Top 3 Best Selling Prefold Diapers of 2013

Best Prefold Cloth DiapersPrefold cloth diapers are still very popular today.  Often overlooked as “your Grandma’s cloth diapers,” prefolds can be very functional and a great option for the budget minder customer.  Prefolds come in a variety of sizes to customize the fit and are available in natural fibers.  There are a few differences between the brands but here are some of our best selling prefold diapers of 2013…

1. Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold – These prefolds are super soft and made of a hemp jersey (55% hemp/45% cotton) knit and made right here in the US.  What makes this prefold so unique is it’s  channeled system allows for the diaper to dry much quicker than other prefolds.  Available in 2 sizes (size 1/6-18lbs and size 2/18-40lbs) to keep a trim fit.

2.  OsoCozy Unbleached Prefolds – Made of 100% unbleached cotton, these are your traditional prefolds.  Available in 2 sizes, each with 4X8X4 layering.  Can be trifolded or paired with a Snappi/Boingo/Pin.  Sold in a package of 6 prefolds.

3. Bummis Unbleached Organic Prefolds – Made of 100% organic cotton twill.  Available in 3 sizes and can be trifolded or paired with your favorite fastener.  Also sold in a package of 6 prefolds.

Pair any of these prefolds with your favorite diaper cover or use under wool.  Prefolds are very versatile and work great for your heavy wetter.


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One Response to Top 3 Best Selling Prefold Diapers of 2013

  1. Sarah Foultner says:

    Just wanted to say that I have found the thirstiest prefolds to NOT be durable! I got mine very gently used but have a friend who bought hers brand new and they have just fallen apart. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone! I like Thirsties as a company and their design idea was good but we NEED durability!