How to Use Wool Dryer Balls with Cloth Diapers

WOOLY ROUNDS = Reduced dry time (Conserve Energy + Save Money)

Guest Post by Cyndi, owner of Wooly Rounds

Woolyrounds Wool Dryer BallsUsing WOOLY ROUNDS wool dryer balls is one of the simple and easy baby steps that you can take towards living a more sustainable lifestyle.

How do you use them?  Just toss them into your dryer and let them happily
tumble around in every load of laundry.

But before you put them in the dryer, take time to feel them in your hands.  By just cradling soft felted balls of wool you experience the incredible natural texture of wool which such a pleasure to hold and feel.  It’s soft and durable which is a perfect combination for a long-lasting product that will be gentle on all laundry.

Why do they work?  Having several WOOLY ROUNDS in every load helps separate your clothes and allows more air to circulate around your wet laundry and it will dryer faster.  WOOLY ROUNDS wool dryer balls helps you reduce dry time, converse energy and save money.  Besides reducing your dry time by 10 – 25%, they will also help soften clothes and reduce some static.  On top of that they will put a smile of your face every
time you dryer door and see WOOLY ROUNDS amongst your dry laundry.

Three years ago, I learned about wool dryer balls.  When we made the decision to cloth diaper our son, I realized that we would have to give up using dryer sheets.  At first I really was sorry to see them go.  They eliminated static, and added very fragrant smells to our laundry.  But after doing some research, and learning about the harmful chemicals that
are in dryer sheets and the negative impact they can have on clothes and on your dryer, I was happy to make a change and consider a more natural, healthy alternative. I purchased 4 wool dryer balls, they worked great and I started to see all the benefits that they offered, but the quality was lacking and only lasted a few months before they started to unravel. So, I gave it a shot and tried to make some of my own. I have a creative background and have always loved to make things so it was and is a lot of fun going through the trial and error stage to come up with a solid finished product.  Since the launch of WOOLY ROUNDS in 2010, each and every one is made individually by hand using 100% domestic, lanolin-rich wool.  They are safe, durable, high-quality wool dryer ball crafted in mid-coast Maine.

Wooly Rounds are available for purchase at Kelly’s Closet.  Visit Wooly Rounds on Facebook and share with us your experience with wool dryer balls or ask us a question, we’ll be happy to help.

We want to thank Cyndi for bringing us a quality product and for taking the time to share with you more about Wooly Rounds wool dryer balls.  If you “Like” this post let us know, leave us a comment, or join the conversation with us on Facebook and Twitter.  

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One Response to How to Use Wool Dryer Balls with Cloth Diapers

  1. Lindsay Coffman says:

    I can’t wait until our dryer sheets run out. I will then switch to wool dryer balls permanently! 🙂