Win a Knickernappies Cloth Diaper – 12 Days of Diapers Giveaway!


It’s such a pretty diaper with that smooth front and those side snaps!  Would you like to win one of these gorgeous Knickernappies cloth diapers?  That’s what we will be giving away today in our 12 Days of Diapers giveaway!  P.S. They are on sale today only if you’d like to try one!

To enter to win you’ll need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Mandatory: Leave us a comment on this post telling us what your favorite color Knickernappies is.  Want to see what colors are available?  You can see the full range on our store – Kelly’s Closet.
  2. Bonus: Leave a comment on the Knickernappies Facebook wall and wish them a Happy Holidays.  Any nice comment will do!

Notes:  You are entering to win one Knickernappies one-size pocket diaper from Kelly’s Closet.  Contest is open to residents of the US over the age of 18 yrs old.  No purchase necessary to win.  Winner will be chosen at random.  Contest ends on 12/17/12 at 11:59 pm ET.  Winner will be contacted on 12/18/12 to claim their prize.

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107 Responses to Win a Knickernappies Cloth Diaper – 12 Days of Diapers Giveaway!

  1. Michelle F. says:

    My favorite is red!

  2. Abbey V says:

    I think Ooga booga is adorable! but for a solid color, the blue is quite striking. Love bold colors

  3. Michelle F. says:

    Left a comment on Knickernappies wall (Michelle Ferguson)

  4. Misha says:

    I love the Ooga Booga print. So cute!

  5. Caitlyn Mrazik says:

    I love the rasberry color, it’s so bright & fun! I also like the celery color, I’m beginning to like the light green colors 🙂 I’ve never tried these diapers though, so this is just from the color refrence I see on the website!

  6. Erin B. says:

    So hard to choose because they are all pretty! Am looking to add a red to my stash (how I don’t have any, I am not sure…)

  7. Jodie says:

    I really like the spring green!

  8. Michelle says:

    My favorite is the green. It just looks so spring-like.

  9. Nicole Meche says:

    Love the color spring green!

  10. Holly says:

    My favorite color is Ooga Booga! But if that counts more as a pattern than color then I’ll choose Raspberry. They are all super cute though.

  11. Annie Kerwin says:

    My favorite is the turquoise. I also really like the violet but don’t know yet whether I’m having a boy or girl.

  12. Holly says:

    Also left a comment on the FB page. =)

  13. Krystal says:

    I would love to have the red one!

  14. rachel williams says:

    I like the violet color

  15. Kassia Spicer says:

    I really like the blue, red, and Ooga booga. I truly cant say between the three which I like the best 🙂

  16. rachel williams says:

    I also left a comment on the fb page 🙂

  17. Angela Munson says:


  18. Heather C says:

    Ooga booga! Or Turquoise!

  19. Traci C. says:

    The blue in that specific shade is my favorite color. Would love that one!! (i commented on their fb page)

  20. Katherine P. says:

    Ooga Booga is so stinkin’ cute!

  21. Jamie says:

    I like the ooga booga one, so cute! Solid color – turquoise for sure. Would love to try one of these on my son.

  22. Angie says:

    I like to ooga bogga one 🙂

  23. Rachael McDaniel says:

    The blue in that specific shade is my favorite color. I would love that one! (I commented on their fb page also)

  24. Rachael McDaniel says:

    The blue is my favorite color. I Would love that one!! (I commented on their fb page)

  25. Jen L says:

    I’m torn between Raspberry and Violet…I love them both!

  26. Rachel Richardson says:

    I would love love love love love to try one of your diapers! The red one looks gorgeous!

  27. Wendy K says:

    How can I choose?? They’re all pretty! I like spring green or raspberry or violet!

  28. Corie says:

    I have one and i think the color is called baby blue. I like this one. Good for potty training.

  29. Jenna says:

    The Ooga Booga is adorable, but I also like the spring green!

  30. Kim says:

    Raspberry! I don’t have anything like that.

  31. Sabreena Eastman says:


  32. Michelle says:

    Raspberry or violet 🙂 left comment on knocker apples wall

  33. Stephanie Hansen says:

    Spring Green is my favorite!

  34. Michelle says:

    Sorry, I was autocorrected… Knickernappies

  35. Tabetha Godfrey says:

    I love the Ooga Booga. Its so cute for a little boy! 🙂

  36. amanda frecks says:

    Would love to win! If I do win fb me my email addy gets a lot of junk and don’t get on much.

  37. Amy J. says:

    Green is the best color for oh so many reasons!

