Win a Limited Edition Rumparooz Tote Bag

Rumparooz Tote

Today we continue our 12 Days of Diapers giveaways with a limited edition (not available for sale) Rump•a•Rooz collapsible tote bag.  The carrying case is attached to the bag and shaped like a Rump•a•Rooz diaper.

Want to learn more about Rump•a•Rooz diapers?  The one-size G2 diaper in aplix just went on sale today.  Rump•a•Rooz has one of the strongest aplix available!  Solids on sale for $17.95 and prints for $19.95.  

To enter to win this limited edition Rump•a•Rooz tote bag:

  • Leave a comment on this post letting us know what your favorite Rump•a•Rooz print or color is.
  • BONUS:  Visit Rump•a•Rooz on Facebook and leave them a kind note on their wall.

Notes:  You are entering to win a Rumparooz tote bag from Kelly’s Closet.  Contest is open to residents of the US over the age of 18 yrs old.  No purchase necessary to win.  Winner will be chosen at random.  Contest ends on 12/20/12 at 11:59 pm ET.  Winner will be contacted on 12/21/12 to claim their prize.

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91 Responses to Win a Limited Edition Rumparooz Tote Bag

  1. aimee c. says:

    i’ve got my eye on the robot print

  2. Katie W. says:

    Robotronic is the greatest print, ever.

  3. Katie says:

    We love rumparooz! Only diaper we use for night time! Love the new argyle ones and the black one!!

  4. Veronica Perez says:

    I <3 Whale Tale!

  5. Jenny says:

    I love the one with the kangaroos. So cute!

  6. Katie says:

    It may be “boring”, but I love the platinum! It goes with everything. 🙂

  7. Corie says:

    I love the preppy one! So cute.

  8. Jennifer B. says:

    Love my Preppy rump-a-rooz! (It’s even my husband’s favorite diaper!) 🙂

  9. Sarah E. says:

    I love preppy as well.

  10. Kimberlie says:

    Robotronic was my favorite until the new preppy print came out. Now Preppy is my favorite!

  11. Rebecca says:


  12. Heather Gray says:

    My favorite is Lux!!! Love Rumparooz! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  13. Katie K says:


  14. Melissa says:

    whale tale!

  15. Caitlyn Mrazik says:

    I like the preppy one! The ladder one is SO cute for a little boy though 🙂

  16. Leela says:

    I’ve got one in sunshine, but I think my little guy would look great in ladder.

  17. Catherine Spruance says:

    I love the prints (I have Eco Owls) but I really love my most recent purchase: Sunshine! It is so bright, and it makes me smile every time I grab it from the stash.

  18. Elizabeth Voss says:

    My favorite prints is the Gumball! <3

  19. Liesal says:

    The Lil Monster print is so cute!

  20. Nettie says:

    The kangaroos are my fave 🙂

  21. Erin Urban says:

    I love RARZ so much! I think it’s a tie between lil’ monster, whale tale and robotronic. Perfect for little boys! =)

  22. Elizabeth Wisniewski says:

    robotronic and ladder are my favorites

  23. Annie says:

    I am torn between Amethyst, peacock, and tulip.

  24. Melissa K says:

    My favorite print is Lux

  25. Candace says:

    My husband is a firefighter so ladder 6 is our favorite! 🙂

  26. Erin Mills says:

    Peacock for sure! And I commented on RaR’s FB!

  27. Jessica S says:

    I love preppy and ecoowls! lOvedmyrars

  28. Leslie S says:

    I have no true favorite because I love them all. I do find myself reaching for my Bermuda. Looks good on my little girl and my little man.

  29. jessica long says:

    Eco Owl super awesome

  30. Erika says:

    I love their purple color cover.

  31. Codi says:

    I love our Firetruck print! And I LOVE RAR!!!

  32. Nichole Booton says:

    Ladder 6 is our favorite! =]

  33. Trista says:

    We love our Rump a Rooz diapers and have the robotronics print definitely my favorite. Would love to add a Whales Tale to our stash. These are our favorite diapers for day or night b/c the double gussets rock even though our son is a heavy wetter. 🙂

  34. I love our whoo loves the planet owl diaper and our preppy diaper.

  35. Melanie says:

    Lux is my favorite print, but Sunshine would certainly add some brightness to my stash!

