Wing Droop Explained by Oh Katy

Katie from Oh Katy diapers is going to tackle the subject of “Wing Droop” for us today.  

Have you ever heard cloth diapering mommies talking about “wing droop” and wondered what it was, or are you one of those unlucky parents whose baby suffers from the dreaded droopage? Here’s a quick description of what it is, and how Oh Katy® diapers can solve this problem for you!

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What is wing droop?
Wing droop is when the front flap of the diaper works its way loose and causes the diaper to gap – usually resulting in leaks. Some cases are more severe than others, but wing droop in any form is frustrating.

Who is susceptible to wing droop?
Wing droop is most likely to occur when you are securing the tabs very close together on the front of the diaper. This usually means it happens on small or skinny babies, but it can also happen when the diaper is so large that the tabs are meeting in the middle, even though your baby is older. The diaper may appear to fit snug at first, but after the child kicks and wiggles (or runs!) the front flaps may work themselves loose.

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How do Oh Katy® diapers prevent wing droop?
So glad you asked! 🙂 We have a one-of-a-kind newborn hip snap that is intended to be used on the two smallest waist setting. In other words, you would only have to do up the hip snap when the tabs are overlapping or meeting in the middle. When your baby is big enough to do wear the diaper on the larger waist settings, the hip snaps are no longer necessary, since wing droop is not likely to occur anymore. There’s no need to worry about a protruding snap digging in to your babies hip when they get older either, because we use the socket snap (female side) on the hip, instead of the stud (male side).

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3 Responses to Wing Droop Explained by Oh Katy

  1. Ada says:

    I found that wing droop happened when I tightened the diaper too much. After I loosened up a bit, no more droopage.

  2. Randa says:

    Oh Katy! Is such a great company. Thanks for clearing up Wing Droop.

  3. Mommagina says:

    I love Oh Katy’s, they are one of only two kinds of pocket diapers I use anymore. I never have issues with wing droop or leaking and I love that they come with two sizable inserts. I own three of them; bluebird, green apple and melon and can’t wait to purchase more in the near future!