

  82. Gina Hilton says:

    We have an amber teething neckalce and also a Sophie for teething pain. I would love to get a jellystone necklace to wear when we are out and he wants to chew.

  83. Melissa Johnson says:

    Just starting teething now with my 7 month old and he seems to like wet washcloths and his Sophie the giraffe!

  84. Jessica Mel says:

    Highlands homeopathic teething tablets and breastfeeding. Mainly breastfeeding!

  85. Holly says:

    I will wet a rag and freeze it so my daughter has something soothing to gnaw on. Bananas and whole wheat waffles also work great. These are wonderful home remedies but we also use an amber teething necklace and when things get really bad, teething tablets.

  86. brandy Anderson says:

    My first baby never really had trouble with teething. My 2nd has had on an amber necklace sine about 3 months old.

  87. Rachel Gueths says:

    Usually just used cold or vibrating teethers with my kids. My little guy is getting his 1st molar right now though so he’s needed tylenol at night poor guy. Been pretty crabby.

  88. Emily Freeman says:

    We have had good luck with amber necklaces!

  89. christine k says:

    Punkin’ Butt teething oil was our godsend. Our son would INSTANTLY stop crying when we put it on his gums, and then he was a happy baby for a little bit. Best of all, it was natural, not that fake numbing stuff from the store!

  90. Regina W says:

    Kiddo #1 was a teether from hell. I thought I was a big wuss and people thought I was making it all up and blowing it out of proportion. Then I had kiddo #2 who actually fit the “typical” descriptions of teething kids and I feel totally justified in my apparent wussiness with kiddo #1. She really WAS a teether from hell. Nice to know I’m not totally crazy. (I won’t go on to describe the soothing techniques we’ve tried since this comment is long enough, but I could write another 3-4 paragraphs.)

  91. Jen says:

    My little girl has struggled with teething. After what seemed like endless fussing and tylenol at night to sleep, the first two broke through within hours of each other. She loved to chew on Daddy’s finger, but he’s not going to let her chew on it to help with the next teeth. Ouch!

  92. sara says:

    My lil guys has started teething, maybe a month or so ago (he is going to be 5months). He has been ok for the most part, but man, sometimes we wakes up screaming in pain and there is not much we can do other than offer him a froze rag and extra cuddles. Breaks my heart!

  93. Hannah Grace says:

    My daughter is 4 months now, but has been teething since 2 months! She loves to chomp on her fingers, and now that she can grab things, loves teething rings! I’m hoping a teething necklace like this would help tremendously!

  94. Kim Flikkema says:

    we freeze a washcloth and give it to our boy

  95. Mary P says:

    Teether toys, amber necklace, cucumber slices & cold washcloths

  96. Jennifer Lyden says:

    DD started teething at 3 months. We bought an amber teething necklace from Kelly’s Closet and she has worn in ever since! (She is now 18 months old.) We also use Hyland’s Teething Tablets if things get bad (molars and canines).

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  98. Gianna says:

    What helped was some teethers.. but most of the time it was nursing.