  36. Beth R says:

    I have to say I have had my eye on the ladder print for a while

  37. Amanda Frith Thomas says:

    Platinum is my color of choice!! No other brand has a color that compares!

  38. Laura says:

    I like the owl, or robotronic, or preppy… they’re all cute!

  39. Shalana Alleyne-Shortt says:


  40. Cas Z says:

    My favorite rumparooz print is kangaroos and color is peacock or crimson 😀

    • Calley says:

      Congrats Cas! You are the winner for today! I’ll be in touch shortly to confirm your shipping information. Thanks so much for entering. Happy Holidays! ~Calley

  41. Cas Z says:

    Left a comment w rumparooz FB 🙂

  42. Suzanne says:

    I like preppy

  43. Jamie says:


  44. Kim ewalt says:


  45. Deborah Cormier says:

    Love the kangarooz sooo adorable

  46. Michelle Suttles says:

    I think the Kangarooz print is so cute! I also like peacock. (I already have a cover in the preppy print- love it!)

  47. Vallery Kotila says:

    I like ladder and blue!!

  48. Katrina Smith says:

    I live the Lil Monster snap diaper! So cute!

  49. Tracy Dillard says:
  50. Gerri H. says:

    My favorite prints are preppy & Eco owl.

  51. Tara Yousef says:

    Peacock is my favorite color!

  52. Deb says:

    My favorite is Peacock! And i’d give this to my daughter for her first baby coming in April!:-) thanks so much! And God bless!

  53. Melissa H. says:

    I love the new Peacock color!

  54. Melissa H. says:

    Left a comment on their wall!

  55. Renee says:

    I like the preppy print a lot!

  56. Amy says:

    My favorites are the robotronic and phantom. 🙂

  57. Renee says:

    I like the preppy print a lot!!

  58. Jessie H says:

    Preppy is my new favorite 🙂

  59. Megan Evans says:

    Love these! Our favorite is orange!

  60. Veronica says:

    The kangaroo one!

  61. Jill says:

    love all the bright colors but wish I had an owl print

  62. Caitlin Myers says:

    I love the Peacock print.

  63. Leigh says:

    I love preppy and the kangaroo one.

  64. Leigh says:

    Commented on their FB wall

  65. Michelle says:

    I love the eco owl print!

  66. Amber Cecil says:

    Oh to pick just one!!! I love Rumparooz diapers. I only use them. I started my now six month old son, Andrew, in little joeys and now he is in the pocket style diapers. I would say my favorite for him would be the gum ball print. It is adorable.

  67. Tabitha Ellis says:

    Robotronic! So cute

  68. Margot says:

    Love the preppy print!

  69. Mandy Ferguson says:

    I LOVE Preppy!!!

  70. wendy way says:

    My favs are Lux & Eco Owl!

  71. Leslie T says:

    I am a big fan of the robot print!

  72. chels says:


  73. Meghan V. says:

    I like Phantom- the black snaps are great!

  74. Debbie Betts says:

    I love the owl print.

  75. Madison Crow says:

    I love the fire engine and I only own it in the little joeys. I want a bigger one! 🙂

  76. Brittany says:


  77. Heather says:

    I left a comment on their facebook! My favorite is the pattern “Ladder” my children LOVE visiting the fire station so it’s a huge hit for them.

  78. Robin Jones says:

    Also left a comment on their wall.

  79. Sally Reynoso says:

    ECO OWL!!

  80. Lily Ivey says:

    I think Preppy is their best print.

  81. Lily Ivey says:

    Posted on their FB wall.

  82. Emily says:

    Rumparooz are my favorite covers! I like Spring green!

  83. Heather says:

    I like the preppy one!!!

  84. Julie Ragozzine says:

    I like the Lux!

  85. Nicole N. says:

    My fave has to be “Preppy”