  38. Nichole Booton says:

    I am torn between Blue and Spring Green! 🙂

  39. Tracey says:

    Favorite would have to be the Ooga Booga or Chocolate!

  40. Amber Coats says:

    My favorite color is the Raspberry! I love it!

  41. Melissa K says:

    My favorite color is blue.

  42. Amber Coats says:

    I left a comment on FB! 🙂

  43. Julie says:

    They are all so cute but I think I like celery 🙂

  44. Julie says:

    Left a Facebook comment at Knickernappies!

  45. jessica long says:

    Spring Green is the best but OOGA BOOGA its the cutest

  46. Melissa J. says:

    My favorite color is red!

  47. Tracie Drew says:

    My favorite color is ooga booga. Not only is it absolutely adorable it had an awesome name. Love it!

  48. Beth R says:

    I like the ooga booga!

  49. Rebecca says:

    Raspberry! We mostly have neutral colors so we can use for the next one, but the girly colors are so pretty!

  50. Ameryn says:

    I like the celery, it’s soft and sweet! {and good for girl or boy!}

  51. Marie C. says:

    My favorite color is spring green.

  52. stephanie says:

    Chocolate or ooga booga are beautiful!

  53. hollie n. says:

    ok, i have a boy but i -lovelovelove- raspberry.

  54. stephanie says:

    Also left a comment on there fb page 🙂

  55. Milka says:

    Celery! Such a beautiful sage green.

  56. Caitlin Myers says:

    Turquoise. 🙂

  57. Caitlin Myers says:

    I left a comment on Knickernappies Facebook wall.

  58. Kristin H says:

    Oo, I love the Ooga Booga print!

  59. lace says:

    My favorite color is red

  60. Julie L. says:

    I can’t choose a favorite between Violet and Red!

  61. Michelle Suttles says:

    I really like the violet…and the raspberry is nice too!

  62. Lauren Adams says:

    I want the ooga booga! So fun 🙂

  63. Melissa H. says:

    I love Blue!

  64. Melissa H. says:

    I left a comment for Knickernappies!

  65. Amy says:

    I like the spring green. 🙂

  66. Leah says:

    My favorite is Spring Green. Reminds me of all the growing my baby will do:)

  67. Ashley T. says:

    I love the turquoise!

  68. katie says:

    I love the blue!

  69. Megan Downam says:

    turquois or ooga booga gets me going!

  70. Jodi J says:

    I love the red color!

  71. Rebecca M. says:

    I like the Turquoise!

  72. Gerri H. says:

    My favorite is red.

  73. ChandraD says:


  74. Martha England says:

    I love the red, green, and brown!

  75. Julie says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this diaper for a while now. I can’t decide between Raspberry, Violet or Turquoise. I guess I’ll go with Raspberry since it’s pretty girly.

  76. Tara Yousef says:

    Turquoise is my favorite color!!

  77. Vallery Kotila says:

    I love the Turquoise color! Thank you for doing these giveaways!

  78. Lisa says:

    I like the Celery color. It is a perfect shade for a team green mama like me 🙂 I also left a message on the fb page!

  79. Kimberlie says:


  80. Danielle Larson says:

    I love them all, but my favorite is the red!

  81. Elora says:


  82. Angie Guzman says:

    The ooga booga!

  83. Julie Ragozzine says:

    The Ooga Booga is such fun, and the Blue is so rich … love them!

  84. cas z says:

    loving the “blue” knickernappies, reminds me of my husbands uniform 🙂

  85. cas z says:

    left a FB comment 😀

  86. Love the blue! I have boys so that would be perfect!

  87. Devin Landry says:

    Ooga booga!

  88. Britni Bradford says:


  89. Britni Bradford says:

    left a facebook comment too!

  90. domestic diva says:

    I like turquoise.

  91. Deborah Cormier says:

    my favorite is Ooga Booga definently cute!:)

  92. Amy Warren says:

    Butter, nice neutral color

  93. Nicole N. says:

    My favorite has to be the Turquoise!

  94. Amanda Selenke says:

    I like red!

  95. Jennifer Perritte says:


  96. Jessica O says:

    I love the Violet color!

  97. Jessica O says:

    Left a comment on their FB page. (Jessica Olson)

  98. Sandra L. says:

    I <3 Ooga Booga!

  99. Laci Morgan says:

    Definitely Ooga Booga. So cute!

  100. Doris says:

    I really like the green shown above!

  101. Eric says:

    I prefer the red color.

  102. Mariam says:

    I so wish to win for my grand baby. I like the green.